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The lengths to which CH'ers are willing to go.....

Dallas Denny

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Michael's okay. Really. He's been okay for the last couple of weeks. A hit here and there every day or so but mostly okay. Too soon to say whether it's the MJ or the testosterone or a combination of the two. If the PFdom lasts for a couple more weeks we'll stop the MJ and see if it continues. It's really great to see Michael feeling good for a change.


It's like there's an intelligence there. Almost like a mutating virus. Maybe we'll eventually be able to get an annual CH immunization.

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It's really great to see Michael feeling good for a change.

[smiley=thumbsup.gif] [smiley=thumbsup.gif]

MJ has stopped working, the Beast has had his way the last two days. oh well a pretty good pf run for this ol chronic

It must've been good to get a break like that, but dam that is so not cool to have the beast back again. >:( Here's hoping for another mamajuana like beast squasher to come your way ASAP, with even longer lasting results. Hell I'm sure you'd be down for some PERMANENT results, starting many years ago!

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Seeing as how this thread has been silent since April I'm guessing (correct me if I'm wrong) that the Mama Juana isn't working as well as folks hoped.  I had been waiting on getting good alcohol for extractions and ended up kind of forgetting about the whole thing, I never ended up making mine.  Now I'm figuring I should do something with this, might as well try it. 

The question I'm having is that it seems like the instructions are telling me to soak the herbs in wine for 7 days, then dump the wine out.  Am I understanding that right?

If I'm getting this right I think it is saying to dump the first batch, but not the ones after that.

Any info on peoples method for preparing this would be appreciated.


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