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  1. I'm similar. On year 25ish and they cycles last about 100 days if you don't or can't bust them. They have been growing in severity over the years. I sure do miss the old days when the cycles lasted 3 weeks! GL warrior!
  2. Nice! Yeah, 11 weeks is a haul. I'm just coming down from about 8 weeks. I thought I was fully in the clear but woke up a couple times last night with the best I can describe as half hits. They should be done soon.
  3. Hey CB, I was just thinking about how all my sites and apps are set to dark mode but you cannot do that here. Today is a light hurts day and I really wish you guys had that!
  4. That is a haul. I usually go crazy by week 10 if they do not stop due to the loss of sleep. Funny you say get off easy because that is exactly how I describe the first half of the cycle but then it goes big. Bust when you can because it is amazing help, I am getting close to three years PF!
  5. I got booted on the first page for not being diagnosed but self diagnosed and suffering from the same as anybody for 25 years is good enough! I did have a talk with a neuro that agreed with me and the funny thing is that nobody can give you a diagnosis without your words. Well, I have them.
  6. I call my cat Spazzy Doo. :p
  7. I had AI art do a headache for me. I could not get it to do a messed up eye like I wanted.
  8. GL! I hope it works out great for you.
  9. If it hurts it hurts. Just say 10. They are used to people that don't know about pain nuance.
  10. I have 2 cup of coffee and a small can of red bull every day. Without the constant flow the pain is so bad that my brain feels like it is jiggling with every small step. So weird.
  11. No caffeine headaches can hurt so much. Only some of us get the full pain from them.
  12. Used to be huge triggers. Always and still gross though.
  13. I used to get triggered so easily by fumes and burning smells and stuff but in the last five years all of those triggers went away. It matches up pretty good with busting as well since I started busting about five years ago.
  14. The only downside is when it does not work, now you are hot, wet, in full blown CH and naked lol. I get super sweaty during most CH and then the freezing cold sweat comes. An awful experience!
  15. I can get an abort in minutes by soaking in a tub of really hot water. It works like a charm for me but you have to be on top of it in the early minutes while it's ramping up or it tends to not work. I think I have made it work at least 50-100 times now. Been a while since LSD busting. Doing pretty good!
  16. Hang in there brother. Your story is similar to mine.
  17. Probably a blood pressure change. Just like how a hot soak in the tub can abort a hit.
  18. xBoss


    In order to get a good abort you have to hyper ventilate on the stuff. Fairly common side effect IMO.
  19. xBoss


    I have a moderate tremor. It does act up with red bull!
  20. They used to be 2-3 weeks long but a few years ago they shifted to 8-12 weeks long. Always changing....
  21. It's weird. I play online poker as a semi pro which is incredibly hard to do after 25 years of the game elevating but certain life stuff crushes me and I'm basically helpless.
  22. This is the kind of nonsense that has me never having a tank yet in my life even though I'm on year 24 of CH.
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