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  1. I agree with Bob, I think the o2 dried your airways out. You can buy a bubbler on line. We found some on Ebay. Mad6string
  2. The same thing happened to me. After that, the pain free time was not far away. I will pray for your good fortune as well. Mad6string
  3. I can honestly say that if it weren't for you Bob, I wouldn't be here to say thank you for all the AMAZING work you do. I thought I was at the end of my rope when you came into our lives. With all the knowledge you empowered me with and the personal support you gave me, I now have the will to keep up the good fight and maybe be able to help a few others find their way through the darkness we all walk in. There are not enough words to express my gratitude. As my wife and I sit here in tears of joy, all we can say is thank you from the deepest places in our hearts. You and all that have helped me (you know who you are ), have given us a life that we thought was a distant memory. May you be held high, my life was not extinguished because of your bright light. You are truly an angel. Mad6string
  4. My head is always tender on my CH side. It never goes away. I've always thought it was an after effect of my CH. Maybe I should go have it looked at? I dunno. Mad6string
  5. Hmmmm...wonder who that was? Love ya man Mad6string
  6. I have CH and cronic migraine. The alts help the migraine a bunch and knocked the clusters off the map. You can't take the mushies every day but, they give me about a week of relief after I dose. Mad6string
  7. Mad6string


    The first step is to get the O2. It's a must for aborting the many hits you are taking. You're going through a bunch of pain that could be avoided by the oxygen. What meds. are you on and how much? After you get the oxygen therapy down, and you feel more in control, then you can think about busting. The bust will never work to it's full intent with a bunch of meds in your system. If you follow all the advice here, and do the bust exactly as the protocol says, you should be getting relief very soon. Be well my friend, Mad6string
  8. I'm just now able to get back on-line after having my house flooded. We are still in a big mess but, trying to get things back in order. I'm trying to catch up on all the posts so... I'll start to post more as i get to them. As for anyone who sent me a PM, I'll get to those in a day or so. I hope all is well with everyone and PF thoughts coming from me and the wife, as always. Mad6string
  9. That's so great! I was looking for you to post this. Great talking with you the other night. It helped me a lot! Mad6string ;D
  10. I think we all should report our experiences, good or bad. That way people know what there getting themselves into. Mad6string >
  11. Works like a charm! I've never seen something that works so fast either! ;D ;D ;D Mad6string
  12. I tried to wait 6-7 days between doses and it changed the cluster pattern every time. Now I'm almost completely PF. It's been over a year since I had a hit that was more than a 3. 99% of the time it's more like, damn I have a headache. I always know when the clusters try to break through though. As you all know, it's a totally different feeling than a "regular" headache. You instantly get the OH MY GOD syndrome. Mad6string
  13. That's funny too. CArl, it seems me and you have the same experiences. I got stuck watching a dolphin screen saver for about an hour once. Mad6string
  14. It's been a bad season for most of us. I think it has something to do with the barometric pressure. I get hit during a thunderstorm, low pressure. I can tell if the day is going to be good or bad by the barometer. mad6string
  15. Hahahahaha, That's funny.
  16. If you've been diagnosed as a clusterhead, they probably know for sure that it's not anything else. I think they checked me for everything from cancer to ingrown toe nails. Mad6string
  17. Remember man, EASY, PEAZY, LEMON SQUEEZY!
  18. Hey guy, First thing is to get the oxygen. Read and ask as many questions as you feel the need to. We all literally walk in the same shoes you do. I'm not saying it's easy by any stretch of the imagination, in fact, it's complete hell for most of us until we bust the bitches out of the park. We are all here to help and support you in any way we can. Try the FAQ, it's a HUGE help in understanding what you have and how to beat it. Shoot me a PM if you need someone to vent at. Mad6string
  19. Any triptan is a blocker. Mad6string
  20. Hello Dave-O, You should look into welders O2. It's cheaper than med. O2 and just as effective. I would also try the seeds first, after you detox. It's a MUST if you want your bust to be successful. There are many people here who are willing to give an answer to any and all of your questions. Please read as much as you can and ask questions about what you don't understand. You can absolutely grow your own meds. It just takes a little time. As we all know, oxygen is a clusterheads best friend so, get it as fast as you can. Start a journal of your attacks. Write down the time, place you were, how bad it was, all of it. Study the kip scale to properly judge intensity. Then, make your plan to detox and give busting a try AFTER being diagnosed by a specialist. Let us know how you're doing. Mad6string
  21. Mad6string


    Go for it man. It can't hurt to try. I'm not trying to be a smart ass.
  22. Everybody thinks I'm Mexican, does that count? Expecting bobb to chime in on that. Donnie
  23. You're the MAN, Jay. Let me know if I can help you in any way. Mad6string
  24. He needs to detox before trying the seeds or anything else. They were blockers for me. mad6string
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