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anyone in Canada Try this ?? or anyone close to the border that can get one and try this ??

About gammaCore® gammaCore is a non-invasive, vagus nerve stimulator that produces a mild electrical signal which is transmitted to the vagus nerve through the skin. It’s indicated for the acute and/or prophylactic treatment of migraine, cluster headache, and medication overuse headache (MOH) in adults. gammaCore is currently available in the European Union, South Africa, India, New Zealand, Australia, Colombia and Malaysia for the acute and/or prophylactic treatment of migraine, cluster headache, and MOH in adults. gammaCore is available in Canada for cluster headache only.

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Dang if there isn't a country directly south of Canada that's excluded from that list.  :-?

Well there are plenty of Canadians and EU folk on here, so yeah, why don't y'all mosey to the corner drugstore*, snatch yourselves a gamacore or 2, give 'em a shot and report back.  8-)

*OK OK this particular contraption may require some sort of pesky doctor appointment. :-/

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I had missed the thread related to the vagus nerve and that's interesting...


interesting also that in French, that nerve is called vague, which means unclear in English. Oh, I see vague also means that in English... confusing.

But reading about the gammaCore® device, I'm not too reassured and frankly I'm not sure they know what their device does exactly, so I'm not sure I want to try it even if it's available here. I'll probably talk about it with my GP.

It vaguely sounds like modern witchcraft to me.  ;D

But the the vagus nerve... I always felt my clusters were directly related to my gut, and... More reading ahead ;)

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good point ,, yes it has ties to the heart,, many of us menopausal women have heart palpitations brought on by vagus nerve issues involving changing neuro transmitters in the brain due to lost hormones.  Anyone here have any issue with heart flutters also ?

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“bolt of electricity to the neck” -

IsnÂ’t that what FrankensteinÂ’s Monster had?

Or was it Herman Munster?

Forum members at OUCHUK have been reporting on the GammaCore trial -


("dragging effect of the lower lip” sounds “dramatic”)

Here is an overview of the current status of neuromodulation for cephalgias



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