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  1. Hahaha. Too funny !!! Never thought my replacement would be an O2 tank with boobs. ;D ;D
  2. Ting, you are like a curtain that brings beautiful sunshine into my life. Have a wonderful day, my friend. Lee Ann
  3. Not to worry clustermom. I got an email from Ari Mello, CEO for Entheogen. He said they did come in 2nd and will be featured in a newsletter that goes to subscribers. Also about to be featured in Elle, Village Voice and PBS. He didn't say when, but I'm sure he'll let me know.
  4. Hi clustermom, the voting is closed now. If it won, it was supposed to be featured in an article on the 16th. I just went to the website and couldn't find anything, so I guess it didn't win. :'(
  5. Congratulations Val!!! Hope you continue to have many pain free days and nights. Thanks for sharing your story. Keep us updated.
  6. Lee_Ann

    CH song

    Scared me and I was stone cold sober.
  7. Entheogen was just featured in Mass High Tech and The Boston Globe last week. Both articles were front page and have been at the top of the most emailed list. If you are willing, please take 30-seconds and give Entheogen a vote in the Mass High Tech Startup Watch found on the link below. If Entheogen Corp is selected it could get featured in the 11/16 Startup report. VOTE: http://www.masshightech.com/startup-watch/
  8. Way to go Chad!!! And good luck Jordan!!! I've sent the link to several people. One dr friend(radiologist) and an investment banker in my town. My investment banker friend suffers Occipital Neuralgia. A different kind of head pain, but you never know who might be interested. Lee Ann
  9. Have a great day Davidj, BigDose and Texas Cluster!!! Lee Ann and Dan
  10. Very Good!!! Wishing you many PF days and nights. Lee Ann
  11. Hi Chad, can you or did you send your dr the www.entheogencorp.com website? Lee Ann
  12. That is an AWESOME and beautiful website. It brings tears of joy. Wow!!!
  13. You are an awesome supporter!!! I am also a supporter for my husband Hipshot(Dan). He has had great success with the Clusterbuster method, after detoxing from Verapamil and Lithium. I hope your Father has the same success. Sending PF vibes your way. Lee Ann
  14. You are welcome and Welcome Aboard!!! I don't know anything about them except what I read in that thread, but it sounds like they may work. Maybe someone who has had some experience with them will pop on and give you some more advice or you could try sending someone on that thread a PM(Private Message). Good luck and keep us posted.
  15. There is a thread about them at: ClusterBusters Forum › General Category › Share Your Busting Stories › magic TRUFFLES
  16. That is AWESOME!!! Wish there were more like him.
  17. Oh Ting, I am so sorry, you have enough to deal with. :'( Feel free to let us in and maybe someone can come up with an idea that will help. Wish we could all come to Norway and be with you. Lee Ann
  18. I sent you a Private Message (PM). Lee Ann
  19. You are welcome. Yes, there is a lot to read, and I know it must be hard when you are in pain. Do you have a supporter who can help you sift through all this? I am Dan's wife and supporter. Give us a call if you need help. Lee Ann
  20. Hi TakinitEZ, welcome aboard. Go to the Home Page and click on ClusterBuster files. Scroll down and you will see several topics with a paper clip. These have files attached with all the info. Open all of these and read.  RC is Rivea Corymbosa seeds. I am running Firefox and can't open the files unless I switch over to Internet Explorer. Good Luck!!! Lee Ann
  21. Welcome violinmaker. I read your post on the other board and saw the beautiful picture. I am so happy for you. I am Hipshot's wife and supporter. He has been chronic for 7 years and it's working for him too. Lee Ann
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