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Propofol (for tooth surgery) - is this any bad ?


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Hi guys,

Think I mentioned that in another post, I have an upcoming tooth surgery. I postponed it as long as possible due to fear any anesthesia can cause an attack (I am PF since months but still feel something is there)

Now I took the advice and told the doctor please man, no epiphenidrine as this can cause an attack. (I don't know if for me but don't want to find out)

Turned out he know what cluster (he mentioned our known triggers so I believe him) is but couldn't comment much on the epi part. He suggested having an anesthesia assistant coming in and go the propofol route. (That's the "Michael Jackson" drug , didn't know that...)

Anyways - has anyone experience with that ? I have seen it mentioned in some posts but not in the context of tooth surgery.. Any risks provoking CH ?

Thanks all, sweating blood and tears for the upcoming surgery :(

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I much prefer ketamine for anesthesia. It sometimes will even stop a cycle and is shown to HELP headaches and treat them.... Including CH. There's paperwork on it. Infusions are done on it. So your anesthesiologist might consider trying it instead!


It's used as an anesthesia, sometimes mixed with propofol, and other things, so that might help?

Just an idea!

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