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Screwed on Purchase of RC Seeds


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My CH husband purchased 1000 seeds and only received 400.

No returned calls or emails

not from iamsham - but the other place -

be careful - we just got screwed outta several hundred dollars!!

very good to help him sleep - crush a few before bed and within 30 minutes - gets a good 4-6 straight hours of sleep.

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Hi there Mrs Robinson.

Haven't seen you on the board in a while. Lee Ann and I were talking about you not too long ago...wondering about you guys.

Sorry you got a screwin. Some people have no conscience .

What goes around comes around.

Take care. I hope your husband is doing better.


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I've always gotten more seeds than I ordered.  When I order 100 seeds for that 12.99 @ Iamshaman, I usually get 500.

Same deal with Psychoactiveherbs.com

1000 seeds should only be around $100 if you order from either sites. 

What site was it so we know to watch out.

Yes, after dosing with seeds, you'll sleep like a baby, but don't be surprised to get hit the next day.  It's the days following I usually get some results.  Not PF, but less severity and number of daily CH.

BTW, depending on where you live, try growing them yourself next spring and you'll have a supply come next fall.

I wish the best for your hubby!

Wishing him PF time.


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