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music, but maybe just happiness

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so i bought a new sound card for my computer, and installed it today.  I have been listening to the dark side of the moon for about 20-30 minutes now, and the sounds that the card paired with the headphones are mind-blowing.  seriously, i havent done drugs or drank anything for months now and im sitting in my chair, playing with all the sound settings, and at times is sink back in my chair in a state i can only describe as pure euphoric bliss.  just the best feeling ever.

i havent gotten hit in a month or so, but im getting hit now with a kip 3 or 4.  I am playing this music LOUDLY, but not enough to break them, of course.  the body shivers i get from the sounds being made are better than most drugs ive taken, and im wondering if my body is reacting similar to when it ingests drugs/alch because of the happiness i feel.

lol im bummed that this experience is being robbed of me by CH.  damnit.

its really mild compared to the real headaches ive gotten in the past, i cant complain when i think of what some of you go through, but it still gets to me.

oh the sound setup i have are a pair of razer barracuda HP-1 headphones with the razer barracuda AC-1 sound card.

probably a $160 package if you know where to look :)

just wanted to share my happiness as well as my grief!

pfw to all, <3

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Hey Napa,

I was also at the San Jose concert and you're right, the songs are still lingering between the ears.  It was even better (if possible) than the original "Wall Tour" in 1980 in Los Angeles.

I started to feel a CH coming on just prior to the beginning of the show.  My wife began to cry as she knew what was hapening to me.  I'm a huge Floyd fan and have have the tickets for about 5 months.  This was supposed to be a very special night.  She got me a large bottle of cold water, which I chugged very quickly.  Also took 4 Extra strength aspirin and hyperventalated for about 5 minutes.

As soon as the music started, the pain left me and I thankfully enjoyed the rest of the performance.  Is Roger Waters the cure?  Probably not, but will certainly try some Pink Floyd on headphones the next time the beast hits.

We will all try anything imaginable to give us relief from CH. 

Whatever works ..... rock on!!

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Try this sometime: Before the next time you dose, study a translation of Mozart's Requiem so that you understand what the Latin means when it is sung. Then get a good recording of it and listen to it.

Freaked the shit out of me.

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