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  1. They are web crawlers mostly, just indexing sites and stuff for search. Some are hacker sniffers looking for old versions of forums and stuff. I have put up many forums and you would be surprised by the weird traffic.


    A quick check shows tons of them viewing random profiles. No way a real guest is all over profiles and ancient threads on page 50 etc. These are crawlers.

  2. 20 hours ago, Dallas Denny said:

    I was indeed at hill 327 in Dec of 66 BOF.....had been in country for just a couple months.....sat on the side of the hill in a pouring assed monsoon ( 12" in about 24 hours ) to see Bob Hope and company ( Ann Margaret too!!! ) on Christmas Day!! Lol!!


    I think my dad got there in November 66. He never talked much about Vietnam but he loved the base dog they had named Charlie.

  3. lol @ doctors and cluster headaches. I am self diagnosed and if I wanted to get it on paper I would just have to talk to a good doc for five minutes and boom I'm diagnosed.


    Anyway, I started out thinking I had wisdom teeth killing me since they came in the same time CH started so I never went to the ER for it. I have been super close many times but the thought of not being able to lay on the floor or take a shower or pace around while moaning has kept me from going to the ER. 

  4. 2 hours ago, Freud said:

    Just read the article, I never feel alone, but I do get scared from time to time that this hell will be my life until the day I die. And then I take another dose of psychedelics and try try again.  So far no luck. I’m blocked until at lease March. The last 4 months have been hell, and 8months seems for ever to wait. Ever since I had a new “10” that made my old 10 a 5. It’s been miserable. Can’t say that post makes me feel any better, wish it did. 

    Holy smokes! What has you blocked until March buddy?

  5. GammaCore is a joke as far as I have read. I was super interested in it in the beginning but I don't know. One thing for sure though that really grinds my gears is how let's say it does work and it's an electronic device that can help people but these greedy jerks put a timer on it so it stops working so you have to buy another one and they are expensive. I would love to see somebody hack it and make it work for years.


    This kind of greed on the medical industry makes me sick.

  6. 10 hours ago, tmeseck77 said:

    Thank you CHfafher, maybe it is wishful thinking or I am at the end of this cycle. 3 months is about as long as it last with last cycle, time will tell. 

    Hey T,

    Three months is the longest cycle I ever had as an episodic. Hang in there! Welcome to the club ;)

  7. Tried to bust and it's not working? Has MM worked before?


    Besides that, you are just running the gambit. Even people like me that ran the same for 20 years have been blind sided by changes, they happen to all of us pretty much. 


    The nightmare on Elm street scenario as I call it is the worst though. No sleep, getting murdered every time you fall asleep etc. is very traumatic. Hang in there buddy!

  8. On 5/23/2019 at 1:22 PM, Rachel55 said:

    I am looking for the dosing instructions for using psilocybin for cluster headaches. I have found a person who can supply the mushrooms but I'm scared to experiment. Desperate to use it though in an effort to avoid future attacks. I have suffered more than 25 years and enough is enough. If anyone can send me a link to the instructions, I would be forever grateful. Thank you. 

    I'm on year 22 with CH. I had complete success last year with MM.