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  1. The primary will probably refer you to a specialist and then the specialist will still have to listen to your words with no test to proclaim CH. Basically their diagnosis is on you....
  2. It's getting pretty cool in Ann Arbor. I'm trying to go out there soon.
  3. Nice, hope it works great for you. Keep us posted!
  4. Welcome to the cool kid club Spida. I'm against pharma so my advice is to seek non pharma solutions like D3 and psychedelic busting. Oxygen for aborts etc. Red bulls and hot soaks also work for me when it comes to aborts. I'm sure pharma works great for some people but the side affects can suck. Try to learn as much as possible from here and inform yourself with some weapons to fight this terrible condition. It can be managed fairly well most of the time for most of us. Oh, and keep a log book of your hits and possible triggers. Just knowing your triggers can be very useful and there are many like alcohol, flying, foods, smells, even sitting positions! GL warrior! -Scott
  5. Yeah, I just feel like I'm living in a right handers world and just different. I guess it ties into my angry at the world bit I dunno. Anyway, yeah it's def what you make of the time between. Coping, managing etc. It's not fun. I try to use shrooms for both busting and therapy.
  6. Happy is hard. I'm a mad at the word left hander with CH for almost 23 years. I guess after a long period of time it just becomes acceptance. Especially after multiple goals and dreams get crushed by CH. I still appreciate what I have because it's all relative.
  7. xBoss


    Seems like an extreme choice given that you only experience CH once per 3-4 years?
  8. Try out busting. Sorry it's been a mess for you. It's been a mess lately for many of us. GL!
  9. Dear lord, switching sides sounds terrible. Part of handling the intense pain is being super used to it!
  10. Hey Bosco, sorry that you have joined our club but welcome! You seem like a cool cat, you will get along fine here. You got this, a great place to be. It's a mental game, stay strong, I'm on year 23 after they hit when I was 27.
  11. Welcome to CB DayLight! GL with your journey.
  12. xBoss


    I feel you Brad, busting is not working for me as well and I'm nearing day 100 on this cycle. Are you chronic or episodic? I'm hoping the end of this episode is close for us both! Hot soaks in the tub have been able to abort some of the attacks. Have you tried oxygen yet? Hang in there man, I'm trying to find some L to see if I can get a bust going. We both might need to look into D3.
  13. Same here. I find myself saying wow I'm getting off easy with these clusters for the first couple few weeks then it really gets bad. Tapers down in the end. Today I only had one attack that was about a seven. Working on day 70ish of hopefully no longer than 90. Glad it's getting better for him Paula!
  14. Yeah, cigs are horrible, they magnify the pain so much. weed doesn't help me much but it usually doesn't make it worse, sometimes maybe a little bit. O2 never worked for me but I never got it flowing enough. N2O is such a good temp pain killer that it has me wondering. Time to make some whipped cream. :p
  15. I love nitrous. Going to grab some whippets today and see if they can abort an attack. Probably have not done one since before I had CH which was 22 years ago!
  16. Yeah, I was drinking beers and way out of cycle and I got hit hard after a dentist visit then busted it and got hit hard again after the next visit five weeks later. They were both extractions of molars and had tons of drugs put into my jaw. I now ask for low epi since they love the stuff for blood control and don't really want to go without it.
  17. https://apnews.com/article/ann-arbor-plants-featured-ca-state-wire-mi-state-wire-b0ce69ca0961c150e0f900e8ea4cf432
  18. I was getting hit just before the shot. Now I'm stuck in an unbustable state for the first time but the odds were against me. Probably not tied together but you never know.
  19. Hey all, It's been pretty good for the last few years but I have a cycle trying to ramp up. Last night I got to about a level 6 of a full blown attack. Dosing as soon as this tea cools off. I used my wifes albuterol inhaler a few times last week because I was smoking some cruddy weed. I wonder if the albuterol triggered this mess? At any rate, time to slay this beast! GL warriors!
  20. I tried to microdose. It just didn't work for me. I prefer the megadose! :p
  21. I dose all the time (about 15 times a year) and besides a dentist trip triggering I have skipped three solid years of cycles and counting.
  22. I have six cats and magic on my side! Keep up the good fight my friends!
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