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Nausea and Clusters

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I only got sick one time that I can remember. Lee Ann and I were in our boat and I got a K10. I was crying and making noises and then started calling Earl. Even had people at the lake offering to help. I was stranded big time with absolutely no place to hide. I MUST teach her how to back a trailer!

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I've had one while in a boat before, too.  It was such a desparate feeling!  I was totally unprepared and there's no where to pace!  I scared all the fish away.   

BTW, I can back up a trailer - it just doesn't always end up exactly where I want it to go.  ;)  It takes me about 3 (okay...maybe more like 4 or 5..) tries.

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Dang it! If I wasn't married...

Nowhere to pace should be a visual for everyone. I did jump in; went under water. At least then it wasn't so apparent I'd been crying by the time I could go get the damned trailer :P I did have people looking at me but I wouldn't make eye contact.

At times like that; I look around at EVERYONE having fun and can't help but wonder WTF!!!

If we could find a market for tears...Kinda like Restasis(?) and that cute doctor on TV. We could all be rolling in clams.

If tears were dollars

And dollars were tears

I'd be green as Ben Franklin

And richer than Sears

TaaDaa :D

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Dan, the reason you barfed was because you were using lidocaine drops in your nose.  Those always made you nauseous and especially out in the middle of the lake and in the hot sun.

The boat situation is probably one of the scariest I can remember.  The boat ramp was absolutely packed and there was no way I could back that trailer without hitting something.  Thinking back on it, I should have just asked someone to help, but when you are in a situation like that, you just don't want to be around people who have no idea what the heck is going on.  They might think we are wacko. :-[

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