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  1. I get worried and scared of the impending doom but not too depressed. I know they are coming when my muscles start to knot up which is usually a sign that the cycle is coming within 2-8 weeks.
  2. Standard drug tests do not look for mushrooms. I never heard of anybody failing a drug test over mushrooms. They saved my life last year.
  3. Hey guys, After 20+ years of fun times with CH I have developed some pain mgmt tricks that help me cope with the immense pain. Thought I would share. Burning hot showers to the neck. Tapping or hitting nerves in the neck. Contorting neck to the left (Left side pain) and laying on my face with tons of weight pressing into the bed or hardwood floors because they are nice and cool. Yawning. you can get good at triggering yawns if you try, they stretch neck muscles nicely. Running around the house cursing like a sailor and crying like a baby. (Lol) How about you guys?
  4. I had the same revelation. I only suffer once a year for 3-12 weeks because I smoke weed all year. However, smoking weed during the cycle sucks as you stated, makes it worse. Last year I stopped the cycle with mushrooms, I hope to do it again this year.
  5. I used to think that but after about 21 years of them and im nearing 50 i think they can. I now go onto shock and sweat bullets then i get a wet freeze that gives me a cold seizure. So although they cant kill you all by themselves, they can trigger other things and stress the heck out of any other weakness you may have.
  6. Hey guys, 20+ year sufferer here, the last few years i have been sweating super hard like shock sweat which sucks because now i have to deal with being wet and freezing while i have a ch Just trying to gear up for the next cycle, i may have them busted though!
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