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    You could try a combo. It can only help. [smiley=happy.gif]
  2. I just want to figure out the physical problem with us. What causes us to hurt the way we do? I don't understand how we hurt sooo bad and there not be a clue as to why. I wasn't trying to say that anybody was stupid. :-[
  3. Mad6string


    I use Cubensis. They seem to do a real good job. ;D
  4. I hope they find out an actual cause. That's the kicker for me. I always have the question, why do we get the blasted things. I think we would a sleep a little better if we could answer that question. Then maybe we could see and stop them before you actually get them. It seems to me that the attack is a symptom of a bigger issue. Mad6string
  5. Mad6string


    I hope the shrooms did the trick. I have a sneaky suspicion that you busted the cycle because the very same thing happens to me. I mean almost down to the letter, the exact same thing. I usually end up dosing one more time, a week later, and then I'm fine for a good while. Keep us posted my friend and best PF wishes coming from us here. Donnie
  6. I took the survey. I hope it helps. I couldn't put down any bad experiences because I haven't had a really "bad" trip. I guess maybe it's because all I can think of is "the beast is going away"! If that don't make you smile, nothin' will. ;D Mad6string
  7. I think I'm going with CArl on this one. Not to say I'm not happy about your found "success" but, I went from 10's to almost nothing with out a single thing being put in my body. I wish you would give this some more thought and logic before you jump in. This is a procedure that you'll have to live with for the rest of your life. Alt's have no scaring or wires in your head and thousands of us have PROVEN success. For me, it's a no brainer. I wish you the best. Mad6string
  8. There are 11 kids in all. Some of my fathers, some my mothers, and I am the only one of my mother and father together. I don't think that has anything to do with it but, it is weird. They had 1 kid in a 2 year, fucked up relationship and I turned out fucked up. I think it's punishment for being that bastards son! I'm part of his stupidity. Sorry to rant, I'm hurting again. :-[
  9. Happy late birthday, hope all is well! ;D
  10. Hey Tom, maybe it will take a couple doses to fight the beast back. It always does for me. I'll feel the beast starting to show up and I hit em' with a good dose then repeat at least twice before he's gone. Sitting here fighting a 2.5 to 3 and damn this computer is bright. Mad6string
  11. Hi Beverly, have you ever tried the mushrooms or LSD in the past? Mad6string
  12. I've been digging a whole lot in my families medical history and asking all if they know of anyone in our family who had clusters, diagnosed or not. So far, everybody is telling me that nobody has had it but me. No brothers or sisters have it yet either. Does this mean I'm the first? Since I can't have children, does it end with me? Everybody is telling me that they have never seen anybody with "headaches" as bad as me. Is it possible that a bad head injury at the age of 3 caused them for me. Any insight would be helpful. Mad6string
  13. Glad you're back Bobb. Not that you have activity on the rise but for being here to help all that need us. You a great one to have in our corner when we all need a helping hand. I love you brother. See you soon Mad6string
  14. Bob, your dedication and unfaltering persistence is amazing. The wealth of knowledge you pass on to others just like me priceless. If it weren't for you taking me under your wing, I'm sure I wouldn't be here to thank you today. We all love you. I can't give you enough praise to measure up to what you deserve. Donnie :'(
  15. I know that even when I'm not in cycle I can't get through the first beer before getting hit. >
  16. What ever is in me fathers "gene's", I don't want to know. All kidding aside though, I haven't found a single person on my mother or father's side's of the family that had clusters. Is it possible that I'm the first and if so, because I can't have children, does it end with me? 8-)
  17. I would use a bubbler also. It will keep moisture in the o2 to keep your lungs and sinus's from getting sore. Really dry air makes mine hurt after being on it for more than about 15 mins. I can send you one if you think you might want to give it a try. Just send me an E-mail with your address. jscott6234@charter.net
  18. Mad6string


    I haven't heard of anyone getting hit on both sides at the same time but, mine jump sides all the time. It will stop on my right and move across the top of my head to the left side. It pisses me off soooo bad when they do that.
  19. O2 is the safest abortive. It has no side effects and works for 90% of cluster sufferers. A journal is a great way to keep track of your hits and what you thought was the trigger. Be sure you get the right regulator, at least 15 lpm's, and you should be fine. Imitrex gives most people rebound hit's therefore defeating the purpose. It's also been known to cause heart problems. A friend of mine actually had a heart attack after an Imitrex shot. :'(
  20. I quit for 6 weeks when my cycle got really intense. I didn't see an effect either way. If anything, I had clusters and was having a nicotine fit all at once. If you think it might help you though, give it a whirl. Let us know if you see a change. Mad6string
  21. I would suggest drying them out in front of a fan then putting them in the freezer. That's what has worked for me.
  22. You really need to detox before you waste your found fortune. 8-)
  23. Prednizone will block it. You'll trip but you won't get the benefits from the shrooms. Maybe I need to make a trip to Alabama! Have us a shroom huntin' party! Mad6string
  24. I sure hope you have continued success. This was a procedure offered to me by my Doc. but was to chicken to do it. He also offered one where he basically cut the nerve. That didn't sound too appealing either. This is really interesting to me though. I'll pray for the best.
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