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Hello all, 

while this post is not directly CH related, I always seem to learn so much in this forum, so I thought I would share. My mom has a bad tremor, and the last few years I’ve noticed my hand tremor is getting worse as well. It gets bad with anxiety, and I’m sure it also has to do with the Red Bulls I use to try and control my shadows. Caffeine makes it worse, but even on days I don’t have it, it’s always there. It is becoming increasingly problematic because I am a bartender, and steady hands are important. It also makes me look nervous, which I’m not. I just can’t help it. Does anyone on this forum suffer from tremors, and have recommendations for this? I also am on verapamil, but there is no literature on verapamil having an impact on tremor. 


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Yes, I have essential tremors. It's mild, affecting my right hand when I try to do things requiring dexterity. They don't happen when I'm at rest.

Caffeine is an amplifier for mine.

Same for my mom also has CH and tremors. Hers are worse than mine though. They got worse with age.

Neither of us take meds for them.

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