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  1. Any headache condition is terrible. I hope you can get to the bottom of it. You had me thinking of my first experiences with cluster headache back in 1998ish. I had no idea what was going on and I went through it with no doctors thinking I was finally feeling a headache like people always complain about since I never had any type of headaches before that. Either way it will be OK though, just something to deal with. You got this.
  2. Smelling burning cooking oil can be a major trigger.
  3. Yeah, those are a price gouge. Crazy how it could work forever but they set it to self destruct. I don't think I have seen too many positive experiences here with gamma core. Hopefully more people chime in.
  4. I go off into the higher realms of consciousness during cycles. It's pretty easy to do when you are exhausted from no sleep and been tripping on stuff for weeks. During the worst attack in my life I heard dancing queen playing in my head note for note like it was really playing. That one was weird!
  5. I get those. They come and go. Doing decent right now but wow, they suck!
  6. Stress has put me into cycle a couple few times for sure. Sorry for your loss.
  7. I drank a 6'r tonight and gave the beast the middle finger. Smoke em if you got em warriors. I don't let the beast dictate my shiz. Hi all!
  8. I fully promote the hot soak and have aborted 100's of attacks that way. Sometimes 6 times a night like an oxygen user. Edit, big hits never abort that easy though...
  9. When my CH started it was only 20 minute attacks and just a couple few hits per week. It has progressed to more of a classic full blown CH since. With grandma being diagnosed it def smells like CH or combo migraine ch. I hope you can get it figured out! Great forum you are on. GL!
  10. They can be pretty random. It seems like the remission periods drop more often in the first 10-15 years of having CH.
  11. It's amazing how predictable CH can be. I was surprised though with nitrates being the same trigger. Never really was until the last time.
  12. I like beers and do fine outside of a cycle. When the cycle is near I will get kip 5 pain about an hour after drinking some for about a week then it's full blown attacks if I drink a beer in cycle.
  13. Happy new year my fellow warriors!
  14. Lorn is still one of my fav's https://www.youtube.com/@Lornnn
  15. Happy holidays Rod & all!
  16. Hey Hey! Welcome to the forum. It's a battle brother, I have 25 years under my belt and I still start to lose my mind after about week 5 or so. The no sleep part is what does it for me. You seem to be very informed about all things CH! I wish you well fellow warrior.
  17. I still have to get an eye doc to sign off on my potential rust on the lens before the MRI doc will run the MRI then my regular doc can clear me for a neuro referral where I have to tell him the words for the diagnosis. And all of that is just so I can maybe get some oxygen for next time.
  18. The last CB survey I tried to take told me to take a hike because I don't have the diagnosis. I guess my brain tumor chills out when I use L M and D. :p
  19. Nice! Yeah, 11 weeks is a haul. I'm just coming down from about 8 weeks. I thought I was fully in the clear but woke up a couple times last night with the best I can describe as half hits. They should be done soon.
  20. Hey CB, I was just thinking about how all my sites and apps are set to dark mode but you cannot do that here. Today is a light hurts day and I really wish you guys had that!
  21. That is a haul. I usually go crazy by week 10 if they do not stop due to the loss of sleep. Funny you say get off easy because that is exactly how I describe the first half of the cycle but then it goes big. Bust when you can because it is amazing help, I am getting close to three years PF!
  22. I got booted on the first page for not being diagnosed but self diagnosed and suffering from the same as anybody for 25 years is good enough! I did have a talk with a neuro that agreed with me and the funny thing is that nobody can give you a diagnosis without your words. Well, I have them.
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