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Hi Folks... long time no see :)


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Hi Everyone,

This is a big step forward in that it makes the treatments easier to access by people who stumble on the CH.com site.

Can't remember when I last posted but it was probably over 4 years ago.  A lot has happened to me since then.

My last episode was a week in summer 2006, prior to that I had was week in April 2003.  Nothing since.  In both cases in was my own fault for getting complacent and failing to dose, or even get my hands on anything to dose with.

Back in 2002 I suffered a serious injury to my neck and upper back resulting in 4 herniated discs in the thoracic and cervical sections of my spine.  A bunch of nerves got trapped and I lost some mobility.  This severely impacted on my ability to exercise, and my already heavy drinking quickly spiralled out of control.  Between 2002 and 2006 I was a full blown alcoholic.  My weight ballooned up to 225lbs.  Eventually the osteopath managed to mostly sort my back out, and it was time for me to sort my life out.

On 2nd July 2006 I quit the booze, and stopped smoking at the same time (although I was never a huge smoker).  Over the course of the next couple of years I got myself back into shape, doing a combination of boxing, martial arts, and calisthenics.  I'm back down to 175lbs now and look 5 years younger as opposed to 5 years older LOL.

I apologise unreservedly for any times I was out of line in the past, truth is it all seems like a bad dream to me now.



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Hey Flash,

I've been waiting for this day. Glad to see you found the way back. You were my mentor about 5 years ago, before I found CB. I followed your advice 100%. I just read your other post and I believe "farming" was easier than living healthy. But if you say so I'll have to give it a try. Leslie

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hey flash and all others who may read this. I have exciting abortive entheogen news that i will share soon. haven't had any ch's in ten years, so i experimented with dmt as an abortive. 3-5 mg worked every time after self induced h/a- within 15-60 seconds! since i haven't been in cluster, i don't know if it can break a cycle. interesting, huh? i'll do a topic and explain all soon. peace, rob.

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dmt as an abortive. 

Hello dhr34,

A friend of mine has had pretty good results using DMT as a preventative.

I'm sure he'll be interested to read what you have to say.


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