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I'm so excited I have to tell someone


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Ok,  I'm so excited I have to tell someone about this....

A company spammed the message board yesterday.  I sorta got ticked off as It wasn't your regular viagra, trojan virus etc type of garbage.  This looked like a legitimate company embarking on a very deceitful tactic of spamming message boards.  Sooooooo..  I decided to play with them..  

They had (yea had, as in past tense) an interactive help desk chat on their website.  I got on their chat (a LOT of times) and just harassed them with garbage, and telling them to stop spamming message boards, but was a general pain in the A$$ off and on for a few hours..  I also started spamming their online email with requests to...  Yep you guessed it, to stop spamming message boards...  I was considering writing a macro that would spam them night and day (just to give them a taste of their own medicine.  

This morning I thought I'd go out and ping them another message...  Guess what..  They have their email and web chat turned off now.. ha ha.....  They might have blocked my IP, but I sorta doubt it, as their website is NOT very secure, says they don't know much about web stuff. :) 

These are the guys if you're interested:


Funny, that I feel so good about giving them some of their own medicine back... :)


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I do the same with telemarketers, it is fun and oddly satisfying! Good for you...


Just for fun, I did a live chat with them. Seemed to confuse the crap out of them. They wanted my email address so they could stop sending me emails! 


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