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  1. I have low T. Getting my levels back to normal did not make a difference with my Ch headaches. It is weird that every time I go in for my shot I get a migraine.
  2. Mike, I do not know if there is a correct breathing technique that is perfect for everyone, I think you should experiment with different techniques until you find what works best for you. I have found that taking fast deep breaths exhaling hard for about 1 minute with my regulator set at 25lpm then I reduce the regulator to 10lpm and take a deep breath and hold it until the bag fills exhale hard and repeat untl the hit has passed is what works best for me. I use the clusterbusters non rebreather mask. Good luck.
  3. Sounds like you have the same tyoe of problem I have. After 20 plus years of my Doc of treating my headaches as migraines it turns out that I have migraines with cluster events during the attack. What happens with me is during a migraine I will get a CH that last between 1 1/2 to 3 hours long with 1/2 hour breaks in between CH events. Oxygen and MM and seeds have been a life saver for me.
  4. What ever you do make sure you have plenty of maintence doses. After my first bust every thing was going so good I got comfortable and paid the price.
  5. I have short term memory issues caused from multiple concussions, so I can not speak for others. In saying that I have noticed that after a CH my short term memory is much worse. The good thing is it seems to go back to my normal in a few days.
  6. Treelove2, There are some great people on this site and it looks like we gained another one.
  7. I do maintence doses when I start getting shadows. My best advice is to make sure you read the Playing well together to make sure you are detoxed for 5 days before you start the busting process and continue without taking any pharma during the process.
  8. John2000 I went and tried breathing with my mask and it is real easy to breath in and easy to breath out. I think you might have a problem with the check valves not working correct.
  9. I think you have the mask on the wrong end? you should be able to breath out easy.
  10. You breath out through the mask. The mask has check valves that let you blow out without filling the inlet line. Take deep breaths almost hyperventilating is the most used technique. I have found that deep breaths almost hyperventilating at 25lpm for a few minutes and than Reducing the LPM to 8lpm and taking a deep breath and holding it for the time it takes the bag to refil exhale and repete works best for me. Keep trying different breathing Techniques until you find what works best for you. Good luck.
  11. Pebblesthecorgi I asked my doc about blood pressure and pulse durning an attack, he said it was normal and not to worry about it.
  12. Kellylynn22 Sorry you are getting hits. I use welding oxygen it cost me $26 a month to rent a 60cf bottle from Airgas. You can pick up a non-rebreather mask i believe for $35 from Clusterbusters and you can get a regulator for under $100. I was a person that tried O2 at my doctors and it did not work at all. CHfather pushed me to try it again with the proper mask and high flow regulator and it works awesome. You have came to the right place, there are some real good people on this site that will answer any question you have. Good luck
  13. John2000 I have the same thing. 120/80 up to 145/95 durning CH or Migraine. Pulse goes up higher during CH compaired to Migraine which does not change it much. I believe with respect to pulse rate it is because when I have a CH I can not sit still, with migraine I do not move at all.
  14. Zgreek, I do the same as THMH except I drink it just before bed time. For me I do not feel any symptoms at all and sleep like a baby. When I take it during the day I get an upset stomach, feels like I need to throw up. I do not feel any other effect from seeds much different than MM for me.
  15. Pebblesthecorigi, Whine and Champagne guaranteed are triggers for me, within minutes of drinking either one I am hit hard. Beer is ok for me as long as I stay away from Lagers. The beast is strange.
  16. ZGreek, I agree with ThatHurtsMyHead. When I dose with seeds I drink it just before i go to sleep at night. For me I do not feel the upset stomach or any other side effects this way. With MM I can not take it before bed, if I do I can not sleep.
  17. ThatHurtsMyHead, How often do you maintenance dose? I am so afraid that this will happen to me just like every other drug that seemed to work and stopped! For now I am using Seeds and MM changing up every maintenance dose.
  18. Elpo, sorry to hear this. Try using different breathing techniques, like taking a deep breath and hold it for 10 or 15 seconds exhale hard and deep breathand hold it again. This works beat for me. Keep trying until you find a flow rate and breathing technique that works for you. Good luck.
  19. John, I have to agree with CHfather. I use a 60cf welding oxygen bottle with a 25lpm medical regulator. My regulator does not get cold nor does the top of my bottle. I am not trying to argue but I would make sure that your supplier is infact giving you100% 02.
  20. Update, First thing, if you are renting an oxygen Bottle from Airgas they will have an $11.00 a month Hazmat charge added to your bill. Call them and tell them that you will not pay for a Hazmat charge for an oxygen bottle that is your possison. They try and shove this charge down your throat but they have no right to charge you for Hazmat on a bottle in your possesion. Second. The rental charge is $.85 per day $26 per month.
  21. Anita, I have used O2 to stop shadows. I use low flow may be 8lpm and breath normal until they go away. By doing this I have been able to stretch the time between attacks. I think it is best to say that not all CH are the same. Experiment with breathing techniques, what works best for me is about 10 fast deep breaths with hard exhale at 25lpm and I turn down the flow to 10lpm and take deep breath and hold it until the ag is almost full and exhale hard and take a deep breath and repete intil the CH is gone. Remember to keep breathing O2 at a normal breathing rate for about the same duration that it took to abort the attack.
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