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  1. I usually grab a cup of coffee after waking up and en route to the o2 tank. Used to start my day with that poison on the right, but it almost ended my days
  2. I remember seeing something on the board here about loss of grey brain matter as a result of chronic pain. It was in the form of an "abstract" article. I dont know if that connects with memory loss, hopefully someone can elaborate. http://www.jneurosci.org/content/29/44/13746.full From what I get out of this, patients suffering chronic pain tend to have grey mater decrease, but if the chronic pain subsides, the matter has a tendency to come back... This is just from a quick search, I have a hard time understanding the medical jargon. But I am sure there is a Jeopardy contestant that cant figure it out
  3. Thanks for the info guys. [smiley=thumbup.gif] My o2 supplier (medical) gave me crap about my use and said he had to charge me more. I told him I'd just go get welding o2, and he proceeded to tell me they weren't the same and the purities were different and his o2 was of a better grade. Guess one will say/do anything these days to make a buck... typically off the sick and hurting.
  4. just by the purity of the oxygen, isnt welding o2 like 97% where as liquid medical is 99%? could just be going out on a limb, but for whatever reason those numbers are in my head sorry for jacking this thread, its way off topic :-[ EDIT: apparently i was mis- informed, the only difference in medical to welding is the moisture content, my hypothesis is null and void, sorry for that
  5. Blueballs are you using welding or liquid medical? That may make a difference in the effectiveness pertaining to LPM
  6. 1EYEcries

    "The Beast"

    Yes I am, and thank you
  7. The generic non-re breather doesnt supply 100% oxygen, it has vents on the side that allow outside air. For the best shot at success with oxygen, O2ptimask is the answer. http://www.clusterheadaches.com/ccp8/index.php?app=ccp0&ns=prodshow&ref=o2ptimask
  8. What humors me is the fact that the federal government and the criminal drug dealers want the same thing. Illegal drugs. Why? because the criminals have a business to run and money to make. They both profit off of it. If a big dealer goes down, The price of what he was selling immediately goes up, and now the reward for another dealer/criminal becomes higher. There's more money to make. Look at the medications derived from the amphetamines, opiates and cocaine. The most addictive and dangerous of the whole lot. Why not? people use them get addicted, want more, need more and in their quest of use, pick up some more medical problems to go back to the doctor with to get more meds, and the cycle continues. The ones that are illegal, and arent used in western medicine, are the safest, most effective things we know on the planet. Mushrooms, Marijuana. And what do these substances do? expand the mind, make the user ask questions. Thats unacceptable! drink this alcohol, dumb ya down, and make you more susceptible to the brainwashing scheme, to keep control over you. Still no one has a damn clue of what we are supposed to be doing. The meaning of life? It's certainly get educated get a job pay taxes, reproduce so your offspring continue the trend. In god we trust is on our money, the same god that says thou shall not kill, but we pay that money to head over seas and bomb and kill our own kind. Oh, but it certainly did at one point... prohibition ring a bell? America the beautiful? My ass it is. "what they show and what they advertise - seems to convey that we are now classified grouped and disguised, as crazies or criminals in the authority's eyes"
  9. I don't believe you lol j/k Maybe I'll add a few more "stanzas"Â Blessed with life, and cursed by demons Revenge my pain? I could never get even Believe it, even if I tore my target to pieces Severed the head, removed the organs and eat em I'd still feel cheated A quarter past the nights noon, eye droops, head booms, dark room, blue fruit consumed, my mood... is anxious, refrain from pacing, maintain patience, these are the basics, until the beast is vacant practice shamanic healings of the ancients walls breathe, colors blend, shapes shift travel on the intergalactic spaceship
  10. To elaborate "breathing air or oxygen at pressures greater than normal atmospheric pressure" That tank is full of compressed air, higher than normal atmospheric pressure. In high LPM that stream of air is coming out fast, and in a closed circuit like the mask, its still expanding in your lungs when you inhale, the pressure in the bag alone is greater than surrounding air pressure. To say you cant hyperventalate on 15LPM is nonsense. I have done it before, you can hyperventilate just by breathing your surrounding air. The hands cramp, tongue feels fat, tingly all over, ears ring, blood vessels in your hands and arms shrink and constrict. Back before O2 when I used Trex, there were times Id hyperventilate after the shot, and end up breathing in a paper bag to balance out co2 levels since my hands and legs would cramp up to the point I couldnt move them. I remember paramedics being called for me and I couldnt even talk to them it was so bad Perhaps I breathe differently on my mask, I dont panic and huff like a mad man, slow deep calm breathing. Even at kip8 or better I try to maintain it. But rarely does it get that high, first sign of pain my tank is on. If it does get that bad, I'm likely to be rolling on the floor and too busy blowing snot from my nose, wiping the sweat from my brow, soaking up the tears while screaming and begging for death to have the mask on anyways. To each his own.
  11. I see I'm not the only one, ;D When the lines hit ya in the chest, you know its from the heart. Nail biting scary, but the truth isnt always pretty. Nice work! perhaps a compilation needs to be organized.
  12. If you dont empty the bag on 15 lpm, turning up the lpm isnt going to make a difference. "Hyperoxia is excess oxygen or higher than normal partial pressure of oxygen. In medicine, it refers to excess oxygen in the lungs or other body tissues, which can be caused by breathing air or oxygen at pressures greater than normal atmospheric pressure. This kind of hyperoxia can lead to oxygen toxicity." With oxygen toxicity you can change the ph of your blood, and damage your cells and actually cause death of the cells, in extreme cases it can be fatal. This is where the safest treatment may become dangerous. There is a reason why your doctor is reluctant to prescribe O2 at high LPM. It can be overkill, literally... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hyperoxia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oxygen_toxicity
  13. 10-12LPM aborts 3-5 attacks a day for me and has for almost 3 years. If the bag consistently has enough air for each breath, its enough. Unless your 7 ft tall with a massive lung capacity, 25LPM is overkill IMO
  14. 1EYEcries

    "The Beast"

    Just wanted to bring my poem back up in the mix of things.
  15. Opiates are a damn sure trigger for me, I avoid them at all costs, and contribute this nearing 3 year cycle to them exclusively. I was HA free till the day I was prescribed opiates for hip pain I had surgery on my hips(twice) involving 5 inch incision and a 10mm hole bored through my femur, I refused all opiates due to them being a trigger. I left the hospital with a novacaine shot in my thigh A cluster hurts more than surgery, and kidney stones in my experience, and likely a root canal I would imagine If your in pain and decide to bust, the busting materials may exacerbate the pain, causing discomfort, paranoia, and an increased sense of pain. The red pill or the blue pill? choose your pain wisely
  16. 1EYEcries


    How is it not? Her sisters started to bleed, had it removed and shes better now. Whooligans was found early and has the option to take care of it before it bleeds. So in context, lynn's sister's condition was worse than whooligans and shes doing okay now. lynn's sister made it through just fine in worse shape than you. How could you not accept words from someone who's sister went through what your dealing with? You have a chance to be connected with someone that understands what your going through, and after all isn't that what your looking for? since your here looking for some support?
  17. Was what you had done basically a shot in the back of your head? I have had similar procedures done numerous times, the first one works the best, and like you had acceptable relief for about a week. The more you have it done, the less effective it is :-/
  18. I'm not worried by any means. Message boards are here to share experiences and opinions. I'm not wishing I hadn't posted that, I'm wishing I would have worded it differently. Preferably in a manner to not insult anyone.
  19. Agreed, I was wrong, out of line and harsh with my assumptions. I apologize OP and to the rest here... Although people say they would do anything to stop there attacks, yet tempt them with alcohol after identifying it as a "sure trigger". That's what I don't understand. To me it sounds like inflicting pain upon ones self when you know what the outcome is. I personally don't drink, and never plan to. I've watched my family get torn apart from alcohol. I see addiction with my father every day. My experiences with it are different then most. And again I apologize for forcing my opinions on others.
  20. Why would you want to attempt to put yourself through hell? Doesn't make sense to me. Drink as much as you whenever you want, you can even dose with alcohol. No sympathy from me for those whose first priority is to drink after stopping their CH. If drinking alcohol is your first priority, and the main thing the CH stops you from doing... you have some issues bigger than CH. I'd like to have my ability to walk and run back from the meds used from CH. I'd like the scars to go away from the surgery and stretch marks. I'd like to be able to go back to work and have a job and be a normal human being, And some people worry about when they can drink? Sorry but that's just pathetic.
  21. Yes, Brew. No one is disagreeing with you. I agree with you totally...Only stating opinions and facts just like you. Thats why there are things called "hair tests" which are 99.9% accurate Any "extreme" job employment conducts them, and if not, they should. Even some observe the sample of a UA, and do multiple tests weekly. Even after an accident, injury, and so on, a drug test UA or hair test is conducted within the 24 hours of such an event happening. If that test comes up positive, and the employee uses any substance it WILL be detected. The responsibility becomes on the employee, NOT the employer for loss of damages, injury, or death. And for the record, sugar, caffiene, nicotine, and many more legal substances are drugs as well. Which alter a persons reactions and brain chemistry. Not on the level of pot, or mushrooms or any of the other "hard stuff" but they do. If a company isnt thoroughly examining the employees they hire, then the employer is at just as much fault as the employee. When I was able to work, I at one point was on lithium, I couldn't drive my own car and went from press operator to broom pusher. Upon my request as I didnt feel safe. A legal prescription drug not tested for in any drug analysis which altered me in such a way that I couldn't perform normal tasks. Also the place I worked at, would send you for a UA if you got a sliver from the wood pallets that you handled daily. Not to mention, drug users could smoke crack on friday night and test clean on monday morning if it was a simple/cheap 5 panel or 10 panel UA
  22. I'm sure you dont need a UA to figure out if someone is a crack head lol thats easy to spot... kinda of like undercover cops... they just dont fit in... Now a days with fake urine, UA's are a wash...sure you could say random UA, but a bottle of fake urine and a heating pack in your pocket can post a clean test
  23. http://www.erowid.org/plants/mushrooms/mushrooms.shtml http://www.erowid.org/ask/ask.php?ID=23 For common questions like these, you can use the search bar, or check the "clusterbuster files" Erowid has a lot of good info as well which I posted above and here's the search function at the shroomery https://www.shroomery.org/forums/search.php always good for great info, and some laughs as well There's a few different drug tests out there, 5panel doesn't test for psilo or lsd. 10 panel may, not sure on that one. Psilo is only in your system for 48 hours max, correct???
  24. Thats one reason why people with CH dont get the treatment they deserve or help that they need because of these clowns and their assumptions. I highly doubt that 99% of the population, puts their phones to rest hours before bed and has absolutely no stress when their head hits the pillow. I have been thoroughly diagnosed with cluster headache, and very rarely do I ever get awoken by them in my sleep. They come more during the day than anything. Usually after meals and after wakening up (approx 30mins after getting out of bed, wonderful way to start each and every day >) This is down right ridiculous. We should all write them a nice little letter, but it likely won't do any good. These "dr's" could barely speak on the matter, with their stuttering and little jokes to fill the void. No wonder why we have no progress in understanding and finding the root cause and an acceptable and helpful treatment for our pain. Let alone ONE singal medication designed for us. It's always something along the lines of "here try this, its for blood pressure, or migraines, or depressed people, or manic depressed people" Total horse feces... too bad ya cant innoculate this with mushroom spawn.
  25. For all the people that yap on their phones all day, and go out on the weekends, you think more would have these demons in their skulls. Staying on a good sleep schedule is tough for "normal" people. We can't sleep well because this crap wakes us up all the time. The TV? You mean "idiot box"... What a crock >
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