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Hi all,


I have been for now about 4 years suffering from very intense pain attacks, their symptoms matches perfectly CH;


I have been since a week from now putting that on the account of either tooth aches or migraines that I used to have as a kid, and yearly have been to dentists when the clusters appeared, I have been trying out all kinds of pain killers without any effect beside feeling bad from taking too much of it.


Recently a dentist sent me to a surgeon that asked me a bunch questions and he named dropped "cluster headaches" to me for the 1st time, I then went to get brain/head scan and met with neurologist, it is pretty obvious now that I suffer from CH.

Reading and discussing the options I had made me pretty depressed as the treatments seem quite heavy and or invasive.


So I started to try to 1st put a time frame around my clusters, and thanks to Facebook, I saw those notifications saying "one year ago you did this.." and figured that I am right in the middle of one cluster and this is matching perfectly with the past few years mysterious "tooth aches/insane migraines".


I then read everything I can about strategies to cope with the pain and so on, and discovered the potentially effective use of psylo shrooms.. I was pretty suspicious and half amused. Thing is I live in Iceland, and yearly I do pick some shrooms myself for recreative purpose.. I do not eat them often at all and definitely not regularly. Reading about the shrooms we have here, I realise those are called "liberty caps" and contain very high amount of psylocybin.


I have never had any problem with eating those shrooms but good experience before, so when reading all about CH treatments, I realise that if there is one that is definitely not harmful that might be the shrooms, and well, what the heck, if that does not work that won't give me cold turkey like the crazy amount of pain killers I tried last year!


So, since I am in my cluster period, I just decided to wait for next attack, which happened fairly quick after, always at the same time of the day anyway; As I felt the "shadow" coming I made myself a strong coffee, and took just 3 mushrooms (the liberty caps once dried are very small and this dose is less than a fifth of what I would take for a "trip"), I crunched them, and stick em under my tongue and between gums and lips. Then just had some sips of the coffee and went out and started making heavy breathing exercise.

My point here was to accelerate the effect of the shrooms and as well collect lot of oxygen by breathing our dear fresh and cold icelandic air :) 


I honestly was scared that the pain would increase as I could feel the pain coming in pretty fast, as usual, and well I would feel pretty stupid to be a lil "shroomed out" with a CH attack on top, that sound like hell to me.. BUT, and this is honestly for the 1st time in my life, the attack just got very quickly aborted! It just stopped! Again this never happened to me!


I do not know if this might a placebo effect of some sort, and well, this is the 1st time I try this method. But the abortion of the attack has been very effective this time. And that is quite amazing to me.

The psychedelic effects of such a small amount of mushrooms is very, very small, especially if you compare with some other prescribed drugs side effects.


I will try this again if another attack comes around and report results here.

Meanwhile, I am quite ecstatic about this 1st experience. If it really does work, this is the end of some hellish times.


Please tell me if you guys had any similar experience because this seems almost too good to be true.


All the best to all of you.




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Nikkk, what a great story!!!  How smart of you.

Yes, people use psilo to stop attacks!  You probably also had good effects from the coffee, exercising, and breathing the cold air, too.

Most people also use psilo to end a cycle, by taking it every five days.  Maybe a little more than you took. I hope others will comment more about this.

You could also try the vitamin D3 protocol, which is described here: https://clusterbusters.org/forums/topic/1308-d3-regimen/ This is also a very effective strategy for many people for ending cycles and preventing future attacks.

And you should get a prescription for oxygen, which can you your best friend for stopping individual attacks.  Your doctor should prescribe oxygen, with a regulator that goes up to at least 15 liters per minute and a mask that is called a non-rebreather mask. 

Thank you for writing to us.  You are on the right track.

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Thank you for your reply,

I have read most of the topics about treatments on this site, and I am not so far on a D3 protocol, though I do use fish oil, as it is very common in Iceland due to the lack of daylight in the winter.

I have hard times still to deal with accepting my condition and feel that having a oxygen keg next to my bed is heavy duty medical assistance that I dread somehow. But I will definitely consider all my option following my future experiences. Thank you for the good words and advices btw!


However I have a new update:


Second attack came up,

around 1am, which is typically the time when attacks strikes.

I was in bed, about to go to sleep, and felt the 1st signs of pain coming,

I waited for about 10min to do anything, I kind of wanted to deny it and just fall asleep,

the pain became greater, and could tell this won't let me sleep, 

so instead of rushing towards a combo of pain killers that usually never really helped, I took 4 tiny dried mushrooms,

again sticked them under my tongue and between lips and gums after crushing them.

I then rushed to make a strong coffee, I did really rushed as I could then really feel the pain starting. (If I have to describe the pain level on a scale from 0 to 10, at the moment of making the coffee the pain went up from 1 to 3; and usually from 3 it peaks real quick to a fair 7/8)

As I was sucking on the shrooms, I sipped my coffee and went out in the cold (it is about -10c° here at the moment) and started to breathe in and out very heavily for about 5/7min.

The pain went TOTALLY away! Again!

This is pretty amazing, and well since I had coffee, it is a little hard for me to go to sleep so it has been now about 2 hours that the pain disappeared almost miraculously and I decided to write down this second experience. Hoping this might help some others.

I will update again as soon the next attack strikes and see if this is for real on the long run. But I have to say that I never managed to stop/abort any attack before that 1st experience I described before..And this is now 2 wins in a row!

I again want to underline the fact that this small amount of shroom is barely noticeable in term of psychedelic, fuzzy, funky effect, less than one glass of alcohol for taking a comparison.


That is hopefully all for today :) 



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Thank you again for the update. I'm really happy that it's working for you.

You are not the first person to fear that an oxygen tank would somehow be a depressing or discouraging sight.  I would say that for many people, while they wish they didn't have to have it, the tank can become kind of beautiful because of what it does for you, and knowing it's there can help them handle having CH better because they know that they can treat most attacks before they get out of control.  But you will make that decision as it makes sense for you.


I do recommend that you try the whole D3 regimen. Since D3 is naturally created almost entirely from exposure to sunlight (very few foods have it), we would guess that your vitamin D level is almost certainly very low, at least in the winter.  Bringing the D level up quickly has really helped a lot of people.


Best wishes to you, and thank you for being here.

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Hi Nikkk! Some of us use that method when we are between a rock and a CH. It is sometimes called a SPUT - Small Piece Under Tongue. It can definitely kill a hit when combined with caffeine.


Lately some have been micro-dosing. That is taking a small amount (0.250 to 0.350 gms.) on a regular short term basis to keep CH at bay as opposed to taking three larger doses five days apart to break the cycle. It is great to read that it is working for you! Read on and keep us posted.


I do second CHF's post about D3 regimen. It helps many Cher's a lot without bad side effects. And most consider O2 the best and safest abortive around. Used correctly, it will usually kill a hit in about 10 minutes. I do understand your aversion to a big tank hanging out, but has been my best friend for years! :)


Perhaps next time you could go with the SPUT and cold air without the caffeine? Not positive that it would work, but since a SPUT and O2 work well and the caffeine is keeping you up, you might give it a try.


Keep us posted and welcome.

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Hi Spiny,

thank you for your answer;

I will def. try out the D3 protocol, and I am meeting with a neurologist tomorrow and will talk about my options, especially about O2.

I am as well very curious about his opinions concerning mushrooms..


So far since I used the SPUT/cold air/coffee method, I did not have one attack that hasn't been aborted.

I would though like to try to abort the whole cluster period, instead of having to wait for the next attack and having to act then in a rush.

Also was thinking of trying skipping the coffee, at least for the night time attacks, and was wondering if maybe some fast acting sugar would do instead.

In anyway, I am getting very happy and more positive than ever about this. No pain for many days in a row right in the middle of a cluster period is a very 1st time for me and I can't help myself but smile :)


I am so thankful for the infos I found on this website, it very much feels like my life is taking an amazing turn.


I will keep updating the next experiences hoping this can help others.



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It likely will work without coffee. Many have used a SPUT when out and about without their O2. Adding caffeine speeds up the abort I think. But, if it was keeping me up at night I would try a least one go minus the coffee.


Yes, please keep us updated on your progress. All knowledge is good. and let us know what your Neuro says today. I do bet that your D levels are low.


It is so cool to read of your relief!! Hugs!!

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Update no3


Third attack came up this morning;

I woke up with the pain, which is not uncommon.

The pain was already fairly advanced, and i did just the same than before,

sucking on 3 tiny shrooms, made coffee, took deep breathes outside,

within max 20min time it was totally gone.


I am starting to be quite convinced that this "magic" is for real, and SO HAPPY about it.


I have though a lil concern, I do not feel any side effect at all from such small does of shrooms and feel really really good these days;

But I am wondering, is there any reports about long term effect on body/brain using tiny doses of mushrooms on regular basis?


I try to read as much as I can about it these days, as I am SOooo amazed by the effect this has on my attacks, but it seem really hard to find any scientific datas concerning regular use of mushrooms in micro doses..

Any one has any clue about this?


Thank you, 



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It is pretty well documented that taking M does improve one's mood and outlook. :) A nice side effect!


I have not read on the effect on micro-dosing since it is a new method being tested out by a few people. But, I would suspect that it would produce an improvement in general well-being and outlook.

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Thank you,

the only publication I ve seen so far is this one: http://jop.sagepub.com/content/25/11/1434.full

But it is no about regular use of psilo.

I would still like to see if anyone have been studying physical and psychological sides effect of use of very small doses of shrooms on a regular and long period of time.


I have from my own experience not much fear about treating my CH with them, plus I did not have any pain since I discovered that technique and it is plenty mind-blowing enough to me. The only thing I start to encounter is when I speak about it to people around me, many of them seem to be very unaware of the nature of those shrooms, I never realised that before but quite some people say to me things like "what? are you using drugs everyday now?" "how about addiction?" on a very moralistic tone, as is shrooms were the same things than every other drug like heroin or coke or whatsoever..

As much as I know that there is no addiction with mushrooms and as well I am not dreading anything for myself by micro dosing, I feel there is such a huge lack of understanding and education around this "product". If anyone knows about some more serious publication concerning the use of mushrooms please pass it on, I think people should stop having these very false pre conception around it.

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Update 4

3am an attack starts, comes in pretty strong;

Took 4 mushrooms under my tongue, no coffee this time.

Went out to breathe air.

All pain stopped within 20min

Some nice northern lights were up to celebrate, and that wasn't the shrooms :)



Good night all



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Yes, I am really considering that.

As much as it is amazing to make it stop like this,

it is always kinda scary when it starts, I keep on thinking "ohh what if it does not work this time.."

And about those larger/preventive dose, I was wondering,

I read once every 5 days, 3 times, ca. 1.5g (the concentration of psilocybin in our mushrooms here seem pretty high and consistent so I might think less is ok)

But I try to understand what is this every 5 days thing? why 5 days?

Also since I took micro doses to abort many attacks now, is this still gonna potentially work?

And what about if I take micro doses during these 5 days periods?

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Thank you,

yes the rest of the night was good sleep only.

Though since then I had other attacks, I had 3 during the last 24hrs and one I couldn't stop,

it went real hard and real strong and my psilo under the tongue plus coffee and fresh air did not do it..

I had another one this morning that I managed to stop though.

I am writing down every attack and their strength durations and times.

But I would really like to know more about aborting the whole cluster period;

If someone could explain me how these 5 days period x 3 works?

Is it wrong to take small doses of psilo in between the stronger preventive doses?

Also does anyone know if there is an habituation that would make that I need to always take more to abort an attack or not?

If anyone out there have info please share!



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Nikkk, just a few words about habituation and the five-day wait.  It has been observed that when a dose of MM is taken, it seems to remain in the brain's receptors for some time, blocking the effectiveness of new doses. The five-day wait after a full dose is based on that principle -- the new doses can't get into the blocked receptors until those receptors have been cleared, which takes approximately five days.  This is all rough, theoretical, and anecdotal.  It might be three days, or it might be no days, or you might be able to override the effect by taking more each time.  We go with five days because it has shown itself to be effective.  If the theory is correct, you might reach the point where small daily doses add up to blocking the recptors.


We have urged you to get oxygen, and I'm urging you again.  You can abort attacks without all you're going through, and then you can be more free to try more substantial doses every five days.  Why not get oxygen?  If your dislike of having a tank near your bed somehow outweighs the fact that it will stop your attacks, you can return it.

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