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    All, Thought I'd post pics of an O2 tank rack I've installed on my boat. I always bring O2 out with me when going offshore. The tanks have always been a pain in the A, due to rolling around, getting in the way, or having to be constantly moved, due to divers getting gear / putting up gear etc. SOLUTION!!! I found that the 4" PVC couplers Lowes / Home Depot, ACE Hardware etc sell fit the O2 'E' tank PERFECTLY.. :0 In the pic below I've fabricated a 2 tank rack with the tanks horizontal on a bulkhead. The bottom of the tank racks use a 4" PVC end cap. The other end is a 4" PVC coupling with the small ridge inside the coupling filed away. All the screws are #10, 100 degree angled head stainless screws counter sunk. The couplers are attached together with #10, 1/2 inch 100 degree head, stainless screws also counter sunk with a pilot hole. You'll have to countersink the screws due to the screwheads blocking the tank from sliding in. This is the second time I installed this mount. The first time I only used screws on the bulkhead and it tore out the first time out due to the boat hitting waves. This permutation, I've also attached the rack to the top and to each other. It's significantly stronger this go around. This type of rack could be installed about anywhere we need to keep our 'E' tanks handy, but out of the way (closet, behind a sofa in the living room etc.). The couplers could easily be used vertically on the wall etc. The 'E' tanks fit perfectly inside the PVC with no additional clearance to move around. I have one of those metal rolling tank racks that just stays in the closet as it easily falls over, is cumbersome and makes the room look like a hospital... PFW to All, J
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    I have tried the same on some iPhones of friends of mine and the download of the app doesn't work indeed. Tomorrow ill try to contact my programmer and see if we can give an other way to download the app. anyway. I was thinking something else: Everybody need to keep in mind that this is just the first version. Meaning it has limited options. Meaning that a backup of the registrations is not yet arranged.
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    hello all,my storey is 2 yrs ago i started getting a pain in my right eye and the side of my face after drinking alcohol and only when i had a drink this would happen didnt know what was happening to me went to docs and he said i had a sinus infection and put me on antiboitics which didnt help.then i started getting the pain more and more with out drinking alcohol i was getting 3 attacks a day all at the same time,so went to docs again who booked me in for mri scan and to see a neurology team,where i was told i had cluster head aches.i am allso a recovering addict and was on methodone for this and allso was on anti depressents citalipan i was told that these head aches was maybe caused by long term methodone use and maybe its a good idea to get off the methodone,i was perscribed verpmil 80 mg twice a day and sumartripan in jections,the verpmil seemed to clear them for about 2 weeks then i was back to having 3 a day again so i started using sumartipan injections what used to work but the pain used get worse,i would take the injection and have 15 mins of screaming pain and the pain would suddenly stop,but i would have a horrible migran after a hr of having the injection and because you can only have 2 injections in 24 hrs i was having to ride 1 of my clusters allso the injections gave me horrible side affects after a year of having these attacks and using the sumartripan injections and having these clusters everyday and allso trying to detox on the methodone,i was in despair and became very depressed i ended up using drugs again relasping but the herion didnt seem to help after a while,so i got back on methodne and the clusters got worse i was having 6 attacks a day,i wanted to end my days on this planet i was on the floor with these attacks started in my right eye and then it was like someone was hitting with a hammer on my head i was in tears with these,this went on for a 18 months i had 3 five day breaks in 18 months they had got worse and worse.anyway a friend of mine was looking on the internet and sent me a link about using majic mushrooms for clusterhead aches,thats where i found clusterbusters and found the info on the majic mushrooms,i have used lsd and majic mushrooms before when i was younger so new a bit about them and where to find them,so in october i found a feild full of them and picked a load i was still on a low dose of methodone and was still using ssi antidepressants and new that these drugs didnt play well together so i kept the mushrooms untill i detoxed,this took me up to april 2016 i had come off the ssi and was on a very low dose of methdone but i was still gettin attacks everyday and went back to the neurology team where they put me on steriods and gave me oxygen the oxygen used to work a bit but not well,but the steriods seemed to work for 3 weeks the head became less and not as painfull,so in this time i decided to come off the methodone and stop using the sumartripan,so i could use the mm and try the busting,after 3 weeks of total detox i noticed the head aches where not as bad and the oxygen seemed to work better the headaches seemed to ease,so i decided to take the first dose of mushrooms which was six weeks ago i took 1.5 grams for which i did trip i think the mushrooms in england are stronger than in the states because i was off me head,but i noticed a tingling feeling where my clusters were while on mm,the next few days after they head aches had eased and were not as painfull,so 5 days later i took another dose of half a gram which i didnt trip and after that dose they eased even more,then in five days again i took another dose and they are much much better i havent had to use the oxygen as i just every now and then i get a slight pain in the right eye but it go,s,some times i get a slight head ache but it is handleble allso ive noticed my depression has eased from when i took mushrooms,i am now totally clean from all drugs for the first time in 20 yrs and cluster free.all those migrane drugs they had me on i think made them worse.i just want to say thank you to this site you have saved my life.thanks bob.it wasnt the docs that helped me it was clusterbusters.