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  1. Yep, Michigan is headed this way as well. Good news!
  2. If you really do have CH you are light years ahead of about 99% of all sufferers since most of us went through years of hell to figure it out and get diagnosed so you have that going for you. AND you are on cluster busters!
  3. Yep, no normal for me anymore. They have shifted from early in the year to mid to late and back again.
  4. Nice, ty for the share. Wish I could have been there.
  5. 23 years later and I am still self diagnosed. These jokers have no way to tell except to listen to the patients words.
  6. Sure sounds like CH
  7. I never hallucinate regardless of the dose or if it's shrooms or LSD. I did a couple times about 25 years ago and then it was over.
  8. Hot soaks in the tub work like a charm for me.
  9. I gave my opinion last year when I had the worst cycle of my life after the shots. Might have just been a coincidence but it was terrible.
  10. OMG, sorry to hear that Shaun.
  11. The crazy thing about CH is it can only be diagnosed and treated from the patients words.
  12. Hey, Sorry you are hurting. Try a super hot soak or shower but I like the soaks. They can abort the attack just like oxygen can and quickly. It does not work for everybody but it works for me! GL Warrior.
  13. I pray that my daughter will not have them. She is two years away from when mine started at age 27
  14. Burning cooking oil used to trigger me instantly but the strange thing is that it stopped being a trigger a couple years ago.
  15. I get bad neck issues, knots in shoulders as well every cycle. My range of motion is very limited and sometimes tension headaches. My cycle is due soon as well.
  16. My bad, missed this. I may have to hit you up once I'm ready.
  17. You can always go gonzo and do the welding oxygen. The route I am about to take...
  18. Not too bad at all. My worst is about 7 hits a day but there are people that have 14 or more.
  19. Nutcluster! I gotta have a beer with this guy! GL with your cycle, may it end soon.
  20. After 23 years of CH the only thing I know at this point is that it's over if I can make it to the third day PF. Never had more than about 48 hours between hits.
  21. It's so different for each person but for me it ramps up before it tapers down. You may be at the beginning of stage two of three etc.
  22. They switch all over the place time wise. Usually it's a couple weeks of right on time three times a day starting at 9pm then they go to every time you fall asleep all night then switch to random day hits. Early on in my cluster career they were like clockwork for the most part but it just keeps changing. Oh, and I have never used pharma for CH but I was trying to bust so many that was a factor.
  23. My cluster cycles vary all over the place with themes. couple weeks this, couple weeks that etc.
  24. It is growing. I hope more states join soon. "A Republican Missouri lawmaker introduced a bill this month to give residents with serious illnesses legal access to a range of psychedelic drugs like psilocybin, ibogaine and LSD through an expanded version of the state’s existing right-to-try law." https://www.marijuanamoment.net/michigan-activists-file-psychedelics-legalization-ballot-initiative-for-2022/?fbclid=IwAR1xTXdfXIPc3v4oPyhxEpDsSJ1RwsDZYI45snUGLlwyRnFWumIJmJTaXhU
  25. It gets harder every year to succeed with a claim. About 20 years ago it was cake. My wife was denied after a three year effort and she has all kinds of issues and has been hospitalized many times.
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