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  1. "Right up there with kidney stones and child birth" lol
  2. I get some nasty tension headaches during my cluster cycles that can bring on similar but less painful symptoms.
  3. 21 years ago when CH started for me I was convinced that my wisdom teeth were doing it since they had just broken skin and were not going to fit when they came all the way in. I got them pulled out but the CH stuck around
  4. I'm on year 22 with CH. I had complete success last year with MM.
  5. The month prior to my full episode I get tension headaches. That is when stuff can trigger 6's like smokes, chemicals, smells, alcohol, weed etc. then I jump into the full cluster cycle and it's not about triggers, they just happen 2-8 times a day.
  6. It's def. a good idea to change regions if you are chronic and at your wits end with CH. That is if you have the ability to change regions. My headaches changed as I moved around North America.
  7. They can change but my episodic cycles were the same for 20 years before they got a little worse. They went from 2-5 week long cycles to 8-11 weeks. Other than that it's about the same. I beat them with mushrooms last year and only went about one week of pain. This year the goal is even less pain!
  8. Hello MrsKgood, welcome to the forums. The theory & implementation forums is where the busting talk takes place. Sorry that you have to join our club BUT, you found a great place for relief!
  9. Vaping has issues, you can get a lung infection as well.
  10. Hey Bob, welcome to the forum. This is a great place to be. You will find at least some form of relief here. Hang in there!
  11. I don't even suffer as bad as most and CH still makes me cry. I have never cried over any injury in my adult life including broken bones.
  12. The molar pain struggle is real.
  13. The problem with any forum is that you can answer the same question 100 times in 100 different ways and new people will still show up and ask it again without even 30 seconds of research. It's not like we are selling widgets here, this is important stuff for a rare group of people. Anybody in bad shape needs to invest the time. After 17 years of owning and running forums I have found that about 50% of forum users are helpful and the other 50% wants all info handed over to them on a silver platter.
  14. xBoss


    Probably need to up the dose.
  15. xBoss

    Work and CH

    O2 never worked for me but I'm lucky in the work dept. The CH usually comes right after work when I relax.
  16. The word headache is the wrong word. It lumps us with the rest. Proper terminology would be something like Brain on fire syndrome then they would take us serious!
  17. Tired of people that say stuff like yeah, I get headaches too.
  18. xBoss


    Usually the two months before my cycle I get some shadowy symptoms. Tension headaches, sore muscles. I feel great right after the cycle ends.
  19. I had a full time job when I was 25-26 that involved looking up at ceilings all night, fixing, painting, cleaning them. Big stores like Macys. Anyway, the clusters started after that time and I started out by getting my wisdom teeth pulled because I thought it was the teeth. I feel like the job messed up my neck for life and may have helped trigger the condition.
  20. Exactly! I meant to say neck, jaw, eye. The crunch is always in the neck for me. I even call it the crunch lol.
  21. If you sleep well then you usually don't remember dreaming. If you don't sleep well you wake up or almost wake up while dreaming and remember it. The best dreams I ever had was sleeping on a boat in the ocean with big waves making the boat rise and fall, I guess it is common to dream hard at sea in the waves due to the stimulus keeping your brain in the "remember" loop better.
  22. xBoss

    CH triggers

    I suffer from lots of muscle tension year round. I feel like certain positions trigger tension headaches that trigger ch. Not sure but it was the first thing i figured out 21 years ago. When i sit for an extended period in a kinda leaning back position the ch sets right in. All chemical scents that are not organic smell like poison these days. They make my lips buzz and you can taste them. Def developed hyoer sensitivity since ch
  23. xBoss

    CH triggers

    Burning smells (frying, oil cooking off from an oven is huge) chocolate (does happen) cigarette (sometimes) Alcohol (Every time) certain sitting positions on couch (common) falling asleep (nightmare on elm street scenario. Gotta love those 7 cluster nights) Anything with heavy chemical scent (I hate perfume!) Dehydration (I think it's tied in for sure)
  24. Glad to hear that it's common. I never did until a couple years ago. I also suffer from bad internal heat regulation and I get cold seizures if I get cold and wet. Tx guys!
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