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  1. Yes it is scary. However, many are taking these to treat CH. Psilo also has vasoconstricting properties, but I don't believe they are substantial enough to worry about. I guess the question is whether or not LSA has more than Psilo? I know for sure good ol imitrex will constrict your arteries WAY worse than Psilo. Others here probably know a lot more about these effects. Hopefully they can help clear it up. -Jordan
  2. Is 90/70 not too low? Don't quote me, but I believe the vasoconstriction from seeds and/or shrooms is nothing compared to coffee and nicotine. Also, don't vasoconstrictors raise blood pressure?
  3. that is absolutely incredible! and great web site! -Jordan
  4. Hey FG, I too had a hard time finding the "files" that everyone was directing me to. I was thinking that maybe putting the cluster buster files as the very first forum category might help. That way you can just tell me people the files are the very first forum on the board. The first group of forums is "general category". Maybe above that should be a new category that says, "CLUSTER FILES", and the first and only forum saying, "CLUSTER FILES". I know that would have helped me. They're down at the bottom but it's very important information. I refer to it often. What do you think? -Jordan
  5. I forget if this was mentioned earlier in your posts, but maybe 1-2 days before and after busting you could consider trying melatonin? While in cycle, large doses of melatonin keep night attacks away for me so I get full 8 hours of rest. I suggest not using melatonin around dosing time though.
  6. This happens to me as well. I usually get hit right after waking up, and then the pain leaves me hungry, but unable to eat. I wish you all the best and PAIN FREE! -Jordan
  7. CHAD! I just noticed your city. I'm in Allentown FYI. I frequently visit Rita's Water Ice in Emmaus. Especially after a visit from the beast.
  8. How much longer til the BROMO!?! ;D Great article. Whose the Beckley Foundation? Is clusterbusters working with MAPS or Beckley or both?
  9. Thats funny cuz I just got mine. lol
  10. Thanks AO, it definitely helped! I'm so grateful for this place!!!!!!! -Jordan
  11. I was looking around at shroomery.org and they got some crazy folk taking between 600-800 morning glories. You can buy them usually at local flower shops. Their experiences with that many are a bit frightening. 800 seeds??? That's a mouthful. lol I'm waiting for my RC to get here. Have you all noticed a strong effect from RC? What's to be expected as far as the feeling goes? Maybe in relation to shrooms which I've tried. --Jordan
  12. WOW! That is some crazy stuff. A migraine gene. My great grandfather had Cluster Headaches. This was YEARS ago, but my grandmother (his daughter) remembers coming home from school and being told to stay quiet, "your father had a headache again". I can't believe IT! Also, they were all worry-worts. I think that's genetic too. IMHO --Thanks man Jordan
  13. Great poems! I enjoyed reading them. I've always been great creating music, but I am in no way lyrically talented. I can't write lyrics to save my life. Looks like you've got a gift with words. Looking forward to your story. -Jordan
  14. Fast Eddy when are you posting your story?
  15. That would be insane. I'm feeling the heart palpitations too. Nein danke.
  16. I wish I woulda thought of hipshot. All I could come up with was jsmacksem. I used that name for call of duty online. I would have used hipshot though.
  17. Great verses! I'm so believing that somethings gonna happen with me soon as far as "busting". I have been following this thread, and I'm SOOOOO looking forward to hearing your story. I'll be checking the forum every 5 minutes until you post it. lol k maybe not that frequently. I find such strength here with fellow sufferers. ---Jordan
  19. Hey, everything I keep studying here and also from old CH.com archives says busting far more effective as a preventative. Is that true? I have yet to experience it. I feel it would be far more effective dosing every 3 months instead of every week. Is it possible that 7 days is not enough time for receptors to clear? I've just been trying to bust a cycle now for a while and after reading stories of successful busts after MAYBE 2 doses of only 1-2gram, level 2 experience, it just gets me discouraged wondering if this is even working for me. Who here has been able to keep the beast at bay with shrooms maintenance dosing? How long have they been at bay? thanks -jordan
  20. Yea...I have no idea. I'm so new to the busting. I dosed 5 days ago, and thought there might be some improvement, but I got slammed with a Kip8 this morning. That'll ruin a day. lol It's so easy to let your attitude go south with these bastards. (CH) You have to choose life. Not depression and death. Don't get me wrong, with this disease I find myself down and out A LOT. But, I'm practicing my attitude even in the midst of suffering, or more like after I'm done suffering. In it I'm just yelling and holding my head. ;D N e who....be encouraged. Something will work. Tchuess! -Jordan
  21. Why not? I'm hoping since you went with a higher dose it'll shake things up. Maybe should you need a #8 switch to RC seeds. I might give them a try this weekend. That'll be bust #7 should I need it. I'm one behind you!!!!! well ur hubby... IT'S GOTTA WORK! -Jordan
  22. Can one make Bromo-LSD somehow? I don't wanna see Alice turn into a mushroom.
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