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  1. 55 minutes ago, Rod H said:

    I have the same experience as you xboss. 

    It's amazing how predictable CH can be. I was surprised though with nitrates being the same trigger. Never really was until the last time. :(

  2. That is a haul. I usually go crazy by week 10 if they do not stop due to the loss of sleep. Funny you say get off easy because that is exactly how I describe the first half of the cycle but then it goes big. Bust when you can because it is amazing help, I am getting close to three years PF!

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  3. 3 hours ago, Racer1_NC said:

    Cheap. old lady perfume and lacquer thinner. Anywhere near a cycle those mean instant hit. No wondering, no waiting.

    Used to be huge triggers. Always and still gross though. 

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  4. I used to get triggered so easily by fumes and burning smells and stuff but in the last five years all of those triggers went away. It matches up pretty good with busting as well since I started busting about five years ago.

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