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  1. Narcotics are a trigger for me too.
  2. Alcohol is a HUGE trigger for most CH's. If I were you, I would avoid it like the plague. I don't know of anybody with clusters that can drink and not pay the price for it.
  3. Do you have IM? Mine is dj.kennedy@live.com
  4. How are you getting the faces to come up in your posts? Every time I put one in it looks like this. ;D
  5. Prednizone will block the dose. Not the effects just the effectiveness. Don't get frustrated if the first dose doesn't do the trick. I had a hard time busting because of the steroids and being in mid cycle. I think Shaggy is right on the weight. I don't think my stuff is as strong as yours. You need to do what you feel comfortable with. You'll figure out how much you need to get the job done. Mad6string
  6. How's the treatment situation going? I hope all is well. Mad6string
  7. As many of you know, spore companies won't ship to California, Georgia, or Idaho. It just so happens I live in Georgia. I'm having a really hard time trying to purchase shrooms or spores here. I'm doing fine right now (a dear friend helped me out) but, I need to get a crop going before I run out. Anybody have an idea. Donnie
  8. Mad6string


    Yeah, I know what you mean. I live in Georgia, also one of the no-way states. You'd think they could make a small exception.
  9. I'm down to once a month to six weeks. The PF time just keeps extending. At first i had to dose every week. 2.5 to 3 is the dose that works for me. I adjust as to how severe the shadows are. I have let them get a little far before and it took a couple doses to knock cycle out. Remember, once you get the cycle broke it's easier to maintain. Breaking the cycle can be hard to do at first but when you do, you'll know when you need to dose again.
  10. It is such an outrage! Doctors will give you all the hope in the world, then as quick as they give it they take it away. Of course, I don't know all the details but, when you've had enough of all the bullshit and some bullshitter tells you that there's nothing else they can do and you think these people are the only hope of making it stop, THIS HAPPENS!! I'll keep this family in my prayers. I think this should be a HUGE reason for us all to keep fighting the good fight. Will is no less of a man for his decision. He let's us know we need to fight harder to educate and reach out. My love goes to everybody on this site. Keep on keeping on.
  11. Mad6string


    Do you know anybody that has a hook up?
  12. Hi Ringo, Please read and understand as much info as you can on this site. As a former Imitrex junky, I can say with absolute confidence that it will extend your cycle. The rebound hits are abundant and it could also blow your heart up. Steroids are a bad thing for most CHers. Prednizone was my worst enemy. What I thought was helping to get rid of my cycle was actually making it worse. Our form of treatment is a Godsend. Most of us have found great relief. It's kind of like an only child though, it doesn't like to play with others too much. You need to detox before you start our form of treatment. The benefits could be pleasantly surprising. I urge you to read, understand, and ask questions. We are always here to help. Mad6string
  13. Mad6string


    Ron is right, most people do grow there own. If you live in a state where they will ship to, you can buy the kit on the internet. You can also make your own. I can send you a computer disc that explains it all if you like. Mad6string
  14. I find that a larger dose is what works for me. I went from kip 9's and 10's to 1's and 2's with a few shadows here and there. I also am still dealing with a really bad bout with prednizone that just about killed me about a year ago. I feel confident that the longer I keep the beast at bay, the less frequent I'll have to dose. I can tell you that it's getting better all the time. I've almost got it down pat. I don't mind the dose so much anymore. If I can get in the right frame of mind (not worrying about the hit that is sure to follow) I almost enjoy it. The colors are amazing!
  15. I have no idea. I live in Georgia, 1 of 3 places in the US they won't ship to. If you had some from a field maybe you could get the spore print from one of them. Just a thought. Donnie
  16. Mad6string


    Now that you've seen the light, it's easier to see how to get to where you need to be. Keep up the treatments and you'll have more PF time. Feel free to throw any questions you might have out here. Believe me, we have been exactly where you are. It's amazing how a little mushroom can stop the worst pain in the world. Doesn't the good lord work in mysterious ways? Donnie
  17. That is great news! I hope the good fortune continues!!
  18. I've been hunting fieldy's for a long time. In my opinion, grown ones work a thousand times better. I really don't know what the difference would be other than potency. Maybe the cow poop is a trigger for me! Ha, Ha
  19. It's kinda strange that I started getting " child migraines" after a bad accident at 3 years old. It eventually turned into the beast we deal with daily.
  20. Ok, here's the rundown of why i haven't posted lately. My computer bit the dust, I wrecked my truck (not my fault), my wife's daughter's house was broken into, and my boss is a complete JACK A...! How is everyone else doing? Other than the stress of all this crap, I can say I'm doing pretty good. The doses have done the trick every time. I will be posting alot more in the future, but for now I didn't want all of you guys to think I fell off the face of the earth or that my face had fallen off and I couldn't type anymore.
  21. Does anyone have an idea on dosing with an ulcer? Does it make it worse?
  22. I just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I am still in a state of shock at the extended PF time I am having. I should be in full cycle right now and aside from a few shadows, I have been PAIN FREE!!!! Love you all. Donnie & Jody
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