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  1. I get usually 4-6 migraines a year w clusters at the same time.  I don’t keep a chart like you @MoxieGirlbut last year and this year my CH has gotten out of hand as sept came and went.  I feel you in the migraines.  Some how I’m able to fall asleep w them but wake right up thinking damn migraine woke me up again, but know it’s just the first 39 Sec of opening my eyes and whomp cluster attack.  Forget about putting a ketamine in my mouth instant trio to hug the bowl.  I’d try and stay on a monthly dosing schedule if you’re able to see what that does.  I don’t have 25 a month and I was wishing I had a trex to stick myself w.  BHD has suggested that most of the suma if not all of it should be out of your system in 24h.  Risk of serotonin syndrome is low and just bust (that’s my opinion not BHD). See what that does.  It’s all trial and error.  I don’t have line any more so DM me we can catch up. 

    best wishes from this side of the pond!

  2. 44 minutes ago, Person101 said:

    Did a gram and 1/2 of B+ shroom tea yesterday morning . I have been suffering with fibro... And I cant explain it but I feel amazing tody this is the first day in many weeks /months / years that I felt this good. And have felt normal....

    In my 20s the day after I tripped I felt like a new man, like my brain reset. Not so much these days but I used to love it. Bigger doses but micro dosing does give you energy and ability to focus.  I would try microdosing 2-3 days a week first. If I saw no change I’d switch to sub recreational doses. Micro 0.2g-0.4g. Sub Rec doses 0.5-1.5G.  Full on psychanaunt dose 3.5-5G...  Never tried or looked into a ketamine infusion but some pain docs say it resets your pain receptors...and could help w depression that usually accompanies FM. MM can have a great effect on mood in my experience. Ketamine oral and nasal as well. Don’t get me wrong I have plenty of bad days. But I’m convinced the only reason I’m not walking around praying to die is because of them. 

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  3. Holy crap this is my biggest fear moving!!!  Have you tried Apria?  I always make friends with the delivery drivers it’s been a life saver. At one time this winter I had 20m tanks at my house in case the storms were bad and they were busy. I tipped them randomly when we had something to give but they would still have done it for me reguardless. One guy bought me a fishing pole and waiters and told my mother he was getting me out of the damn house. We became friends, unfortunately he passed away this year. I get their Cell #s and txt them when I’m low. Fir a while when I called Apria would only let me get 3 m tanks at a time and they would have to deliver 2 times a week. So the drivers would bring 5 at a time. I’m using about half to a whole M tank a day right now and am crapping my pants after reading this. FL is almost as bad w COVID as TX. 

  4. Sorry if this is a depressing topic or is triggering but how do you earn a living while dealing w no sleep and the beast striking at any time. Any suggestions appreciated. I used to be a physician assistant in heart surgery before bipolar and CCH struck. My certification has lapsed and that’s off the table for now.  I have a huge gap in employment, don’t get call backs for medicine device sales/ support specialists jobs I’ve applied for (thought I’d never go to the dark side).  Can’t focus to retake my boards, probably couldn’t get a license until I have a year of mental health stability (screwed myself trying to stay off blockers and busting). PTSD gets triggered then eventually manic.  They would give me a ling acting drug w over a year elimination time so I waited it out then stopped my meds to bust. It was a vicious cycle but a risk I was willing to take. But not any more, this last go around I was sure all blockers had cleared my system and the busts showed no appreciable impact sadly and costed me a hospitalization.  As well as lost me the intranasal nasal ketamine and almost oral.  But doc knows how bad I suffer and didn’t cut me off.  I only recently got to explain I was off my meds as he would not discuss changing my meds without it triggering a big “NO, you got hospitalized!!!”  Thank god he’s not a heartless man, but pain docs have a way of making you feel like you’re drug seeking when you’re just trying to get through the day.  I agree opiates can cause just about anyone to become drug seeking behavior, just for the physical addiction/ withdrawal let alone psychological addiction. However after being in opiates in and off since I was 14, I can say the ketamine is nothing like it. No withdrawal or physical addiction, just a desire to be able to abort my CHs.  Currently it takes ketamine and oxygen to abort.  If I don’t have both then it’s taking 200mg of ketamine to abort most but not all. And unless I get on oxygen before the pain passes kip3/4 oxygen will cut back the pain some but won’t abort.  Oops I digress. 

    tldr (too ling didn’t read): How do you earn a reasonable living w CH?

  5. Does any one have experience w the south FL “trusted docs”?  I made an appointment w Dr Kobetz, his secretary asked. And he does work w ketamine.  It’s $525 first appt and 165$ each follow up. Hopefully he writes refills and you don’t have to go every month unless there is changes to the script.  The other doc Dr Wealer or something like that was 850$ first apt and didn’t say how much each visit was after that. He doesn’t take insurance at all!!!  She was talking him up and said he “would change my life”. I highly doubt he has a magical solution that @BostonHeadacheDochasnt found for me so far besides ketamine and oxygen. I told this to my father and he started w the magical thinking. I pissed him off bc I told him it is so frustrating that he and mom think some new doc is going to have the “magical cure no one else here knows about.”  I told him that’s what the vit D and busting are for most people.  He didn’t take kindly, tension is high here as we are almost a week away from closing and moving. 

  6. I tried it, and as usual it doesn’t work for most chronics. I gave it away to some one from here who was episodic and got relief from it. I think the getting your life back is more for mm/L and Vitamin D.  As they stop the attacks fir a period of time. The gamma core is just an abortive...  and again like Denny said in the US it’s $600/month. 

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  7. Like @FunTimessaid. I often stay up to avoid more alarm clock attacks. For example tonight I went to bed after my regular 9pm ish attack. Woken up by 2 attacks and I decided to stay up to avoid more attacks. This usually prevents a few attacks. However it’s a 50/50 shot of avoiding what I call the first attack of the day my usual 6:00/7:00 attack. 

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  8. Still smoking, good to hear from you @dmlonghorni owe you a call. They are my go to to see if I actually fully aborted an attack. If I do the oxygen and ket combo and am able to abort but didn’t stay on O2 long enough that post O2 smoke will bring me from pain free shadow to a kipp 8-10 in a few drags. I put it out then hoo on O2 and repeat. If smoke doesn’t trigger attack then I go back to sleep... lol

    are you suggesting I become a quitter?  And take away my insurance policy of premature sudden death from a widow maker (aka Lmain or LAD MI). And finally fulfill the cliché former cardiac surgery PA dying from heart disease).  I do need to quit. Not because I want to change the odds or desire to stop but for the simple fact that it’s unaffordable to kill yourself slowly these days.  I’ll have to rely on dad insisting on eating the same high cholesterol Hungarian food for dinner every night. 

    all kidding aside did you quit?  Cold turkey?  How’s the noggen been? Beast leaving you alone. A little birdy told me you had tried intro nasal Ketamine. But I didn’t get any other info after that.  Good news!!!  My father uses the same pain doc as me and he explained that I was off my psych meds waiting to bust and that was the reason for last hospital admission. Not the intranasal K and he said he’d either switch me to or add the intranasal at my second to last appointment tomorrow and then see me in 2 weeks before we move as well as reach out to docs he knows out there to find us docs.  This way I will have a fresh months worth of meds and week to two weeks of oxygen to travel down with and bridge appointments.  For mom and dad and Medicare it’s easier most docs take it.  For me I may have to pay out of pocket cause medicade sucks!   Dad has a laundry list of docs he needs. So as I told my X today the shit cloud that follows me dropped a golden turd. Lol

  9. On 10/6/2021 at 9:25 AM, Juss said:

    I’m never good at this-at all. Anyway, it’s obvious that you are going through it. I don’t know your psych and don’t recommend blasting it. However, lamotorgine is a miracle drug for depression and that’s coming from a crackpot whose had his brain fried 60x by the shock docs. You have to titrate it to prevent Steven Johns, but at 100mg (low dose btw) I came out of a 25 year depression coma, I’m only 38. Lithium ER has some evidence in treating CH and it will help lability, most only need 900 of the ER, sweet spot is .8

    For the attacks I get them. This is extremely controversial on here, but being a fellow brother in arms nut job, you are privy to neuroleptics. Get a hold of a dopamine agonists, a good one, like haloperidol and try that out. Another taboo option on here amitriptyline. Both will knock you out at least, the best choice possible. Most important both target receptors in the brain that have been under research for over 30 years for CH research. The first research that I see was on said drugs. I’ll skip the science. Will it work? No promises.

    In India, they are going mega hardcore and using Clozapine, which if you recall can fatally lower your white blood cell count. That said, if you check it every week, you should be fine. I don’t know if your are in the US, but it’s federal law that they do: they put you in a federal database. It’s more hardcore than Thorazine (the famous Thorazine Shuffle not sure if you had that pleasure in the looney bin). It will ensure you rest.

    Third option, antiemetics, some do work-Phenergan comes to find. Phenergan/promethazine actually is a neuroleptic from the 1940’s.

    Fourh Option: Keterolac. Another taboo to most. It’s just a potent NSAID that Robs Peter to Pay Paul.

    Fith Option: My Preferred, Prednisone taper. If that doesn’t do it, hats off to you. You earn the you are going through some serious shit award. I won’t get into how that works, but I have yet to see a case where it doesn’t calm down. 

    Final Note: I’ve seen others (other forums pop on search engines) bring up CNS stimulants. Unless narcoleptic, in mild cognitive impairment, controversially used for chronic fatigue, and dependent on just who you ask ADHD, then Methylphenidate and Amphetamine Salts, even Straterra seems a dangerous idea. Without getting into it, it gets back to D2 (Dopamine). I took several of the controlled CNS for several reasons outside CCH and Chronic Migraine, all of my headaches improved to some degree by stopping. Most of that research as conducted in the late 90s mid 2000s. I’d go as far to say that it’s mostly in the backwaters of Neurology for treatment of headaches.

    Never-mind the potential for misuse, the trials were small, from what I can tell not well conducted, and it’s just a bad idea.

    Im actively pouring through every academic database in attempt to find you the latest abortive pharmacology guide for primary headache to take to your GP or headache doc if lucky. If you haven’t tried Baclofin and Tizanidine for prophylactic use, it’s worth considering. And for the record, I’m not for polypharmacy use or big Pharma; rather, just getting some mother f$&king relief.


    Thanks for all the info.  I’m on zyprexa and depakote...  I don’t really suffer from depression.  Other than I have no interests and a touch of loss of appetite.  However I always gain wt from the meds. Just lost 35lb I intended to bc I was way over weight. I don’t wake up sad or anything. But then again 90% of the time I’m woken by an attack and say OXYGEN...  and don’t think of anything other than bathroom and oxygen.  Doing the pp dance while on the Oxygen sucks.  For now I’m staying on these meds unless I happen to find mescaline. Then I’d detox and try it...  MM and L seem to not be helping. Going to tweak the vit D Oxygen and ketamine.  Best was when I had oral and nasal. I hate having to take them. They taste vile. But you also tire of pumping it up your nose all the time. So switching back and forth helped. I need the MJ juice to sleep.  Or a huge Thorazine shot. 

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  10. @kat_92yup I’ve tried it w different degrees of success.  Batch has been amazing trying to help me. My CH doesn’t stop or get better until my D is @or above 150-180. Get cessation after 200. This is pretty high to maintain and keep PTH and Ca in normal ranges and I need frequent labs my insurance won’t cover or find a doc comfortable pushing the limits. I still take it and batch has contacted me to try a new D and see if it helps. There is a doc in FL that specializes in high dose D if I recall. Will find out more info today from @xxx. 

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