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The future of BOL and Entheogen Corp.

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I am grateful for my success with mushrooms but I am not content with the fact that I ( we ) have to trip for the rest of our lives. It beats the hell out of the alternative but I think we can do better.

I think we can do better as well.

I wonder who has the patent on spores?

I dont need ethnogen or any other company. It's those companyies, companies like them, and our government that has me in the the closet with shrooms. Thanks all. I will put up with tripping, the price fits my pocketbook as I dont have 300 or 3000 for any treatement.

Even when they find a way to work every penny of profit from it and present it for use I would expect the same as it was for imitrex until the patent expired.....way expensive.

Yes I will wait until you have the market cornered, then I will crawl out of my closet to line your pockets and pay you whatever you want because I cant stand the pain or side effects of treatment.

Not. I am happy with what I have, episodic CH that I can manage both financially and painfully. If they throw me in jail they can pay for imitrex,DHE,MRI,hospitization,steroids,morphine,and on and on.

the bb

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But the good part is tingling and I are in the same cell

Wait,that's not a nightmare.??? ;D ;D

"They"  ;)surely wouldn't care, maybe all the moanin and snot flinging would make all the rest on the block, bitch for "them" ;) to kill me, I would be down with that of course ;D

I do wonder if the ACLU would pick up the appeal and inhumane treatment litigation?? 8-) Certianly there are medical issues..the other inmates would have to hear the noise of my melon on the wall. :(

We think their law is unjust and inhumane, we also think in the right court situation the jury would agree. My wife and I  dream of a trial where we win, and treament with schedule one drugs becomes legal for those with proof of a qualifying medical condition. :o I also pray alot for prudence and reason to prevail. That would require BOL be fasttracked for treatment whatever the cost to whomever for the good of the patient,not the patent. ::) Of course it is possible that is happening and we do not have that information available. I can pray!!! If it's out there hurry up.

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In a recent post Ron voiced frustration at the not knowing any info on where Bol-148 and Entheogen is presently at, saying "Doesn't anyone know Halpern?!?"   I don't know him, but after looking into him and finding he was a fellow Massachusettsian (Yes, I love making new words up, and I'm not sure how Halpern feels about the popular Masshole term that many of us have adopted :) ) So I looked him up, found a current email and wrote to him.  Suprisingly, it got through to him and he already wrote back...(I sent out the first message less than 24 hours ago)  The important info for anybody out there with loot--

  If you know of any potential major investors - ah, geez, let us know!

No surprise, we're pretty much waiting on money.  Anyone that knows of any investors should steer them this way.  I find it hard to believe that people won't be making their money back on this one.

Dr. Halpern seems like a really great guy who expressed appreciation for all that WE do, and I heavily expressed how much we appreciate all he has done for us....

Baby steps, but it's getting there


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Thank you, Sir! At least we know he's out there somewhere, ya know, doin' stuff. Wish I had a few billionaires in my back pocket. As far as I can tell, they're only making one drug, though. Wtf do they need all these 'major investors' for? What ever happened to starting a business 'on a shoestring?' Jerry?

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What ever happened to starting a business 'on a shoestring?' Jerry? 

Thanks for taking the initiative here, Ricardo! (And I agree, Dr_J seems like a good guy who really cares about people with CH.)

[Modified in keeping with subsequent posts.]

At least someone is likely to be financially committed to bringing BOL to market, and maybe that's the best we can hope for, which is not nothing--it's far from nothing. 

As for starting it on a shoestring, Ron . . . My friend's company, which currently is working to bring one anti-depressant drug to market, had to raise $18 million just for Phase II clinical trials.  (The average per patient cost for a Phase II clinical trial in the US in 2011, I have read, was about $36,000.)  Next for my friend's company, if the Phase II trials seem to show that the drug works, is another phase (IIb or IIIa, I'm not sure which), which will cost millions more.  http://www.naurex.com/media/Naurex_Series_A_financing.pdf

Then, think of yourself trying to get an LSD-based drug like BOL through FDA approval, and then making sure you have a market by educating doctors so that when they see -- and recognize! -- a CH patient, they know there's a drug out there for them.  My gosh, look at how many docs don't even know enough to prescribe oxygen, if they even know enough to diagnose CH!  (And of course there's all the cost of creating a manufacturing facility, giving the VCs a huge return for their risk, etc.)

We've discussed all this before.  BOL's "Phase I" clinical trial was small and open-label (nobody got a placebo, if I'm remembering correctly).  Didn't Goadsby even suggest that since it hadn't ruled out placebo effect, it was not fully convincing to him?  What if (from the perspective of potential investors) it doesn't turn out to show compelling effects against placebo in serious trials?  That's a lot of money down the drain, and a drug you can't sell.  Or what if, as Flash suggests in another thread, it causes unacceptable side effects when used long-term.  We have no reason to expect any of that, but if you have lots of places to invest, the risk is not inconsiderable.

Etc. etc.

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I have to apologize for missing the post where asked if anyone knew Dr. Halpern.

Sorry.  No excuse, I just didn't see it.

Yes, I do know JH.  He's spoken at our conferences, he give freely of his time to Clusterbusters and to people with CH.  He answers emails, basically he gives a damn.   

If BOL were available I know one of his first posts would be on this message board.

I also can call him a friend, he's helped me through a couple of difficult situations.  (thanks John).   For that reason I try to stay out of threads on BOL.   

He does read these boards when he can and I try and let him know of anything that I think is relevant (like this post).   No excuses, he's busy and can't answer everything but I know he tries his best.

I'm not surprised he got back to anyone quickly. 

That's typical for him  :-)


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Thanks, Jerry. It just really pisses me off that it costs so many millions of dollars and so much time to get this drug into the hands of those who need it so badly.

Wonder whatever happened with Dr. Tanaka's experiment.

I wonder about that too. Maybe he had enough of his own resources to have enough made to cure his own CH and then took a hike. Didn't seem like that kind of fellow though, at least not to me. Who knows. So, why can't we get a hold of some offshore chemist or whoever to make a bunch of the stuff for us? What he was trying to do made sense to me. My kid can't wait 5-10 years for some VC to drain his millions out of investing in BOL before he releases it to the public. There's no question at all in my mind that Michael will be dead within two years unless we come up with something to release him from this horror.

Sorry. I'm really phucking angry!


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Hi CB'rs - so, thanks for all the support and eager interest in BOL-148.

We just got some further great press on the local ABC News  - Channel 5 in Boston:

"LSD Pill May Help Relieve 'Suicide Headaches'"


I know the wait is from any patient's perspective - unacceptable. Lives are hanging in the balance for medications that work as we believe BOL-148 appears to. Heck, this is why Clusterbusters was needed to begin with.

Still, it is necessary to go through the legal, proper development procedures as set forth by FDA and its European Union counterpart. We are striving to do all we can to make this go as fast as we can.

Yes, that does mean we need to raise money still. But take heart that we are making progress, too. If the "worst-case" scenario is a venture-capital deal - I will still be so completely grateful that we found a real way forward. Right now, we do have some options and this is getting worked through. What Ricardo posted above- well, it would be wonderful if we could do all the heavy financial lifting on our own independent of VC - but VCs exist because they do serve an important function: VCs are willing to commit serious $$ to an industry - biotech - that have all sorts of risks associated with any such drug development investment.

In short, I remain very positive for this year and excited for what should get done in 2012. When we all meet later this year in Las Vegas for the Annual Meeting of CB - I hope everyone will agree that we are seeing the walk get walked and some real development milestones clearly getting mapped out and moving forward. The "right" deal here is whatever gets BOL-148 legally available as a medicine in the absolute shortest amount of time - so if it is WITH VC - then please so be-it and I'll even say some nice prayers of gratitude for all of them involved.

One final (small but important) request, I think it is just simple politeness that direct email correspondence shouldn't get in-part or in-full re-posted to a forum that is open to the public without prior consent. It's completely understandable to want more information but y'all just need to ask. I'm trying to do whatever I can and won't ever stop.


Dr. J

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One final (small but important) request, I think it is just simple politeness that direct email correspondence shouldn't get in-part or in-full re-posted to a forum that is open to the public without prior consent.

D'oh!  I am a complete ass!  I should have mentioned in my email that I was trying specifically to get info to post on our CB page...And I understand completely why you would want these correspondences private.  I think I just got too excited at that fact that you even wrote back and jumped the gun before thinking.  I'm going to edit the post so it says a bit less specific info.  Major, major apologies, I won't be so dumb in the future...


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I wonder how much cheaper it would be for research, and where the process would start for rescheduling these substances as having medicinal value. Certainly this would speed up the process and enable DR. J and his colleges to proceed with less expense? The public stigma attached I believe would be insurmountable. IMHO.

Still praying

the bb ;)

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