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  1. I believe that as long as the tank certification is current they will fill it. That is the problem with buying a tank, recertification or replacing the tank can get pricey. For me Airgas is only about 6 miles from my house. I know that the company I retired from will let me use a real large tank at no cost so that I can refill my self. So for $18 a month I should be set.
  2. Just an FYI. At Airgas you can rent an 60 cubic foot Oxygen bottle for $18 per month. I filled out the credit application today. It will cost $20 dollars to fill it each time.
  3. CHfather, You are correct they are DISS ports/fittings. Thanks.
  4. Thathurtsmyhead, My regulator has demand valves, do I need caps for them when using the regular fitting?
  5. I found a 0-25LPM Oxygen regulator on Ebay. It took some time but I found one that hooked up to a oxygen welding tank.
  6. After watching the movie Concussion it got me thinking. Has there been any research done in the same manor as the doctors did in the concussion studies?
  7. If people that have never had a cluster headache was to read our stories they would think we are exaggerating or crazy. Good luck.
  8. mit12

    My CH Story

    Mp5 Have you tried heat packs placed on the side of the atack? Anything cold on my head during an attack makes it worse but a medical electric heating blanket set to 165 works for me. I put it on the side of my head on my closed eye and back of my neck and rock away.
  9. I am 54 and over the past 35 plus years I have came to learn what they mean with the term "practicing medicine" how many times have you had a doctor tell you this medicine has shown promise so take this and tell me what it does? I am suprised that I have a healthy organ left in my body. The question becomes quality of life vrs length of life? Thank god for this site. I took the leap of faith and stopped taking Diltiazem and stated the busting process. I finished my third day of the bust on Dec 20, I have been CH free since.
  10. I have the same thing happen after an attack. Not only is my head sensitive to touch on the side of the attack but for the next couple of days my head feels just like it does after a concussion.
  11. My Clusters are on the right side until the last one in a cycle it changes to the left side for a long 3 to 5 hour hit before it goes a way.
  12. mit12


    How many of you are bothered by perfumes or scented candles? I try to explain to my wife that it feels like someone is sticking a finger in my eye when I smell them, she can not understand.
  13. Every time I get sick I get cluster headaches. It makes being sick so much worse.
  14. My shortest was around 35 hours with 5 hour long cluster events. It was worse than the standard 3 to 5 day a week cycles I normally had. I an glad to say I am still cluster free since November 20! Which was the day of my final bust day. I have done 2 maintenance doses because I was getting dull headaches in the 2 month durations.
  15. I tried acupuncture and chiropractor for a couple of years. Neither Offered any relief.
  16. I have found that any change in eating time, going to bed or sleeping time will cause the beast to wake up. As far as work goes I had a microwave and heat packs in my office. I turn off the light put the heat pads on my head and neck and do my best. It is a brutal situation to live with.
  17. Has anyone had any success with using oxygen a few times a day as a preventave measure?
  18. F-123 I hear your pain! Getting off Diltiazem was one of the worst 5 days of my life, but after I completed the busting process last November 20th I have been cluster free! Good luck and I prey that you are successful.
  19. Watching that video brings me to tears. When I found this site I was at the end of my rope. I was trying to figure out how I could get the family together and let them know that I was going to kill myself. How do you explain to your family that you can not live with this anymore? Well I found this site and you guys saved my life. I can not put into words my appreciation to all that helped me here.
  20. Pain I am one of the lucky few that has migraines with cluster events during the headache. It is a horrible existence to live with and I am sorry to hear you are suffering with them. Listen to these guys on this site they can change your life. They have saved my life.
  21. I took Diltiazem twice a day for about 10 years. When it stopped working I had to stop taking it for about a week and get back on it. This worked for a long time but it stopped working. Talk to your doctor about how to stop your dose. My doc had me take prednisone while I was taking the week off. Good luck.
  22. Just want to give you a heads up on larger welding oxygen bottles. Please strap them to something that will not let them fall over. I worked in the petrochemical business for 33 years and let me tell you if the tank falls over and brakes the valve off the tank turns into a uncontrolled missile. The smaller the tank the less likely it will happen but trust me it is deadly when it happens.
  23. Sierra, Yes I do. Sorry I forgot that part.
  24. Sierra, Thanks for posting. You just confirmed what I was debating in my mind. I am out od MM and I will definitely be getting more. FYI. I found a way to store MM for months at a time. I grind them up in single doses in a coffee grinder. I put the powder into the capsules that use to have my Diltiazem in. After i have filled them I vaccum seal them in a single dose, just to be safe i double bag them. Mine stayed good for since November 20 2015. I hope this helps and thanks again for the post.
  25. I finished the survey, but i wish it had some place to make some final comments. My attitude and wellbeing is far better now that I have busted with MM than before. If this survey was taken back when I was suffering my answers would have been way different.
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