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  1. I'm gonna try to go on Sunday. I hope to see you there Racer-1.
  2. Hahahahaha, the ring works like a charm.
  3. I feel you dude. There is light at the end though. You need to stay here with us and let us help you through it. It was over a year ago now but, I've felt the same as you. I personally would tell every doctor out there to ride the high hard one if I thought it would do any good. You need to understand that you can't save everyone. Some people are to closed minded to try any different. The best treatment you find is right here. Mad6string
  4. Damn, I had so many great ideas!
  5. I need the signed poster. I already have a frame and everystuff. He's like our modern day Superman.
  6. Not the dookie itself Rock, the shroom that grows from it. Found that one out the hard way....kidding! Mad6string
  7. Fill me in Bob. (cough, cough)
  8. Denny is the man with the plan. He told me how to get things going and it's been a snap. He can get you pointed in the right direction about how to get the most out of your garden. P.S. Thanks for all your advise DD Mad6string
  9. Mad6string


    Have a Hot Dog and a Coke. Don't tempt fate, it ain't worth it. Besides, it's already going to be bad enough watching the Braves woop that @ss.
  10. Don't fret Bob, I can't make it either. We can have a conference by ourselves. I can come to your house or you can come to mine. Hell, we can have a video conference on the PC! By the way, it's not you that's self centered, it's me. ;D Donnie
  11. You don't want morphine! That crap will give you an attack like you've never had before! Did you check on the welders oxygen? It's cheap and it works. Also, don't think of it as Illegal drugs. If tylenol was banned in the US and it was the only thing you knew of to stop these attacks, wouldn't you get it. It's just a treatment. If you're careful, there's no problem. It's not like you're going around with a BIG sign on your back saying (I EAT MUSHROOMS FOR MY CLUSTERS). You can be very discreet about it and nobody will ever have to know. It'll be your little secret. Mad6string
  12. What medicines are you taking right now? I hope that you're staying away from the triptans and steroids, they're a clusterheads worst enemy. Do you have an oxygen setup? If not, go to the menu tab in the left corner of the page. There's a tab there that will point you in the right direction. Mad6string
  13. Still cool though. I hope you can get it up on the site pretty soon.
  14. Ok, I get it now. The link is at the bottom of his post. Man do I feel dumb now. thanks DD
  15. I don't understand about the art either.
  16. Glad to hear from you man, I just wish it were for a better reason. 8-)
  17. My problem with the cloudy urine is that it only happens at the beginning and end of a cycle. That's how I know I'm fixing to start, even before the first shadows appear. When the cycle is about to end, I piss almost completely white for a few days and then the clusters stop. It does it every time. I can't figure it out. No kidney infection, diet doesn't change. As for the constant headache, it doesn't matter if I take the Goodies or not. I can not take them for a significant period of time, say a month or so, and the headache is always there. I take the powders when it gets to be too annoying. People take aspirin for their heart all the time. I don't think overdose is the problem. Mad6string
  18. I'm trying to get some feedback on things I've noticed during cycle. 1. I've noticed that at the beginning and end of a CH cycle, my urine is very cloudy. It has a white cloud. 2. I'm usually a right side sufferer and that side is always stuffed up until I'm in an attack, then it's clear as a bell until the attack subsides. 3. My eyes seem to water more than anybody I know. I have to constantly be on the look out for 'eye booger'. That is present in and out of cycle but worse when in. 4. I don't sweat like most. I have to be doing some pretty vigorous activity to break a sweat. (I live in Ga. so I should sweat constantly, I would think) 5. I have a headache every single day. I'm not saying a cluster attack, I mean a 'normal' headache. I always wake with one in the morning and have one when I get off work. A Goody powder (crushed asprin) takes care of those. Any feedback from you guys would be great. I don't know if all of us suffer the same things or I'm just weird. My Doctor says he can't find any reason for the physical things I've noticed. Mad6string
  19. I hope you don't think we're all running around in a daze. The dose only lasts for a couple hours and most of us only dose a couple times a year. If the seeds don't work, I hope you will consider the other options. If I'm not mistaken, I think the success rate is about 85 to 90%. I know it's bad right now but, YOU WILL GET THROUGH THIS!!! All of us here literally feel your pain. The advise and support is priceless. Just know we are all here in your darkest hour. We are also here to help you party when you beat the beast!!! Mad6string
  20. Me too. I really don't give a flying rats ass what people think. As we all know, if you've never had clusters, you'll never understand.
  21. Because they're idiots
  22. Better yet, As the douche said, Just get yourself some blow... That should knock it right out. Mad6string >
  23. Mad6string


    That's awesome! I know you'll be fine. Have a great 4th and PF thoughts are on your way. You should be receiving them right about now. Mad6string :)
  24. You need o2. Please get it. It will help you sooooo much. I'm sending you a PM. Mad6string
  25. I can't believe he took 2 grams and nothing. I usually take 2.5 to 3 and go for a ride! That's what it takes for me to bust. Are you sure you have the right shrooms. I've never heard of that before. Check your PM's
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