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  1. I am a member of Clusterheadaches group. Is that the same one or is there another one called Clusterbusters? I just sent out a few friend requests to the names I recognized. Please send me a friend request. Lee Ann
  2. Lee_Ann


    So glad to hear you are doing well.
  3. Glad your okay Denny. We seem to have missed most of Tropical Storm Hermine. Got a little rain, but not much. Last week we got some pretty fierce winds. The neighbor's trampoline blew over their fence and into our front yard. LOL I went out back to gather up all my patio cushions and then looked out front again and it was gone. The next day we saw it about 100 yards behind the neighbor's across the street. We never told them where it went. I wonder if they ever found it. LOL
  4. Keeping our fingers crossed that he will soon be pain free.
  5. Hi Shellie, Dan is Hipshot. LOL The mouthpiece comes with the mask. Or should, I believe. Have you received your mask yet? Lee Ann
  6. One more thing about the Alcohol, and correct me anyone if I'm wrong, but in the BOL trial, the only participant who didn't get relief was the one who continued to drink alcohol. I don't mean to be preachy, but just sayin.
  7. Hi Angel, I did notice that difference in our stories. And maybe that is why it is taking a little longer. I am so happy he is med and alcohol free now. Hopefully this will make his bust more successful. ;D Lee Ann
  8. Hi Angel, I'm just now reading your story. I've been busy with my own chronic hubby, Dan. This is all new to us too. He started dosing April 28th. He has taken 7 doses of mushrooms. They have all been 1.5 grams. The first few doses were spaced at 5-7 days and then he tried to stretch them out as far as possible. He was completely detoxed from all meds when he started. He didn't have a drink of alcohol until July 4th. By that time he had had many consecutive days pain free. Just keep after it and I think you'll get there. Lee Ann
  9. I either threw away the mouthpiece or misplaced it, so Dan hasn't tried it, but I'm going to order another mask, just to have a backup on hand. He has had 2 attacks since July 1st, so not having to use much oxygen lately. Clusterbusters Rock!!!!! Lee Ann
  10. Great pictures Bob!!! What a good looking group. Thanks for posting. Lee Ann
  11. Hi Shellie, I don't know if Dan told you this or not. I don't think he mentioned it in his speech, but he did not have the proper mask until a couple of weeks before he started busting. As soon as he got the mask, there was a definite improvement in abort time. Before he got the proper mask, the oxygen sometimes worked and sometimes not. After he started busting, it worked even better. If he didn't have the proper mask, I don't think his bust would have been as successful. The proper mask and his complete detox from all medication made the difference in his success in my opinion. Definitely worth a try!!! Remember, get on the oxygen as soon as you feel an attack coming on, and stay on it until it's completely gone. Good luck!!! Lee Ann
  12. Awww, thank you Dave, ahem I mean Dan ;D
  13. Good for Mick!!! I never thought about anyone wanting to hear how I felt. Several people mentioned it later. It is a very hopeless feeling watching someone you love in that much pain and knowing there is nothing you can do for them. :'( I suffered with him(silently) for many years until I started talking to people on this board. What a relief to find such caring supportive people here. Thanks everyone for all your support!!! ;D Lee Ann
  14. Daniel, yes Dan is a real clown. He told some stories that I didn't know he was going to tell.
  15. Hi Eddie, It was so nice to meet you and hear your success story. Keep in touch and hope to see you again soon. Lee Ann
  16. Hi Marsha, It was so nice to meet you and such an honor to be asked to share our story. Looking forward to seeing you again next year in Chicago. Keep in touch. Lee Ann
  17. LOL, You are so funny. Dan steals all the lighters in our house. I started buying girly lighters so that he wouldn't steal them. The last one I bought is pink with a girl's face on it. He wouldn't dare put that one in his pocket. Hope you are having a great day. Lee Ann
  18. Try this link http://s942.photobucket.com/albums/ad266/shinydellgirl/
  19. Oops!!! Didn't work. LOL File size too big.
  20. The "Texas Bunch" at Rock Bottom Brewery in downtown Portland
  21. Hi Shellie, It was so good to meet you too! I am praying you will find some painfree time soon. Hang in there, you can do it. Looking forward to hearing about your progress. Lee Ann
  22. Hi Daniel, It was so nice to meet you. Dan says to tell you "hey". Maybe I can get him on here soon. We look forward to seeing you again in Chicago. Lee Ann
  23. Just wanted to say thank you to everyone involved in putting together this meeting. Dan and I had a wonderful time and met some of the nicest people in the world. Hope everyone can make it to Chicago next year. Believe me, it will be well worth your time. Special thanks to BobW, Funguy, and Dr. Halpern. Thank you for everything you do. Your work is priceless. Also, special thanks to everyone who attended. It was so nice to meet you all. Lee Ann
  24. Welcome Gaius, I am the wife of a chronic. Oxygen was not very effective for him until he got the non-rebreather mask. It made a huge difference. He started busting in April and is virtually pain free now. His last attack was July 1st. Read as much as you can and make a plan and stick to it. I love the t-shirt. I truly believe that. Good luck and please feel free to PM me if you have any questions. Lee Ann
  25. I have often wondered the same thing. Glad you asked it David. Interesting topic. Dan is tall, good looking, brown hair(well it used to be brown), brown eyes, type A personality, good singer, and funny. Mixed European descent. From what I've seen, it must be the good looking gene. I am about to meet several other clusterheads this weekend. I'll let you know ;D
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