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  1. Ok @Racer1_NC despite one of my good friends having a great busy sushi place, this place Yutaka hands down is the most amazing sushi offerings I have ever had. His fish is so decadent it just melts in your mouth. My friends place burnt down a few months after he redid his whole place and I had no where to eat sushi. So I tried this small and pricy place yutaka. I sat down w a friend and asked chef yutaka if we could eat omakase “chef’s choice”. I am convinced outside of Japan I will never have sushi that good. He will only do omikase on nights where he doesn’t feel overwhelmed so it’s probably not an option and ran at least $150 a person but it was worth every penny!  This was in a different life I was working so much I was happy I got home to eat before everything closed most nights. 

    On a more affordable note there is a market that does all prepared food called Eatzi’s. There were 3 in the metroplex, the busiest was the one in Oaklawn in Dallas but there is one in grapevine close to the hotel. It’s the same food as all the other markets just not as busy. Friday night the in house bakers make pizza I think there are only 3 to choose from and they make it until they run out of dough. An amazing option on Friday night!  All the food there is fresh, made in house and was a staple in my diet. I’m probably going to do eatzi’s on Friday unless I go to the bishop’s art district and go to Eno’s pizzaria. They have a pie called the pigleywiggley that is amazing. Plus others and good beer on tap if you’re one of the people that can drink. Taco kitchen is another great place. I prefer the one in Dallas over the one closer to the hotel if it’s still open. There are a ton of high end $$$ places in Dallas I have left off except for yutaka. I am attaching a link to a new article by the Dallas observer of the top 100. I haven’t lived there in over 5 years so a lot has changed. I’ll come up w a few more, just have to look them up and make sure they are still open. Looking forward to meeting you. https://www.dallasobserver.com/top-100-dallas-restaurants/yutaka-sushi-bistro-6455527


    wow I almost forgot Bolsa  just amazing,  if you’re a vegetarian (my Gf at the time was) they will cook a special meal to meet your needs off the menu  



  2. I became bipolar in my early thirties. Was on a drug called invega. I was on monthly injections when busting first worked. Then my doc switched me to the quarterly injection. He told me it doesn’t interact w 5-HT receptors but rather dopamine. So I said sure 4 times a year is better than every month. Then my CH came back and I haven’t been able to bust since. He was wrong if you read the fine print it says “does interact w serotonin but MOA is unknown”. It was too late, the half life is 3 months, it takes 5.5 half lives for a drug to clear your system. So that means 16.5 months!!!!  My last dose was oct 2018. When I dose I get a shitty body load and my eyes dilated but that’s it. No trip even at 10g or 4 tabs of L!  Crazy I know. So for the foreseeable future I’m clusterfucked...

  3. Just read the article, I never feel alone, but I do get scared from time to time that this hell will be my life until the day I die. And then I take another dose of psychedelics and try try again.  So far no luck. I’m blocked until at lease March. The last 4 months have been hell, and 8months seems for ever to wait. Ever since I had a new “10” that made my old 10 a 5. It’s been miserable. Can’t say that post makes me feel any better, wish it did. 

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  4. Hey Dana,


    I feel your pain, CCH has robbed me of my life as well. I had just gotten a series of 5 surgeries done to fix my neck and the first time since I was 14 (I’m 40 now) I wasn’t suffering from severe pain. Then wham the CCH started and never stopped. It will be 2 years come end of August. I just got an email for a locum job in TX for 4K a week. Too bad I need to retake my boards, too bad there is no way I could go back to doing cardiothoracic surgery again. Haven’t been able to work for several years now. My job used to define me to my core, at this point the best I can hope for is to get these CH better controlled and try and get a job doing dermatology or headache medicine or something. One day I’m sure I’ll be able to be a productive member of society. But for now all I can do is wallow in pain, pray my O2 works and wait it out until March when I may be able to successfully bust. In the mean time I am pursuing ketamine nasal spray. We’re both a fing ray of sunshine. Lol. I’m going to read that link now. Keep your head up. Things will get better. 

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  5. 12 hours ago, Racer1_NC said:


    I'll be there. Flying in that Tuesday.....


    Very cool, Dallas has an amazing food scene. Since you’re going early I have a few recommendations if you’re interested. I’d say “Fuel City” tacos are a must. It’s a gas station that’s open 24h and is always busy. There tacos are freaking amazing. I’m pretty sure I’m going to cab/Uber there if anyone is interested. Oishii sushi is great, one of my good friends owns it and sitting at the sushi bar is like the show cheers. The moth is another great place. Amazing beers on tap and the food is real good. I’ve got a few more but I’ll stop there. 


    Edit: I realize beer is out for many of us but a friend that went last year told me he was in shock by how many people were drinking.  He said he started asking people how they were able to drink and everyone told him I use MM, L...  And thats when he concluded this busting stuff is for real.

  6. That’s great, I wish my parents wanted to go. Honestly I think living with me has them at there limit. My CH is at its all time worst and it’s taking a toll on them. The only good thing about this debilitating CCH is I had to move back in with them, and have found my father half dead from septic shock 4-6 times in the last year. If it wasn’t for this CCH I would have never been here to save him.  In a former life I did high risk neonatal and adult critical care...  so as miserable as I’ve been CCH saved my father’s life. Hope my little story helps y’all see the silver lining in some of this.looking forward to meeting you!

  7. Hey fellow clusterheads and supporters.  After several people have strongly encouraged me to go to the CB conference, my parents decided to send me this year. I’m a little apprehensive bc I’m going through a M tank a day right now and my CH is at its all time worst. However, it will get me out of the house and submerged in a community of fellow sufferers. Bostonheadachedoc feels that it is important for me to meet other chronics. Most of the CH people I have become friends with and/or have met in person are episodic. I’m not sure it makes a difference we all suffer the same excruciating pain. But none the less I am now booked and looking forward to meeting many of you. So I figured I’d make this post to see who’s going to make sure I at least get to shake your hands. 


    Pain free wishes!



  8. @jost it sounds like you’re using imitrex pills. In general 95-99% of us don’t get any kind of relief from oral sumatriptan. The injections are %1000 times better. Most insurances will cover 12 injections a month if they cover injectables. You ask your Dr to write for the 6mg auto injections and search you tube for splitting injections. You can get 2-3 doses out of each one. So you could get 24-36 doses per month. 

    Most importantly oxygen is the number one abortive in my book. Frequent Imatrex use is reported to increase severity and amount of attacks. I save my injections for important days like family events or for the  kip 10s (search the web for kip pain scale) that won’t break with the oxygen. You need high flow 100% oxygen at a min of 15-25LPM. So you go through it pretty fast depending on how many times a day you get hit and how long it takes for the oxygen to work. My CCH (chronic CLuster headaches) used to abort after 2-3 min of oxygen and I stay in for 10min total. To avoid a partial abort. These days for the kip 8-10s it can take 10-30min for them to break, but that’s still probably faster than the oral Imatrex. Btw the injections work in 5-10min.   Look around, the search bar is your friend. If you want to know more about busting and have read the new user stuff make a post in the theory and implementation section. Or any where except the general/ public board


    i wish you luck, we’re here to help



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  9. On 6/11/2019 at 12:49 PM, CJW said:

    seems to me, most of my hard attacks I go through have a half time, when you think oh maybe a shorty but no it kicks back to the previous pain level. just saying.:huh:

    I experience this too, totally sucks. I’ll go on O2 during a kip9-10 and then it subsided after 20-30min of O2 (I’m running through a M tank a day right now). Just when I think it’s broke I sit in O2 5-10min more and it’s gone. Then all of a sudden wham...  for my kip7s and 8s that usually doesn’t happen.  

  10. What part of the country are you in?

    7 hours ago, Steve Gwinn said:

    I can still order the vials CVC or Walgreens or Walmart, they have to order them in for me. I use the GoodRX card and get the price way down. I draw 3ml and it works for me.

    At one time I paid $110.00 per 6ml pen, I have it down to $ 5.00 per 3ml.


  11. 5 hours ago, jon019 said:

    Voc...have you looked into getting suma in vials (6 x 0.5 mg)? No tear downs required and you can inject exactly what you need with diabetes needles. Used to cost me the same ridiculous price as the statdoses…. but with MANY more aborts. avoided the HAMMER of a full dose (which I believe is side effect heavy and contributes to rebounds)...

    …..eventually found my way to Zomig 5 mg NS....all the benefits with nuna the side effects for me....added bene of 18 hr 'free " time...…..

    I’ve been told that the vials are no longer available. Here in the NE the distributors don’t have it. I tried several pharmacies from the big ones to Mom and pop

  12. That’s what we’re here for buddy!  I’m going on 18months into this wonderful CCH shite. Although my pain and CCH are far worse now than they have ever been some how most of the time it’s easier to deal with and accept. May be because I’m waiting to be detoxed in feb so every day is one day closer to these psychedelics working. I have my moments don’t get me wrong. Like last night, my 3rd attack from 11p-3am wouldn’t abort on oxygen and I just couldn’t take the 10 so I caved and used an injection. The 9-10s have me saying this isn’t fair, why me... but once I get it to break that stops until the next one. I think my lack of depression and anxiety (I do get anxious from time to time) is because I haven’t stopped dosing at least once a month. As far as non CH cervical pain goes I’ve been there too and that is wretched as well. Fortunately in 2017 I had 5 revisions on my cervical burn scars and they stopped my scars from crushing my spine. I had put it off for 10-15 years mainly bc it’s hard to find a surgeon. Just after I fixed my neck the CH started. Both at once must be tough. Anything I can do to help just ask. 


    Almost forgot  the daily max of injectable sumatriptan is 12mg  you could do 4 injections of 3mg/day.  Zembrace is half strength sumatriptan injections so you can take 4 a day.  Most insurances that will cover it cover 16inj/4 boxes a month.  Most people get 12 6mg injections per month of full strength. So you get much more to stretch out if you break it down.  My new insurance only covers 50% of any of them so I’m just using what I saved and an episodic friend from here has been nice enough to share some of his.


    best of luck  ramble over  lol



  13. 16 hours ago, dmlonghorn said:

    I have both. A level 10 cluster headache resides in a pain category all by itself.

    My Neurologist asked me to rate my TN pain, I said "about an 8", he had this puzzled look because he's used to hearing TN pain categorized as a 10.

    The real hell is when they co-occur.

    Here are my Marvel Universe pain comparisons:

    Cluster Headaches - Thanos squeezing my head

    Trigeminal Neuralgia - Thor's Hammer striking my face

    Ice Pick Headaches - Black Panther's nails tapping on my head

    Each one is powerful, but different.

    I was waiting for you to see this. How’s things going these days. Have you busted your CH?  I think you were attempting some months ago. 

  14. All of the TACs are extremely painful and I wouldn’t want any of them. They all sound so miserable. I’m glad I got the beast I got and not another. But I suppose if I had HC that responded to indomethacin I’d be a happy camper. But just having one and the natural history of the pain without treatment I’d rather deal with my CH than SUNCT or something else. 100s of attacks a day? Vs my 3hr hits so hard to choose. At least some of my hits respond to oxygen. 

  15. 8 hours ago, cathb357 said:

    So many questions... Cluster cycle in progress... 2 busts behind using RC seeds. After the second bust had some high KIP slapbacks... 6 yesterday and then enter a different set of symptoms today just a long ass pounder started early this morning and I am going to bed with it... did O2, Ice, slam cold drinks, Hot foot soak, seriously disappointing. I never used to get frickin Migraines but these symptoms more closely resemble M and not CH. Will check the playing well with others and see what other avenues I can pursue to treat this "New" head pain! what a frickin nightmare. I thought I was equipped to beat this beast back and I get hit by a new foe. WTF.! The weather was blustery clouds some rain wind and lightening. I am sure this had a play but literally, nothing has touched this. Any feedback is appreciated. Peace hope love. 357 out. 

    Hey 357, your best bet is to make a new post in the theory or my story section about your new HA (headache) symptoms and see what kind of response you get. There are many here including myself that get both CH and migraines.  I don’t get migraines too often but it’s not fun. My clusters used to scare away the migraines but lately I get them both at the same time. I am chronic CH and get may be 1-2 migraines a quarter. My imatrex injections sometimes help. But I use them very sparingly. @MoxieGirl gets quite a few migraines and has some interesting treatments ie. Vodka. Lol. Not an option for a lot of us but she swears by it for herself. Hope you get relief soon





    2 hours ago, gore2424 said:

    She  had me take 2 first month then 3 the next three months. 

    My doctor wrote it for me last appointment as well, Lilly will cover $4900 the first year. Total cost of the drug the way my doc wrote it is $7,800+. I’m not sure why after the first dose you took more than one injection per month. The literature supports a double dose the first dose then one does every month there after. Any idea why your doc did 3 injections the third and forth months?

    what kind of results did you get?  (Edit: after rereading your post, if I’m understanding correctly your CH did not get better but you got a few good nights of sleep? )Are you in remission or did you just get the 50% reduction in CH as most of the ECH patients did?

    edit: I decided to wait on the trial until I’m detoxed in February and I can tell if the psychedelics will work or not. I figure if it’s the only real option I have left than I’m going to only try it if mm/lsd... doesn’t work. 

  17. Woah!!!  You’re putting the cart before the horse if you’re on lithium and you’re close to busting. YOU CANNOT BUST WHILE ON LITHIUM!!!  Lithium can potentiate the effects of all psychedelics and can lead to an extremely dangerous cascade of events. Are you on it for CH?  The med I was referring to was not for treating CH it is for bipolar disorder primary feature mania. It’s called invega trinza.  It take 16.5 months to be eliminated from my system.  Not all meds that don’t play well with mm are blockers case in point lithium. 

    As far as the mm go those are dry weights used here on this site. Dry wt is aprix one tenth that of wet. So if you have 100g wet you will get 10g dry from it. So if you wanted to use wet/fresh mm to bust with you would use 10-15g wet. You can make tea with wet mm just the same way as you do with dry mm. You just need to cut up the mm finely with a knife. I find eating them wet to taste foul. Dry I can munch the shit out of them I just prefer the tea bc it hits you in 10-15 min rather than 30-45min if you eat them. I discuss the use of psychedelics with all my docs, they are all supportive. My headache doc was offering me the Yale study but I told him my mm were almost ready during my first appointment with him.  Almost forgot  all of the strains you have should have similar psilocybin levels.  Penis envy, albino penis envy, KSSS (a Thai strain), and non cubensas psilocybin contains mm are stronger than your average cube  


    As as far as your questions about relief everyone gets different results, there are averages and extremes. On the extremes you get those that get a few days to a week pain free (PF) from a bust, then there are those that get 6-12 months PF up to years is the longest I’ve heard. There is no doubt they work and in my opinion have the best success rate next to the Vitamin D regimen.