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  1. Potter

    Dr Elliot Shevel

    Listen to this guy. He really does have his shit in one sock. Potter
  2. Potter

    Celery Really?!

    Tried it straight up. Yer tongue gets kinda numb. That's it that's all. Potter
  3. Potter

    butorphanol AKA: Stadol

    Throw it away. Potter
  4. Potter

    MDMA as a cure?

    You got a hangover. Potter
  5. Potter

    Morel Mushroom Heaven

    I've had that happen to me twice. Thanks for sharing my friend. Potter
  6. Potter

    Question about kinds of mushrooms

    The kind that blue. Potter
  7. Potter

    Question CH

    Then you were doing it wrong. Potter
  8. Potter

    Question CH

    What flow rate and what type mask? Potter
  9. Potter

    Question CH

    http://www.clusterheadaches.com/O2/index.html Potter
  10. Potter

    Spring Ahead Issue

    I change nothing at all not even my clocks as John and Joan Beebe can attest to. How do we explain circadian rhythm to the chronics or folks that are completely random? Potter
  11. Potter

    Spring Ahead Issue

      So when I open up the face of my grandfather clock and push that big hand around one time my hypothalamus immediately goes wonky and I go into cycle? Edited to add: Bullshit.   That ain't circadian nothin that's simply mechanics.               Potter
  12. Potter

    In terrible need of help , Nonstop headpain.

    What are you currently using to control the pain. Narcotics are counter productive for clusters not to mention the havoc they create on the rest of your body. Potter
  13. Potter

    Mayo Clinic Minnesota USA: Experiences?

    Actually the experts are right here. Potter
  14. Potter

    Is this good or Mold??? I can't tell

  15. Potter

    Is this good or Mold??? I can't tell

    Yes buy the agar at a health food store, the potato part you make yer self. GOOGLE IT. Half pints are fine. Potter
  16. Potter

    Is this good or Mold??? I can't tell

    Yep you can do that. Potter
  17. Potter

    Is this good or Mold??? I can't tell

    Light the needle? The candle is to seal the foil after inoculation with the needle. Potter
  18. Potter

    Is this good or Mold??? I can't tell

    You can use the syringe. Potter
  19. Potter

    Is this good or Mold??? I can't tell

  20. Potter

    Is this good or Mold??? I can't tell

    Try my method please. Potter
  21. Potter

    doc wont help.

    By god that's paying it forward. Yer a hand. Potter
  22. Potter

    Making busting more pleasant

    Nyquil contains 25% alcohol. Alcohol is one of the big triggers and would be counter intuitive to busting. Potter
  23. Potter

    Making busting more pleasant

    Just do a smaller dose, one that is sub-hallucinogenic. Potter
  24. Potter


    Kill it and then stay on it for around ten minutes or so. Potter