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    In order to get a good abort you have to hyper ventilate on the stuff. Fairly common side effect IMO.
  2. xBoss


    I have a moderate tremor. It does act up with red bull!
  3. They used to be 2-3 weeks long but a few years ago they shifted to 8-12 weeks long. Always changing....
  4. It's weird. I play online poker as a semi pro which is incredibly hard to do after 25 years of the game elevating but certain life stuff crushes me and I'm basically helpless.
  5. This is the kind of nonsense that has me never having a tank yet in my life even though I'm on year 24 of CH.
  6. Yeah, for me there is no such thing as a three day gap unless the cycle is over. Best I ever do is one or two days on a rare occasion.
  7. It worked great. In about 3 months I will be PF for two years. The mushrooms worked for two years but I may have abused them. I was doing monthly preventative busting.
  8. It used to and probably will again but I had to move to L to bust the last horrible cycle.
  9. It's super easy. I have never had a failed crop.
  10. https://www.facebook.com/kwgnchannel2/videos/1792841174430697
  11. The only time flying got me was when I was dumb enough to drink a couple beers before a flight. It was a nightmare! I flew about 60 times that year and the rest were fine. Crazy thing was it was just one giant attack with no cycle.
  12. Yep, Michigan is headed this way as well. Good news!
  13. If you really do have CH you are light years ahead of about 99% of all sufferers since most of us went through years of hell to figure it out and get diagnosed so you have that going for you. AND you are on cluster busters!
  14. Yep, no normal for me anymore. They have shifted from early in the year to mid to late and back again.
  15. Nice, ty for the share. Wish I could have been there.
  16. 23 years later and I am still self diagnosed. These jokers have no way to tell except to listen to the patients words.
  17. I never hallucinate regardless of the dose or if it's shrooms or LSD. I did a couple times about 25 years ago and then it was over.
  18. My dad ran a racing shop his whole life and he has friends that had a tank torpedo through walls before!
  19. Hot soaks in the tub work like a charm for me.
  20. I gave my opinion last year when I had the worst cycle of my life after the shots. Might have just been a coincidence but it was terrible.
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