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  1. Ain't that the truth! 9 years episodic and even my ONE DEFINITE THING that might start a cycle (changes in seasons, cold to hot, hot to cold, hot to humid, humid to dry, etc.) haven't actually remained true. Once a cycle has started though, there are multiple hit triggers to be found. I don't buy the "addictive personality." That's such a blanket term, as is "addiction." Many variables.. social, physical, psychological, and other words we probably haven't discovered or invented yet. Smoking can't be good, but come on, we have CH and you (Researcher's Conclusion) want to tell patients to stop smoking??? I commend Anna Ferrari for her work though, and hope she does more. We need it. : Diamondmaker: Can't wait to read that paper! When it's finished let me know! :)Love you, and yoU, AND YOU! PFWishes! Slim
  2. Longtime coming...THANK YOU Lt2! ;D ;D I've been maintenance busting with dalt since September (last cycle was June '14). 20-35mg(my scale only does 100th of a gram), every 2-3 months. Practically zero shadows from then to now. Having a BAD, lingering shadow 12 days ago, I've busted with dalt twice. Both times, drastically lowering or eliminating the shadow for days. I've never had a "bad trip," (even when taking around 40-50mg once). Mine is NOT bright white, off white, very fine, like flour, and once I've put it in the capsule it sticks together and turns into one 'solid' object. VERY bitter . Time to re-up, very sad to hear of UK law change. This stuff, assuming mine is dalt, has been amazing for me. I assume testing kits for other stuff wouldn't include dalt? Sure would be nice. :)Much love, PF Wishes all!! RunawaySlim
  3. I just can't wait for September! Is it here yet? Is it here yet? Is it here yet? Is it here yet? Is it here yet? Definitely missed you in Chicago J, great to hear you'll be in Nashville! Isn't lobster season in September??? Maybe you can bring some fresh ones up for us 8-) Looking forward to meeting you and your wife MartyO!! First time to Tennessee?? Bejeeber!!! The MAN! How have you been my friend? I hope most excellent and can't wait to see you in September ;D PFWishes to All! Slim
  4. Hey everybody! Just got off the info webinar for HOH. This will be my first time. Really looking forward to it. Who else is gonna be up there?? (or 'down there' or 'over there', depending on how ya look at it PFWishes to you all! Slim
  5. Has anyone thought of having a cafepress shop? It's really cool, you can create a design, logo, etc. It's print on demand, so you can choose from tshirts, coffee mugs, even boxers and panties ;D, pretty much any item you can think of. You set the price at whatever you want above 'cost' and make the profit. It'd be really cool to have 'contributors' submit different designs, etc, and have many to choose from. If this is of interest, I'd be happy to spend my time setting it up. You guys check it out and let me know. http://www.cafepress.com/cp/info/sell/index.aspx?area=openashop&page=openashop
  6. Hi Ting! Light through the ear canal?? Very interesting, thanks for sharing. I've been taking ZMA (zinc and magnesium supplement) before bed and it's absolutely amazing for getting a deep and powerful sleep ;D. I am out of cycle, so I don't know how it could help CH exactly, but for a great nights sleep it works amazing for me. Not sure if that's been discussed on here though. PF Wishes to You! Slim
  7. That looks great! A little too far for me as well, but thanks for sharing Ricardo!
  8. Most excellent! Keep us posted on your victory!!!
  9. Yes, thanks Doc! :) This is great stuff. Just to be sure, is this the journal, www.headachejournal.org? A yearly subscription is kinda pricey, but it appears you can order single issues. Would you mind posting, or PMing me, the issue number when it comes out? Many thanks!
  10. I must have missed these! Thanks for posting Bob (and everything you've done!)! I think I see myself sitting down, blue shirt, #26. I remember somebody got some pictures of us right before we flew (literally) down Fremont Street ;D. I'd love to have that if this rings a bell with anyone . Happy New Year and PF Wishes to You All! Runaway
  11. I'm so happy for Jan and you!!! You know, ever since suffering from CH, this type of news maybe makes me the happiest out of any other news I could hear. It almost, nope, it does(it's doing it now), brings tears to my eyes and sunshine to my soul. 8-) Keep it up!!! Happy New Year!!! ;D ;D Runaway
  12. Hello Zoroy, I'm really sorry to hear that your CH frequency is increasing. I assume you are aware of the amazing benefits of Oxygen for CH sufferers??? Good to see your on the right track 8-)(busting as opposed to pharmies/conventional medicine). Can you clarify, what exactly is a "pin"? Wishing you a PF day! Runaway
  13. It's a Festivus Miracle!! Well, not really, just the amazing power of busting! That's great JHS. What did you bust with? Personally, I won't bust again if the Beast is gone unless I'm still getting the 'Shadows' and 'tings' in/on my head. But, it sounds like it may be a good idea to. Now the maintenance busting is where it's at. I'm almost 2 years PF ;D. And yes, this group and site is amazing. Thanks for sharing your story and keep us posted! Runaway
  14. I love this story! ;D The symbiotic relationship of tree to fly agaric is a "mycorrhizal association". I don't think I've been on here since attending the conference in Vegas :-[. Still PF , although my maintenance busting has gone from once every 3 months, to about once a month. It was an incredible experience! And I can't wait for Headache on the Hill this year! Be well, friends! Merry Christmas!
  15. Moxie, From my experience any act of focus, distraction, massage, etc... does seems to work for a few moments... then the CH comes crashing through. While at home, my only strategy now is Rockin' on O2. While driving, the only dangerous part for me was the blurry road because of the tears streaming down my face. There definitely was a slight disconnect from the pain though. Are you talking about the needles actually puncturing and drawing blood? Or more like acupuncture? We, Clusterheads, are in a new frontier and personally I don't think it would be healthy to fight fire with fire, ie pain with pain. But alas, we do what we can. Best of luck!
  16. Hello All! I just wanted to share how excited I am to be coming to this. It doesn't look like my wife will make it, so I'll be coming solo. Really looking forward to meeting everyone! I'll be in Thursday night, leaving Sunday.
  17. RunawaySlim

    Legal fund

    I'm 100% IN! This 'condition' and this forum have BOTH changed my life... and my perspective life. Again, I'm on board, just let me know what I can do to help!
  18. Yep, I think I'm gonna have to attend, it all sounds like exactly what I need. And this is fun too! Beefeater Gin Gibson, 3 Onions. (But you're right Brew, a fine Scotch is unbeatable )
  19. Really Bonkers? As an episodic clusterer the thought of chronic is beyond me and my sympathy goes out to those. Anyone know statistics of going from epi to chronic? Or vice versa?
  20. Hey Jeff! Thanks for sharing! I am only in my 4th year of having CHs and have had 4 cycles. I really feel for and look up to those who have gone through this most of their lives! You're an inspiration to keep on trucking. RC seeds broke my last cycle in 2 weeks! I am getting on here now because I have been having shadows for over 3 weeks and this morning morning I have prepared an RC potion. IT IS SO STRANGE YOU MENTION THE DREAMS!!! When I read that, it dawned on me that I have been having the most vivid, memorable dreams in the last 3 weeks!! My cycle is about to start, cheers to RC Potion today and Best of Luck to you!!! Slim
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