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Wow everyone, leave for a little bit and everyone is taking huge steps!!  Nice work!! :D

Michael, stick with it.  I am interested how it has gone??  Ron you get my vote for best caretaker ever.  Everyone else gets my vote for most supportive clusterheads in the world! 8-)

For everyone who writes, there are probably tons more who are reading and wishing you luck Bonkers and Michael.   

Keep us posted.

Shaggy says keep up the good work!

--The Shaggy

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Rumor has it that Eric Weiner is going to run for president.  He has chosen attorney general Holder as his running mate.

Get your Weiner-Holder bumper stickers early, before they are all gone.  ;D

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Hi Michael :)

May Sarton

Without darkness

Nothing comes to birth,

As without light

Nothing flowers.

This tough time you face now, make better times grow. Really hope to meet you in Chicago. Since your father and Hipshot are kind of busy together, you and me can go have cake ;)

My best wishes to you.

Tingeling :)

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Come on. Fess up. Why don't you come out of the closet now, today, on this board. Publicly proclaim your degeneracy here, now. Everyone will still love you even after knowing that you're this sweet, little old man's bitch. Come on Danielle. Come out now! Come out now!

Yours forever,


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This thread is getting a bit off topic, but lmao that was just too damn funny.

Why don't you come out of the closet now, today, on this board. Publicly proclaim your degeneracy here, now.


I laughed so hard I have tears running down my face.

I think this is a message Michael might hope to be left out of hearing... lmao

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hey alleyoop.

Sticks and stones can break mine and Rons bones but words will never hurt us.

I'm thinking maybe your answer should have read:

"Sticks and stones will break our bones, but whips and chains excite us" ;D ;D ;D


Sorry FG, now back on topic  ;)

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Back to topic suits me just fine ;D

Ron and I will be incorrigible on another thread...

How the hell is michael? I am clean from all my pain meds...you tell him that. I feel like a million dollars.

No cocktails in ages, no pain meds, no smokes......feck, no fun.  Boring but healthy :)

Don't drink, don't smoke...what do ya do?

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I quit beer, dope and cigarettes all at once on my wife's birthday about 20 years ago. Of course, I do all of those things now but that's beside the point. I remember the very next day I felt so good I couldn't believe it. I could breathe better, see and hear better, much more energy; it was amazing. That wonderful feeling persisted for some 12 years until I decided I'd rather do those things than be healthy. You'd think I was smarter than that. You'd think that by now I'd have grown up. Stick with it. For your loved ones' sakes. I saw an ad recently where some asshole/jerk said that every cigarette you smoke deprives those you love of 7 minutes of time that they get to spend with you. I can't get it out of my head. Every time I light up a cigarette or open a beer. Takes a lot of the fun out of it. Might help you stay quit. Maybe the combination of my own shame and your example will get me to quit. Nah. Just blabbin.'


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