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  1. If you use "small" doses to abort CH after busting, will that interrupt the big future busts? Will the small doses "close the door" again, meaning you have to wait another 5 days minimum? -Jordan
  2. How to get your hands on Ald52? What is it? Is it LCD with no hallucinogenic properties? Make a lifetime supply of ALD52? I would like to hear more about what you use, how to buy/procure it, and how to make a "lifetime" supply? How often do you use it? -Jordan
  3. Have you tried making your own? just wondering...
  4. Legalizing marijuana is going on California's ballot again. I think it might pass this time because they are so in the red financially. With it legalized, California can then tax the hell out of it. Kind of like cigarettes. Many states will probably follow if it's legalized. That could be the start to something for us. No not weed, PSILOCYBIN!!! Or LSA!!! Or LSD!!! Or BOL!!! Or AWOL!!! Or MIA!!! Sorry, Jordan
  5. yea....I'm afraid of bringing it up. I gotta a checkup in September, and I just started busting. If my CH stay how they are because of this medicine, I won't need "his" medicine. Should you even talk to your doc bout it? To answer your question, I haven't spoken about it to a doc.
  6. Seriously!!! When I'm on no meds and when i used to "tough" out a cycle, I'd seriously lose close to 10 lbs during the cycle. It could also be that I had to cut out all beer! ;D
  7. Sounds good. I too am also trying to error on the side of caution when it comes to dosing. I don't wanna see my leather couch move and breath again. though it was funny. thanks for the advice. jordan
  8. But why did I get hungry 5 minutes after feasting?
  9. Oh, and I just made up a BUNCH .25g and .3g pills. Now I have different dosing sizes. So far since being a clusterhead, I've learned a bit about the brain, mycology, and pharmacy. Whats next! SEEDS? LOLÂ ;D
  10. I haven't had the sensitive to the touch thing, unless I'm in a full blown headache. Then wind even hurts my skin. It hurts so much though I "in" a headache I can't really pinpoint n e thing. lol I yawn excessively when I dose Psilocybin, and also right before a headache comes. I also "binge" eat right before a headache. Even if I just ate a full lunch, I'll be hungry 5 minutes later, then I'll know...here he comes... Sorry I could help ya more
  11. Sputs. But I just ground everything in the coffee grinder!!! Maybe P.U.T. p is for powder. lol
  12. GREAT idea! What's been the most effective small aborting dose you need? .1g? .25g? I might make some up. WOW!
  13. My "inexperienced" opinion is that it is one, it's discreet and looks like many herbal supplements, two there is an even potency and weight to each pill so you know how much you are taking or how much you need to take, and three, yes definitely the taste. That's all I can think of for now.
  14. I'm so hoping I get to see that day!!! I think I packed my capsules really tight. Maybe I shouldn't have done that in case I wanted to test out the batch first. Oh well. Live and learn. ;D
  15. Thats odd. I have 00 capsules, and I weighed an empty capsule before stuffing it. They weigh .1g. Most of my capsules now weigh .6g. Some are .4, but most are either .6 or .7 when full. JW Jordan
  16. Hey Xeno, I'm curious why your capsules are only .25 grams? I just made some and they are all .5 or more? Or do you like making them .25 grams for gradually increasing doses should the need arise? I'm just curious. Thanks -Jordan
  17. I avoid tomatoes like the plague while in cycle. I've been hit bad after tomatoe-based meals/sauces. I also avoid nitrates, and common "histamine foods" such as spinach. I'm not sure if avoiding the histamine foods is helping, but it can't hurt.
  18. I've used B+ and Ecuador. I have no experience with the other strains. I've only dosed once so far and it's working. First maintenance dose will be in a couple months. I'd think any of the PC would work. Same chemical. I'm not as experience though, so there's my two cents.
  19. I remember first falling on some cluster headache message boards. I believe it was first Ch.com then CB.com, and all I remember is crying and thanking God that I'm not alone in this world of pain. Because of the pain we share, I believe there is a connection established that is very strong. It's one of empathy, and then support. Thanks for this everyone! I too thank you. I don't know what I'd do without knowing that when it's BAD, I can go hear and remember, it's BAD for us all, and that there. is. HOPE. So I too thank you all, even though I'm a bit new. -JOrdan
  20. They day after shroom busting is definitely a "hangover" without the sickness. I felt soooo tired, and like a blob. That could just be me. And I only started with 1gram. No headaches though.
  21. Welcome Eli! I just watched book of Eli last night. Seen it? I'm not the expert on seeds. Some say start with 25, others say more. I have not personally tried them yet. Someone will be along to help you shortly I'm sure. I just wanted you to know you are not alone out there fighting this bastard. 21 years is long time with this thing, and I'm hopeful that these alt meds will you some pain free time. Haller! jordan
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