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  1. Dan had AVN too because of steroids. He had neck surgery and steroids were given after surgery. A year later, he had to have hip replacement. Good luck with your surgery. Lee Ann
  2. I too am a member there but rarely post. We went down prescription road for 7 years and the road was treacherous and led to nowhere. Nothing has worked as well as busting. I certainly understand that it's not for everyone for obvious reasons. Stay here, this is where your family is. Lee Ann
  3. Dan had botox. It didn't do a thing for his clusters, but he sure looked handsome. Just another testimony that ya'll are a good lookin bunch. Right Bob? Lee Ann
  4. Hi x6th, Welcome and sorry you have to be here. I lurked for a long time too, but am so glad I finally started interacting. There are a lot of good caring people here. Lee Ann
  5. Yay Jen, can't wait to meet you and Phil. ;D Ya'll be careful down there. Hopefully Alex doesn't intensify too much as he moves across the Gulf.
  6. Lee_Ann


    Good for you agentorange ;D I've never had a bad day fishing. My best day was when I was a kid and went with my Dad. We fished for Striped Bass or Stripers as we call them in Texas. I was catching them as fast as my Dad could take them off the hook. They love to fight and I had bruises in my stomach from hauling about 10 of them in that day. Have a great day tomorrow. ;D Lee Ann
  7. Hope that glass doesn't sit much longer.
  8. Yes, Cheers to Jack and Clusterbusters
  9. My husband has been chronic since the first attack in 2003. In the beginning, alcohol was not a trigger. He began taking Verapamil and Lithium in 2007. It worked for 2 1/2 years and he could drink alcohol with no problem. In January this year, the Verapamil and Lithium stopped working and alcohol also became a trigger. He started bustin in April and had the first drink since January last Saturday night. No headache ;D Lee Ann
  10. I lived in Austin for 25 years and graduated from The University of Texas. It is a fun city. I don't know about the "pickin" but I've heard they only grow on dairy farms now. So that would make the Brenham(sp) area a good spot. That's where Blue Bell ice cream is made. Brenham is near College Station, home of the Texas Aggies.
  11. It's never too late to move to Texas. Come on down, we are the "Friendly State".
  12. I am so sorry Clustermom. It is bad enough for an adult, but so sad to hear about children with clusters. It just breaks my heart. :'(
  13. Dan was given steroids after his laminectomy. Not sure if they are the same kind you took, Kyle. The steroids did cause avascular necrosis in his hip and he had to have hip replacement. Lee Ann
  14. I am the wife of a chronic. His started 7 years ago at the age of 45. He has had at least two head traumas that I know of. Hit his head on the windshield in a car accident and another running with a dog and falling and knocked unconscious. Both accidents happened in his early 20's. He has had a laminectomy and a cervical fusion. The laminectomy was done several years prior to the onset of CH. The cervical fusion was done after CH. He also has spinal stenosis. He is 6"4 and weighs 190lbs . Heavy smoker. Used to drink moderately, but hasn't had a drink in 6 months. No history of CH in his family. I have seen many threads on this topic, but it is still interesting to me. Lee Ann
  15. Dan and I will be there Denny. For those who can't make it to Atlanta, we would love to meet you. ;D Lee Ann
  16. Yay Chris ;D I know it is hard, but you will be better in the long run. Lee Ann
  17. Ditto what CArl said. For Dan, the imitrex only made things worse. It created a vicious cycle. Before his ONS trial, he was taking a shot for every headache. He was so sure the ONS was going to work, he thought "why should I have to suffer any pain before the procedure." He was getting a vicious attack every 3 to 4 hours. He finally realized that the trex was causing it. He wouldn't touch trex with a 10ft pole now. The oxygen never worked well for him either until he got the non-rebreather mask. Get one ASAP. Good luck Chris, we are all rooting for you. Lee Ann
  18. Hi again Chris, not sure if you are saying you will or won't wait 7 days. But if you take the seeds everyday, you are wasting your precious resources. Ditto what David said. Please try to stay off the trex and use nothing but oxygen or red bull. Do you have a non-rebreather mask and a regulator that has a minimum of 15lpm flow? These will make all the difference in the world for your abort time. Dan did not have a non-rebreather mask until he started this process and believe me it did make a huge difference. Good luck and wishing you PFDAN. Lee Ann
  19. Chris, did you have the trial ONS removed June 10th as planned? If yes, that is only 4 days. I wouldn't expect seeds or mushrooms to work within that time period. They are medicine and like any medicine they take some time to give results. As you know, my husband is chronic like you. He hasn't tried the seeds, but if you have been reading my post "Success with Mushies" you can see that it took some time and things did get worse before they got better. I posted a recap last week. I am so glad you are going to give alt meds a chance before the permanent implant. But do give it a chance before giving up. Another important thing is that you detox from your current meds. I know it is hard, but it is important. Wishing you the best of luck. Lee Ann
  20. Hi Mad6string, My husband has 3 siblings and none of them have it. As far as he knows, there is no one else in the family who has had it. I don't know about the head injury. I've wondered the same thing. He had a bad car accident as a teenager and hit his head on the windshield. Another head injury while running with a dog. He fell and was knocked unconscious. Lee Ann
  21. Hi Chris, I am so happy it is working for you. I think the reason you can't keep the trial longer is that there is some risk of infection but 10 days is definitely long enough to make sure it works. Good luck with the permanent placement. Lee Ann
  22. That is fantastic ;D Hope it works forever. Keep us updated. Lee Ann
  23. I feel compelled to write this for anyone considering the ONS. IMHO, it is nothing more than an implanted TENS Unit. It may work wonders for migraines, but I seriously doubt it could stop the pain of a clusterheadache. The pain is simply too great to mask with electrical stimulation. My husband Dan had the trial in April and it did not work. We were under the impression that it would prevent a clusterheadache. I don't believe this is the case. I think it is designed to be a counter irritant, something to mask the pain. The surgeon won't tell you this before, but if you are considering this option, I would be sure and ask if this is the theory behind it. And all that said, I know it is hard to say no to something that a dr tells you is 90% effective. If Dan had to do all again, he would definitely choose the alternative meds before trying the ONS. Lee Ann
  24. Happy Birthday Ron. Hope you had a great day!!! Lee Ann
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