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  1. yes , they used a fluoroscope. its essential for getting the right spot. i had very little over flow during mine and i was also told to stay laying down for about 10 mins so the surrounding tissue would absorb the majority of the fluid. i was told that there is also bone in there that encases the nerve and laying down would provide the best opportunity for it to be absorbed. i was told dont move a couple times after the goop was applied the people, facility and procedure shown in the video is exactly where i went and what was done i would agree that sitting up would nearly render the procedure useless, and not being in the right spot would further the chances of being unsuccessful. theres like two palates or 'flaps' in the nose, and that applicator is designed to get up and around the top flap that hides the channel to the SPG nerve. they also did both sides of the nose eventhough the pain is only on the right side for me, reasoning was that they said there can be 'cross firing' of the nerves. how? idk
  2. gentlemen thanks for your interest and replies, now if we all go by what others say, especially when things dont work, well we would have all tried nothing. yes i understand busting works for some, in most cases i suspect episodics cycles ending natural in most cases. it helps me dont forget ... but it doesnt stick... we all know what works for one may not work for another. everytreatment, medication or procedure doesnt work for at least one person. we all know things may work the first few times and not work the next few times. my advice is collect all the tools that work, and that help. build that tool box, always have something marked as plan B. this procedure is nothing more than another tool for the box. maybe try the spg, with the peripheral and occipital nerve blocks, come home and dose and curl up on the couch with your favorite mask and o2 tank while having rows of energy drinks lined up like civil war soldiers in your fridge i dont know about everyone else but tripping has gotten old and tiresome, ive grown to hate it, sure it stops my ha's for 6-18 hrs but i cant even enjoy that time cuz im flying through hyper space. and once i deploy the parachute and return to this hell we call earth, its like i never left. wouldnt be so bad if the effects of hallucinating could be removed. and for that to happen we are all sitting around doing the same thing over and over waiting for the government to come help us. lol dont get me wrong bol is probably the final answer, but man it seems an awful long ways away when ya cant take a shower, go to sleep, and even wake up without getting hit. one needs to try something, i had the choice of nerve blocks, coma, or go to mexico for ketamine infusions. mexico is a no cuz soon there will be a wall personally with my situation, and basically being turned into a profit for ins companies and big pharma, who wish not to help pay for oxygen. i have decided to keep getting nerve blocks, as many as i can as often as i can. they arent cheap, and they dont stop the headaches for long. so instead of giving me my oxygen for a nice low price, they can pay big bucks over and over again. the way i see it it cant be that much for some lidocaine and a rubber tube. but the office visit, trained professional, and equipment use is where the cost is. theres no profit for the drug companies, infact they are losing money when you replace the BS meds with other means. maybe thats the way to go, hit their pocket and make the headache industry not an industry. where then there is no money to be made and to actualy help the sufferers bol becomes the most logical because the profits there would be larger than the meds that no one is taking. a twisted way to think, but i still hold a grudge. so if i can better my quality of life a little bit and at the same time stick it up the backside of those who i feel wronged me. im all in but at the end of the day, try it... like you guys said it may be the gap filler where busting cant cover for some
  3. hello everyone, new faces and old friends. some of you remember me having a difficult case of chronic clusters, effects from medications that destroyed my body and life, no success from busting and basically waiting for BOL. Well no need to wait, and for me no need for it at all. There is a new proceedure, well its actually an old prceedure that has been modified. Its not a cure and my need to be done 1/week or 1/month. who knows everyone is different. But before you go drilling holes in your head, or eating large amounts of mushrooms consider taking a look at this http://www.headachecontrolclinic.com/newapproach.html http://www.sphenocath.com/ this video is of the doctor who does my treatment and where i go now before you rambo internet badasses who know everything start flaming me for a BS cure or trying to sell something. no thats not what i am here to do. if youve been down the road that ive been down, with collapsed hip joints from steroids, near death experiences in hospitals from imitrex and verampamil, losing jobs, health insurance, and being forced to drop out of school cause you have clusters will know i dont bring BS. chronic clusters for 7 years, all day every day 3-5 a day with nothing but a bottle of oxygen that i pay out of pocket for. yea thats my life... well it was this treatment is immediate, and can be done over and over there is no side effect, other that the liquid smells like a wet dog and it tastes awful. it doesnt hurt it feels like snorting a bunch of water. its covered by ins and medicare so if youre tired of breaking the law and tripping balls with little to no success, carrying imitrex like ID and using oxygen like you live on the moon please look into this, whether its migraines or clusters it will help. how much it will help? that depends on the severity of your case. also with this you can throw in the occpiital and peripheral nerve blocks as well. for me those two procedures were partially effective. a combination of all 3 might be a silver bullet for you if you have ?'s dont hesitate to ask, i am following the thread and will respond as quickly as I can AO/1eye aka Brian PS hi BobB & Dan and of course Phil where ever you may be
  4. the only link i seen discussed is an addictive personality between the two. tobacco free for 2.5 years now and currently in the worst bout since i stopped taking all meds four years ago nicotine may play a role in histamine release, histamine is what wakes u up in the morning also. too many questions, too much pain
  5. Ricardo, i have been looking at stomach issues and these headaches recently, i tend to have a super high metabolism, and during attacks i get terrible gas and stomach pains when they end. also i noticed eating too much sets them off and not eating enough does the same. I wonder if digestive enzymes may play a role in breaking down food to get to the amino acids like l tryptophan, the precursor to melatonin/serotonin which in theory plays a role in the attacks. Also when you cannot properly digest food, the body sees it as invaders and attacks it, raising white blood cell count, in return lowering red blood cell count. red blood cells carry oxygen.... Then again hypothalamus may have something to do with all that as well.
  6. There are also peripheral nerve blocks, and occiptial nerve blocks. The main goody in those nerve blocks is a steroid, thats what usually does the trick. In my case since i cant take steroids ne more from over uses and two collapsed hip joints, i have gotten all of the above with just lidocaine. Usually its lidocaine and a steroid mix in the injections. Just lidocaine does not work much if at all, any thing with a steroid was a silver bullet in the past. But even with the nerve blocks all the time you run a risk of pitting of the skin, and hematoma. While being administered just lidocaine every two weeks for 2 months in about a dozen spots on my face and head, the more i got it done the less effective it was. i had maybe two days PF the first time after that it was nothing more than a few hours. As far as the nerve bundle you mentioned, there are a few different applications, one is an injection through the roof of the mouth into the nasal cavaity, usualy is done with a scope to avoid hitting blood vessels. Also there is to be a new device to administer lidocaine and nerve block solutions in the nasal cavity, my doctor said i was approved but still hasnt received the device ( been 5 months... :) and even just a nasal spray bottle with lidocaine and saline mix, which doesnt do anything but irritate the nasal cavity more. IME its always been a steroid that kills the beast, no matter which nerve bundle is being stabbed. These procedures likely wont be a one shot deal, and will likely have to be combined with other treatments, whether busting, meds and or the other little tricks we have all found through our battles.
  7. Indeed, lots of strep throat, sinus infections, even tonsillitis too.
  8. The only instance I see it being a gateway drug is that users are forced to go on the street looking for it and coming across other things in their path. If your guy doesn't have Cannabis (marijuana is slang, and is actually the name of a wild mexican tobacco) that you want but has something else, and you need to be the cool kid at the party this weekend... well there you go. Its a good thing... well for a certain group of people. It's good for the dealer, and if you know any thing about Rick Ross (not the fat rapper guy). You will see its pretty good for the CIA too, and of course the prison industrial complex.
  9. Yea thanks captain obvious, gee why didnt I think of that? I have two collapsed hip joints and can barely walk... ill just stand by my tank for an hour at a time. thanks for your help!
  10. So most of you know everything i have done over the last 4 years including busting has been unsuccessful for the most part. I have finally got a break. I received nerve blocks all over my face, non steroidal. Besides a numb lip and face for a day, and a massive hematoma on the inside of my lip, my head doesnt hurt. I have had one bad break through attack a few hours after the injections, and the attacks are getting less and less each time they come. The nerve blocks are focused on the Trigeminal branches and the occipital nerve. Here is where i was injected and the procedure used. This procedure, does not hurt, as much as it looks painful it is not. This procedure has the possibility of being effective for up to 1 to 12 weeks, Everyone is different of course. This also can be used by pregnant women, so as far as side effects, they are next to none. It can also be done as many times as you wish. It may not totally stop the attacks but it has great possibility of reducing the pain. This was done within 2 minutes in my doc's office. Its only been 24 hours but my pain and attacks has been cut dramatically. So for those that cant catch a break, and nothing works, try it. The only thing u have to lose is your pain. AO / 1i Andrew_Blumenfeld_and_Matthew_Robbins_-_Peripheral_Nerve_Blocks.pdf
  11. Reason TV Psychedelic Science: Magic Mushrooms a short vid discussing how psilocybin affects a part of the brain responsible for depression
  12. "Sodium oxybate is also known as GHB, a known street drug of abuse. Because of the potential for abuse and the serious side effects that may occur, sodium oxybate is available only from a certified pharmacy under a special program called Xyrem Success Program. Your doctor must be registered in the program in order to prescribe sodium oxybate for you." http://www.drugs.com/mtm/sodium-oxybate.html
  13. thanks for the links guys, after my appeal hopefully i can get my benefits back and pick up a demand valve. i prefer the demand valve so i dont waste anything if im not breathin heavy enough, and of course falling asleep with the o2 on wont be an issue hate them night time hits i have also been constructing a letter, which i want to send to medicare and those in charge of writing the blue book and regulations. im still baffled that they dont cover oxygen for us. i was thinking if we all sent a letter to the same persons or representatives we could get some action in our favor. right now they claim o2 is too expensive and inneffective for ch, and the optimask is a luxury... yea a luxury >
  14. In the Cluster Resources section of this site, it recommends Life Gas as a supplier of demand valves. Unfortunately they will no longer be supplying the regulator for H/M tanks. they still sell the ones for E tanks. I have recently tried to obtain a demand valve set up, and got a big run around and got no where with Lifegas. www.boundtree.com has the exact rregulator that Life Gas used to supply. https://www.boundtree.com/lsp-brass-oxygen-pressure-regulators-group-11851-73.aspx To acquire these materials you must have an o2 script and a supplier or medical provider. They do NOT sell to patients 1i
  15. Seems like they have caught on to our extending methods.... and it must be cutting into their pockets I dont use them, and I havent seem that style before, but your gonna have to likely destroy the pen to get the cartridge out and proceed as explained http://www.clusterheadaches.com/imitrex.html
  16. Well theres the one it didnt work for out of the 5
  17. they make a 4mg syringe, its yellow instead of blue, and you have to ask for it specifically. perhaps the imitrex tip might be of benefit? http://clusterheadaches.com/imitrex.html
  18. I wonder if the symptoms of the attacks still hang around? Like the droopy, tearing eye and runny/stuffed nose... Did some quick searches on the procedure, and found that some people begin getting headaches (migraine like, tension like, and some cluster like)after the surgery for other things. Like overbites, wisdom tooth extraction, facial injuries and re-construction. 4/5 is 80%, bout the same percentage busting clicks at
  19. Perhaps this may benefit us in the future http://www.scienceworldreport.com/articles/5844/20130327/lsd-experimenting-scientists-decipher-two-serotonin-receptors-conciousness.htm
  20. Don't forget this link http://www.entheogencorp.com/
  21. CHS - Are they asking to use the the ones in your blog?
  22. Just wanted to add that when I took mushrooms for fun when I was 17 (had episodic clusters at the time, I'm 27 now and chronic) I got absolutely hammered with an attack the following day. I was at best buy, and I used an imitrex injection... I didnt have an attack for over a year after that day. Also I had no idea of busting or using mushrooms for my headaches. Either way I would collect more materials so you're not caught scrambling if your bust wasn't enoughÂ
  23. Thanks a ton guys! Very excited for my event next week, and this has extinguished my concerns
  24. So soon I will find my self in a situation where O2 will not be available to me, and its not the ideal place to be on a dose. I have a bunch of Imitrex (injections) that is expired, most recent being Dec 2011. So unfortunately Imitrex may have to be used. Has any one had any issues with expired Imitrex? My stash has been in a dark cool place for its existence. My doc told me a while ago they don't expire if they are kept away from light and heat/cold, and the expiration is just a way to make more money on the drug, But for those that know me, a doctor's words are babble. I'm looking for experiences, not opinions. Thanks in advance.
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