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New here - My Hubby's story


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Thank you Cindy for thinking of us ! You truly are a sweetheart  :)

Yes my hubby is still doing amazingly well he gets 1 to maybe 3 ha's a day but very mild and aborted very quickly with O2 !! Life is great again and we have been keeping ourselve very busy !  :)

And how are you Cindy ? Hope you are still PF and enjoying life !

Hugs to you  :)

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Thanks everyone ! Things continue to improve! He only got very few small ha's in the past 5 days and aborted with 02 within 5min.  :) Oh how I hope his progress continues! First time that he feels so good since he became chronic 1 year and half ago! He quit drinking beer and started working out again :) Amazing!

PFW to all of you my friends!

Hugs  :)

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Hi Dan  :) Yes everything is still going very well ! Still has a couple of night time attacks but aborted very quickly with 02 ! During the day he is mostly PF  :) For now he has them under control.

How are you Dan? I read you had a few attacks the other day :( Did you dose and are PF now? Please tell me you are...

Thank you so much for taking the time to check on us ! You are all so great!

PFW to all !

Hugs  :)

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Hi there. Glad things sound good on your end.

I dosed 3 days ago. Took less this time because I got way out there last month. I just hope I did enough to do the trick. A pretty good hit the day after and headachy yesterday. Today is clear and I think I am good to go.

Gotta be a positive thinker, don't we?

Keep up the good fight.


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Hi All~

Angel it is so nice to read that your hubby has added some life style changes that can only be beneficial!  I loved to have my beers before all of this began (chronic stuff)!  In my past cycles (episodic) I knew that alcohol was a trigger (before internet!!) so I'd table the beer drinking until after I was pain free.  Episodic cycles were 3-5 months, but they would end with 2-9 years pain free after that :)  Chronic sucks!

Dan do you TAKE YOUR MEDICATION regularly now?  I am trying to figure out what is working for others.....my 49 pain free time was wonderful :)  But alas, I'm back to battling and feel all the PTSD test answers "When in Cycle" throughout my soul  :(

hugs and pf wishes 

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