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Hi everyone,

Has anyone heard about Dr. Shevel who is head of the headache clinic in South Africa.  Last week there was a report on his treatment.  Sounds very encouraging.  He cuts off blood vessels in the skull and cauterises.  Is anyone familiar with this treatment.  We are thinking of flying to South Africa this week from Australia.  We are seeing lots of healed patients.  Any thoughts?

Urgently awaiting responses, thanks very very much.

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i have had 4 brain surgeries...no more for me...I am done.

and the DBS seems to be helping...

I am still chronic...but have less attacks and less frequent Kip 10s..

If this is true...I hope many find relief...

I just hope its not some quak selling people a supposidly possible fix...

confirming surgeries takes years and many guinea pigs like me....not just a handful of people

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booj / all,

From what I'm seeing there appears to be a campaign to recruit people to get treated by this doctor in Africa.  From my perspective it looks to be about nothing but good old money...

Here's my opinion from what I've read:

1) There are less than a dozen people with CH that have had treatment at that clinic that have been pain free for a few weeks (that clinic ONLY advertises and has documentation mostly just for migraine sufferers, which we all know CH is nothing similar to migraine).  While I'm happy they're "temporarily" pain free, there is NO proof they are cured as the people implanted to this website and others are purporting....  A few weeks is NOT cured.  Prednisone can do the same thing without cutting on a person's face, head or brain...

2) There are several reports of serious issues coming out of the surgeries (cutting muscle, blood vessels and nerves and/or burning them) that have complications.

Compare that to:

3) There are thousands (maybe 10's of thousands) of people that are now taking fungus / shrooms / psylo / LSA or LSD that have either stopped their CH, gotten their lives back, or had significant improvement (or all of the above).

My vote - NO CUTTING on my face, brain or anything.


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Booj, I'm just throwing out ideas here - while you're considering procedures, I'm wondering if you've considered the orders of magnitude less drastic and less risky occipital Facet (emphasis on the FACET) injections that Hipshot/Dan has gained some long lasting relief from?

Here's a thread he had started on the subject (it looks like he gained some temporary relief at that time of his first reports. More recently we've heard of his sustained success with it):


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I tend to apply the 'Rule of Microsoft' whenever a new 'cure' comes out for CH.

In the techie world, the 'Rule of Microsoft' states that you NEVER become an early adopter of a new Microsoft product, upgrade or release. You always wait a minimum of 6 months to a year before you upgrade your system with their software. In that time, many other people will try it, and Microsoft will come out with 100s of patches so that by the end of the year, it actually (almost) works.

In the handful of years I've had CH, I've seen one 'cure' come out after another. An eye doctor even claimed he had specially tinted glasses proven to cure cluster headaches. What a quack.

Let other people be the guinea pig, especially on something so invasive. Wait for the good track record, read all the information you can find on it, then add to your list of considered options.


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