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  1. @ Dan. lol. good thing you're married then. An O2 wedding would be something. Today I didn't have a CH while waking, but after waking. The O2 worked wonders. Gone in 3 minutes at 25lpm. and.........IT STAYED GONE. yay I guess for me it's getting to the O2 before the headaches in full swing. Thanks for the help Jordan
  2. Tell me about it! It hasn't aborted CH for me yet, but it turns my hour long CH into only 15 or 20 minutes of actual pain. That makes me smile every time still .
  3. That is probably my issue. Not catching it at onset. I don't need an alarm because my CH usually wake me. But, by the time CH's wake me, I'm already up to a 6 or 7. I can sleep on 2's and 3's. Sometimes 4's if I'm entirely sleep deprived. But 5's and up wake me. I'll try to get them at onset. I was just seeing if there was something I'm doing wrong. Guess not. -Jordan
  4. My bad's not going flat. Maybe I should hyperventilate more than I am. I don't know.
  5. I'm hyperventilating at 25lpm. My CH get's knocked out in 2 minutes! Then I stay on the O2 for another 15 minutes to try to make sure there's no comeback. But the CH always comes back. WEIRD
  6. I recently got set up with o2. It aborts my headaches really fast and really well. But, my CH always come back about 10 to 15 minutes later. It's like o2 is simply masking the pain. I still have the entire headache, o2 just takes the pain away for as long as I'm on it. My headaches "reoccur" or "reappear" after I stop the o2. Is this normal? What can I do so that O2 ABORTS my CH? I tried staying on )2 for like 15 minutes even after my CH was gone, but my CH still came back 10 minutes after turning off O2.
  7. LOL. It's slang for "I agree"... I think. Or at least I hope.
  8. WHAT WHAT!!!!! ;D Welcome to CB.com where we all get to share this monster. On the home page scroll down to "cluster files". It explains using psilocybin, LSA, LSD, etc as alternative treatments for CH. Like Chris said, if your doctor won't bother with O2, find another. It definitely aborts headaches and won't jeopardize your heart in the process. Was your eighth old? What were the effects? Did you bust while "in-cycle"? Our sleeps patterns are all off. Our brains are "special". :-[ Welcome! -Jordan
  9. Jsmacks


    I had my first few kip 10's on imitrex. Imitrex didn't help those headaches.
  10. Jsmacks


    Great abortive. It just has some very severe side effects, and I try my best to never touch it. I use o2. Imigram constricts the blood vessels, that's why you can't take too much too frequently. I HIGHLY recommend OXYGEN, 15LPM minimum, with a non-rebreather mask. It's safe, it's fast, and it's (most times) cheap. It can't hurt your doc to write you a script for O2. I'd find a new doc if he/she won't do that for your child. My opinion is get on o2, get off imigran. -Jordan
  11. Not rare for me... A few times a year I get vertigo, blurred spots, traveling numbness on my left arm, followed by 2 hours of migraine headache, which is nothing compared to a CH I get. lol If it is rare, I have them as well. If CH weren't enough...
  12. I just got that Chris's screen name is actually "taking it easy", but it's spelled wrong. lol I feel quite stupid, but that's probably all the busting. ;D
  13. Hey Hopeful, welcome to to CB.com and we know exactly the pain your son is feeling. My CH started at age 16, and my parents didn't know how to help me at all. I endured them age 24 trying desperately to use supplements to curb the pain. Sometimes I think it did, other times I don't think they did. I've not heard stories of O2 damaging lungs. I just started with O2, and it worked miracles. On the homepage of clusterbusters.com, scroll down to the board labeled "cluster files". Read all you can on RC seeds, (LSA), and also Mushrooms. These topics are labled "Mushroom FAQ's" and "LSA Faqs". One of these methods of treatment are VERY likely to help your son. I did some research on the toxicity of Psilocybin - the chemical inside of mushrooms. Apparently on the toxicty scale, they are no where near as toxic as nicotine, or aspirin. To start, read those other files, and be sure to ask any questions that you may have. Getting set up with oxygen would be very important as you can then abort most of your son's painful attacks.
  14. Good news! Thought about doing a beer test after the headaches subside?
  15. I live in PA and had shadows off and on for the entire day yesterday. Could be weather, but I've also been having shadows now for about 3 weeks. -Jordan
  16. I've experienced the "many shadows" as well. Very few hits, and when they do come, they are nothing over a 3. I've been maintennance dosing once a month, and forgot last month--or i thought I'd be ok--and now I've been having shadows for a few weeks. Weird. Dosing again in like 30 minutes to see what it will do. I can let ya know. -Jordan
  17. I've often wondered if there is something else in the mushroom that helps our CH, aside from the hallucinogenic properties. Could it be that "weak" batches allow us to consume more in order to reach a level 1 or 2 trip, thus helping our CH more effectively? The next batch I grow, I am going to grow as a weak batch. I think you can do this by letting the viels break, and let the shrooms grow for a while past dropping their spores. I hit solid level 2 experiences on 1 gram with my stuff. I'm curious if with a weaker batch, I could take 2 grams and hit level 2, thus helping the CH more. I would figure out the potency of every batch, and adjust your dosing regimen accordingly. Is anything I'm saying making sense? It is to me, but my wife says I communicate poorly. ;D -Jordan
  18. Good luck! I cannot answer your high blood pressure problem. What's your average bp?
  19. I was reading around on some shroom forum, and they are taking LSA by the buttload. 300-500 RC. Because of LSA's vasoconstriction, they recommend taking Niacin (vitamin b3), which is a vasodialator.
  20. I've noticed this on psilo. But I've also noticed it on other drugs as well when I used to use recreationally. Not the size of a "child thingy" though. Just.....smaller. ;D TMI? Sorry. And for me, after using psilo, my wife still got pregnant. MY FIRST BABY!
  21. THANKS BOB! Amazing information. I often wondered about the specifics of LSA's constricting abilities. I had no idea where to look. BLUE LIPS IN THE MORNING? Do you still use HBWR for busting? Or did blue lips freak you out? Again thanks for the info. --Jordan
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