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  2. Skepticism...... I have been skeptical of almost everything known to treat CH because I have tried them. But we can't give up. To me, the most difficult part of determining efficacy for any treatment is the fact that it just stops working after a while. Verapamil worked for me for about 2 years, I had to keep upping the dosage to get results, and then it just stopped working period. I used MM for 4 to 5 years successfully and then it just stopped working. I started the d3 regimen and have been 'loading' for 15 days now. I am also using Quercetin @ 3,000mg a day because I have allergies.
  3. I'm pretty convinced this applies to me. The more I'm working out my brain either with stress or taxing work, the less likely it seems I am to have attacks. In fact I think my cycle started in January partly due to me having wound down over the Xmas break after an intense amount of hard work prior to the holiday period.
  4. You have a lot of parallel processes going on at the same time. You will often get some bad slapbacks with mm. That seems a common theme when used during cycle. Your description would suggest the D3 is actually tempering them. Baseline life stress may actually lessen attacks if your adrenaline levels are elevated. It’s different for everyone. the advice to be on a disciplined dose regimen is good.
  5. I would not suspect the D# Regimen was upset by a slapback. While it might not kill this cycle, the regimen will make hits ligher, easier, and slower to ramp up. It could very possibly prevent the next cycle though if your D3 levels are in the upper range needed. ATB!
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  7. Well, i forget to mention some points yesterday and there were spelling mistakes. Anyhow, Bejeeber mentioned testosterone spray. I can relate to it as i am experiencing loss of libido since past 2 months, it can be that Panic Attack strikes more to those people who are less sufficient in testosterone. Now i am trying to find testosterone supplements, any guess in this regard? But on net there are also cautions that testo supplements can cause Panic Attacks! Also, yesterday i forget to mention Ginkgo Biloba extract (tablets) it is a nice thing i have a good experience with it. Once when my
  8. Yea I am busting every 4-5 days (schedule is making every 5 days difficult). It's not so much I thought the D3 made them worst I was just wondering if the relief I was getting from the D3 was undone by the slap back from busting, but it is probably an answer that I will never know.
  9. I’d say this - sometimes attacks are going to come, and you’re not going to be able to rationalize it, to pinpoint some reason for it. Why do we have CH in general? I don’t know. Why did that particular attack occur? I don’t know. You should probably do the busting regimen (dose every five days) until you’re pain free. Otherwise, it’s a lot of guess work. I’ve never heard of D3 regimen making attacks worse or anything like that at all. Good luck to you! Hope you get lots and lots of relief very soon.
  10. So I have a strange question, we can only make guesses about our own headaches vs one another. So I have started the vitamin D3 regimen mostly, I am missing a couple vitamins. When this cycle started the first headache I had I used some MM, overall the headache was mild and I dont remember if it stopped before the MM kicked in. After that day, for the next two weeks, all my headaches were mild, I was able to drive and focus in class, no one even knew anything was wrong. This past Monday I had a 6/10 I was on the floor, I was very upset I was thinking maybe the vitamin D3 had been keeping them
  11. That makes perfect sense, I have been selfishly inactive over the last 4 years while I have been in remission. Do we have more user information on emgality, it didnt seem that convincing to me.
  12. Many cannot participate due to age as well. Thanks for jumping in there again Fun Times!!!!
  13. Struggling with your humanity and existence with the burden of cluster headaches challenges even the most stable of souls. Add the element of a panic attack, which can feel like the arrival of death itself, and life's burden can be overwhelming. Every human is defined by their underlying physiology, spirituality, history and aspirations, Its what makes us unique and why treatment is rarely a one size fits all problem. Certainly on a basic level cause and effect can be directly related but because we inherit slightly different metabolisms, slightly different anatomy, vastly different toxin/
  14. This is my second trip up for this study. I would think the travel expenses are what would be holding back the enrolment. Also most of us that already use MM for our own treatment have nothing to gain from this other then stopping home treatments, getting back to baseline hell then crossing your fingers on what you get from the study. I like to torture myself from time to time so I figured why not try this again. No other vacations planned with this pandemic so sitting in a hotel room for 2 weeks cant be that bad. Give me new walls to stare at. In all reality I do sign up for studies wh
  15. Not so easy to do. Not sure anyone's video would replace the National Geo Dan segment. Any clusterhead can relate to that. There was the documentary guy several years ago looking to film an attack but I'm not sure they ever got legs. Selfie stick in one hand O2 mask the other
  16. I am working with a doctor from Johns Hopkins on a TV show regarding pain. He is looking for someone that is currently in cycle and possibly willing to be filmed during an attack. It would be a brief clip and details on how to get it filmed can be discussed. It could most likely be done on your phone. If anyone is interested, please send an email to me at info@clusterbusters.org and I can share more details. Bob Wold
  17. Hi CH companions! i wanted to reply earlier but thought it would be much better to present a sold view, because my mental health presented different mood levels during this time, so now i am, as i feel, in a better position to tell my story. Try to tell my ordeal in some detail, maybe someone get a gain from it: -Left benzo on 16 December (took it from 15 November) -Left taking Quetiapine 25 mg, on 13 January, just taking 18 of it in total (left it in taper process) -Left Paxil on 22 January, was taking it from 15 November -Started taking magnesium oxide 500 mg tabs
  18. As I always say when a question like this comes up, this isn't the best place to get a good answer to that question, because people who have permanently stopped their cycles are not the users here. There are some good answers in the previous replies about the possibility of pretty-much permanent relief if a preventive busting cycle is maintained, and there might be lots of examples among people who came here and didn't come back of even better successes. There are similar stories of seemingly potentially permanent results from the D3 regimen. And, considering all the hype among informed peo
  19. I will have to remember that.. in the past I didn't even consider busting, but this cycle that (I think is just winding down) was a real test on sanity. The panic attacks I used to get pretty much kept me from even looking into it, but if I have a life preserver (and I do have Xanax for when I do run into anxiety), it would make it way less stressful.. so between now and my next cycle I think I may start "educating" myself in case I decide to take the plunge! Thanks Bejeeber!
  20. Has it stopped your hits???? I'm thinking that it must have or you would not still be taking it. It is hard on your guts unfortunately.
  21. Hi Rush. Concerned about panic attacks during a bust? I think everyone here knows exactly what rant I'm about embark upon once again - I'll try to keep it semi-condensed this time: Valium (or Xanax) can prevent those, and it isn't known to mess with the therapeutic aspects of the busting substance. Personally I think of it as insurance against a bad trip, and never leave home bust without it. OK I did try San Pedro Cactus powder for one bust and felt zero anxiety that time, so I skipped the benzo, but for vitamin M or vitamin L I find good old fashioned valium to be the shiznit (many othe
  22. You didn't whether the indomethacin is working. If it is, are you confident that you're taking the right dose (could be reduced if it's a higher dose than necessary)? Are you taking it along with something to protect your gut? There are some treatments aside from indomethacin that sometimes help, but not as reliably. I believe that Batch (xxx) has suggested that the Vitamin D regimen can help with some hemicrania conditions. The literature suggests Celebrex, along with many treatments that are used for CH -- verapamil, Topamax, lithium, gabapentin. There's at least one study in which v
  23. I have a recent changed diagnosis from CH to HC by neuro. I have been prescribed Indomethacin, but find the side effects horrendous, anyone who can help out there?
  24. Kluster, Couldn't tell you how many times I've done that. I regularly put my doses off till my beast comes back. Then it's always harder to get it back under control. I'm a huge proponent of preventative dosing. I went the majority of 5 years w/o getting hit as long as I kept to my dosing schedule. When I would get lazy, it always came back. J
  25. I just made it 4 years until this cycle, but I have only dosed about twice-four times a year. I got lazy/busy and probably havent dosed since july....
  26. I have thought a lot about busting, but it's been so long since I have had a full blown panic attack I am to paranoid to try ... ( have often wondered if my little trips in the seventies caused these damn CH's in the first place lol :].. I can just see me having a panic attack "while" I am having a CH ! .. makes you wonder how much a person can take arghhh.. Wish you luck with it, sounds like on the downside Take Care!!
  27. Hi Rush! I ended up going the busting route to try and end this never/ending cycle! I’m using RC Seeds (you can see a very very detailed log im doing in the “share your busting” forum). I’m pretty sure this cycle has been busted, or is at least 98% of the way there! I actually just ate a giant bowl of cereal LOL. I decided tonight “I am so damn sick of this keto diet! I am going to eat a bunch of carbs and see if I get an attack!” Since I feel pretty confident the cycle is done/busted, I thought I’d try ending the keto diet. Hopefully I stay pain free! And yes, your cycle s
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