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  1. Hi everyone, its that time of year again. just started getting nighttime attacks tuesday. have some crushed vitimins that were given to me by an angel from the netherlands last september. been in the freezer since then. wondering if they still have potency. gonna try this afternoon wondering if anybody has any info on lifetime of them. thanks. Also, does anyone if sleep apnea is cause for night attacks? thanks. vegas rocks. cant wait
  2. Ting, you are totalle feakin awesome and not only that you are awesome too. hang in there baby. thanks for the vitimins
  3. jimmys


    no have to wait till wednesday
  4. jimmys


    one never really knows how long five days can be..............until... ;D
  5. wouldn't want to make him jealous. still need his signature on work notes.
  6. update on bust. i decided to wait the five days so when i got hit the next night i went back to the o2. it didn't work again so i just rocked my way through it until i was able to lie still and fall asleep. funny thing is nothing since then. its been two days pf and i cant help but wonder if the use of the trex the night before caused the the following nights hit. maybe its true, imitrex does prolong this thing. also i really should be out of cycle by this time and have been except for those two nights. huh. PFDAN
  7. happy new year everybody. hope 2012 is PF. i have a question. last night i got hit out of nowhere, o2 didn't work so I had to use 1/2 shot of trex. havent needed it since the convention in sept. my question is can I bust with just that little amount of trex (3mgs) or should I wait the five days? getting hit now, back to the mask.
  8. oh ting, hang in there. kaboom is right, these are only moments in time that will soon pass. have fun with the doses. i look forward to seeing you again in vegas next year.
  9. has anyone been able to collect social security disability due to CH yet?
  10. hi ting, its been a while. glad to see your finding something that works. cross training is awesome, keep it up. had to bust again this weekend but it worked again. no more nighttime hits, can sleep through the night.....so far...... hope your making plans to come to vegas next year. thanks agao=in for everything. you are an angel.
  11. a horse walks into a bar and the bartender says "why the long face?"
  12. congrats jason. wishing you and your new wife the best.
  13. ricardo. truer words have not been spoken. just because one has a degree does not signify a know-it-all. God has given us all universal intelligence. It is totally up to us if we want to see it or not. We as sufferers found what we need with no thanks to scientists. My wife and I both suffer. Her with lupus and me with CH. We have lost faith in the medical community and pharmaceutical companies as we believe their only concern is money and not the science. If I cut myself and need stitches I will seek a doctor but with the real important shit I will look into myself for what I need. PFDAN
  14. just blew off a k5 with some serious 02. Gotta love the 02. Saturday night was my last shot of trexie, so I will wait until this saturday to bust. just a few questions: will there be any paranoia like you get when you smoke weed sometimes and will skullcap help with that? Does anyone have a good tea recipe or can I eat them straight? Is it the whole shroom or just the caps? How do I store the rest to keep them fresh? Thank you all very much. By the way, Ting gave me an herb called Schisandra I do believe it took away my shadows and gave me good energy but I still got hit that night, but very mild and only lasted for about 15 minutes. Got hit again the next day on the flight home, a little stronger than the night before lasted about 30 mins. but still got through it without any help. Was PF the last two days but got hit tonight. I think this herb might be worth a try. Thanks Ting, you are an angel. You too Todd! ;D Heres to everyone having PFDAN
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    This weekend I had the privilege and honor to meet some of the most wonderful, cool, and brave people. Not only those of us who suffer but also those that support us. There was so much love and understanding and tears and laughter that for the first time I was able to look this demon in the face and laugh at him. So many horror stories and through it all we keep on keepin' on. Strong people we are. I have to say that if you suffer or support you must do everything you can to make next years convention. You will not regret it. Bob, God bless you for giving us this ray of hope and if there is anything I can do to help coordinate next years convention please do not hesitate to let me know. ;D
  16. thanks for your input not 4 I agree 100% with you. But how do I get off it if I need it to get through a work day? :'(
  17. I would love to thank, with all my heart, whoever discovered imitrex. I wonder though how much it costs the pharms. to make it. Is it possible that they would be so cold as to set a price on pain relief in relation to the amount of pain one is feeling. Or is it really that expensive to produce. Don't get me wrong, I understand the theory and practice of making a profit but two thousand dollars out of pocket :oper month is a bit over the top. >
  18. what are rc seeds and where can I get them?
  19. found chords but no tabs. so i will practice those. yes B minor
  20. gonna find tabs for comfortably numb. rythm guitar only though.
  21. I'm innnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. Chicago wont be the same!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  22. thanks for the reply guys. I also have experienced HA's at higher altitudes and for the first time while scuba diving. Hit me at about 35 feet. Weather in the air or under water this beast knows no bounds. Maybe its not weather related, maybe its just my time of year to dance. The weather did, however, did cool down a bit and I'm getting hit only at night now. Who knows! Wish everybody PFDAN.
  23. happy labor day everybody! so i was invite to four different barbques. showed up at one and everybody was having a good ole time. lots of good food and beer and my favorite rum. As soon as I walked in a friend of mine had drink had a Captain and coke all ready for me. Ahh the temptation. Had to say no and got a weird look in return. Not many people know about the beast because I hate explaining it to them. Anyway as soon as I walked out to the backyard another friend of mine opened a beer and handed it to me, again I had to decline and another weird look. I made my way over to the bar and poured some straight coke in a cup, turned to sy hi to someone and could hear the voice of another friend saying "let me pour some rum in that coke for you." Man I was so tempted but only one box of imitrex left and that's for work only. I had to decline again. Then the depression started to kick in so I decided it was time to leave and blow off the other parties. What a dragggggggggg. I used to be such an easy going, low key and low maintenance guy. I was in for everything. Now I hate myself and have become this manic depressive. Its just not for me. Thanks to you all for being here and letting me bend your ear. See you in Chicago.
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