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Occipital Facet Nerve Block

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In stopping at nothing to stop my pain I have tried damn near everything and learned to never expect much relief. mushrooms have proven best but at times don't fix me. I think I'm not alone, so I keep trying anything and everything. I know that allof us keep trying; hoping for success for ourselves and the other poor souls that suffer for years.

Continuing to try new methods to stop the pain keeps me going I suppose.

To the point.

I got an occipital facet nerve block a week ago and I have had only one headache since. I have been getting occipital nerve blocks on and off for years, mostly because I like the conscious sedative that my pain doc gives me prior to my shot.

The facet block did something really magnificent. It feels like a cushion or some kind of badass lubricant was applied just to the perfect location.

My headaches always seem to start in my neck...quickly moving to the eye and temple.  :-X

This may well be worth some of you trying. If it can be blocked with a shot, perhaps there is a more permanent fix. Just thinking...


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Hey dan I cannot get that link to work. Was it accessed with a phone? I looked up facet blocks on other sites though and it sounds interesting. Any idea how often you'll require treatments to remain pain free? Keep us posted with your hopefully positive experience on this.

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I don't really expect to remain pain free. I just finished my third dose of shrooms also...

Just google facet and there's a lot of info.

The facet injection seemed to work the first time I had one on 2010 but not for long, and not as well as this one did.

I have major neck problems. Surgeries, arthritis, previous trauma.....

Anyway, for now it seems like it really gave me good relief.

Yes, Versed is the sedative. A full syringe. I wish I could buy a bottle full but I'd probably end up like Michael Jackson :P

I can't help but wonder if anyone else has tried facet injections.

...has anyone else had this procedure?

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I've had quite a few tries of different nerve blocks. Lidocaine helped, but it wore off after 2 hours. I'm allergic to steroids, and had a HORRIBLE 2 months after. We thought I could use Triamcinolone, but it turned out, no dice.

Since the lidocaine block helped, we moved on to Radiofrequency Ablation. The first round up it numbed me up for about a week. Left side only.

Then my nerves basically went "Oh really? Feck you." and started acting up again. On the right side, instead. Then switched back to both sides.

So we did RFA on both occipital nerves. That turned out to be a living hell. I was in so much pain for a few months until my nerves calmed back down.

After that, an Orbital block was tried, and then a trigeminal nerve block. Both with just lidocaine, no steroids. Both under anesthesia.

My nerves again went "FECK YOU." and as soon as the lidocaine wore off, while I had relief while it was there, my CH flipped the feck out after. I was told I was not a candidate for blocks, any more RFA as my nerves are just too damned sensitive. >:(

But hey, it was worth a shot!

I'm just glad it worked for you, and that it works for other people too!

Bwhaha on the versed making you feel good. At first when I was young, it did. And yeah, you can end up like Michael Jackson due to it. I nearly wound up in a coma due to the stuff during a procedure where they were monitoring me.

I was out for over 8 hours because they had to give me so much to calm me down, as versed doesn't really numb the pain, it just kind of makes it so you don't REMEMBER it. So me, crying, screaming = Give her more!

They were about to give me the antidote which they told my Mom and Papa would either push me into a complete coma, or would bring me out of it.

So Papa said "Baby, if you'll wake up, I'll take you to buy anything you want that's Hello Kitty! Just please wake up!"

"...Hello Kitty?" I said, and everyone in the room started to crack up. He always said he could get me out of a coma if he offered me Hello Kitty/Sanrio products. LOL.

I've also had so much versed that the amnesia part of it doesn't work on me, so I remember EVERYTHING that happens. Getting a dose of it once a week for about 4 years turned it ineffective, and then made it so if I was given it I'd go into psycho aggro mode. Some docs didn't believe me and wound up trying to do an LP with 7 grown men holding me down, and me trying to bite them, spit at them, and kick the whole time. Shoulda listened to me.  ;) On top of that due to osteoporosis, and multiple compression fractures, I was normally super weak.

The first time it made me cranky / mean the nurses in the ICU asked my Mom:

"Where's Mysti?"

"Uh...right in there." She said, disturbed, and kind of freaking out. It was obvious where I was.

"No. That's not OUR Mysti. That's some demon POSSESSING our girl."  :D

But seriously, anything that gives you relief is wonderful, Dan! <3

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he could get me out of a coma if he offered me Hello Kitty/Sanrio products.

Leave it to Mystina to somehow find the humor in the harrowing - and that IS FUNNY.  ;D

I dunno, Mystina, your accounts are seriously riveting - I have to wonder if you might find a mass audience if, based on your experiences, you were to write an entire BOOK in the same conversational style as your above post....

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Six days are damn well better than nothin'! Maybe it was just a rogue hit. You never know!

Jeebss, I plan to one day. But I figure why do it now? I'd just have to write a new book every few years when MORE fecked up things happened to me. And that SERIOUSLY was one of my Papa's favorite stories. It tickled him so much that I woke up right then.  :D

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I'd just have to write a new book every few years when MORE fecked up things happened to me.

No, please Lordy above let the fecked up things stop. But it would be GOOD to write new books every couple years. Sequels. Continuing adventures of.... :)

C'mon Holden Caulfield didn't wait for his misadventures to all play out before sharing some of them.  :D

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Btw, had an attack last night so it seems the procedure got me about six fecking days. But six days are six days 

Was what you had done basically a shot in the back of your head?

I have had similar procedures done numerous times, the first one works the best, and like you had acceptable relief for about a week.

The more you have it done, the less effective it is :-/

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Hey Brian, it was much more than just a shot in the back of the head. I have had dozens of occipital nerve blocks, which is what I think you are referring to.

This was done under an X-ray and shot directly in to the occipital FACET.

I've had only one hit since... Going on 9days.

Immediate results by the way. I don't expect too much in the way of long term relief but I'm liven the dream right now.

if you can you might give it a try. I wouldn't have posted if I didn't think some of us might find relief from this procedure.

It can be done three times per year. I will see what the next few days tell me, but for now it is working. Or perhaps my third dose kicked in simultaneously....odds???

Mystina,, I'm hoping you are right on the random hit thang, thanks :)

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i have also had the radio frequency ablation but with no luck. seemed like for 1 or 2 days it did help but then things seemed to get worse for a few months

all the more power if it helps you. have you ever considered any of the ablations w the spheno ganglion (spelling??)

somewhat like this post over on clusterattack.com


i have had drs try and push me towards them but im quite gun shy after the ablation

that and i have no insurance...

best of luck


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