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Do you have another incurable condition


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A discussion came up on another board I'm, and the poster was wondering if many CH'ers have additional incurable illnesses. She is wondering if there is a trend here.

The list of incurable illnesses hasn't been defined. For example, I would answer No, but I do have mild asthma. So does that count? I can't see that being a contributing factor as I've had it all my life and clusters only 7 years.

I am thinking she means more along the lines of fybromyalgia, MS or Ehlers Danlos, for example.

I said I'd ask around and see if many people I know do.


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If your referring to CH.com that was me, IM no she. Im a he.lol

I asked if anyone could get a second nuerological disease.

Some people/person misunderstood and thought I asked if CH could give you another nuero disease. I was NOT asking that...I asked if anyone had heard of anyone suffering another nuerological disease as well.( Parkinsons or ......)

If it was another board then please accept my apology but I did ask that question on CH.com

Myself.  have CCH,Migraines,Tension Headaches, exzema, Irritable Bowl Syndrome...

I have passed along to my son Migraines and Tension headaches and praying he does not get CH because he has Elhers Danlos Syndrome (EDS)

Thanks Moxie...great question!

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In Rozen's large 2011 study of CH, he apparently asked people about other conditions.  I'm not sure how this question was asked -- open-ended, I assume, but maybe it was focused on some particular things.  FWIW, here's what came from that:

A personal history of

depression occurred in 24% of the survey responders,

while 14% had a history of sleep apnea, 11% restless

leg syndrome, and 9% asthma. Interestingly, a very

low percentage had known cardiovascular disease

(myocardial infarction 1%, bypass surgery 0.3%, and

coronary stent placement 1%). Strokes were rare

occurring in only 0.2%.A diagnosis of emphysema or

chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) was

noted in only 2%, while lung cancer occurred in only

3 patients or 0.3%. Peptic or duodenal ulcer disease

was noted in only 5%, while diabetes occurred in 3%.

Epilepsy was noted in only 1%.A personal history of

migraine and other headaches was not obtained.


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Three that I can think of:

That last one, well, I'm not sure if it's an incurable disease or if it just means that I have to be careful which, if any, biologic medications I can take in the future. I've been told that use of biologics like Humira, Remicade, etc. can increase the chances that I'll develop lupus.

The first two - treatable but not "curable."

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