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  1. Does Cluster headaches add to short term memory loss? I ask because I had multiple concussions over my racing career. The last one left me with short term memory loss. I ask this because after I busted with MM my short term memory seems better. I have been cluster free for 5 weeks now. Or is there any evidence that supports MM can help with short term memory loss?
  2. Gadudega, yes triptans can cause rebounds. I feel that not only do they cause rebound but I believe that your headaches start to crave them.
  3. mit12

    O2 Tank

    Airgas has O2 tank 125 cubic feet for under $50. Empty i am sure. My question is will a 125 cubic foot tank be large enough? How long will it last? I have a line on a 0-25 LPM regulator.
  4. I am 53 years old and can not remember not having these dan headaches. I had a 1 year remission completely migraine and cluster free about 20 years ago. I agree with spiny, if and when there is a cure it will be in the U.S. Why anyone would go and get these treatments that are not approved in the U.S is beyound me, complete desperation I guess?
  5. daimbread, I take Diltiazem 120 mg two times a day. I have found that about once a year I need to stop taking the Diltiazem for a week. During this time I use prednisone to help with the migraines and clusters? I am suprised that you can take Relpax daily. I use Zomig and if I use it more than 3 days in a row I will get rebound headaches and the only way to stop them is to suffer through them without any meds. Hang in there and good luck.
  6. Zomig nasal spary works great for my attacks. The problem with the Nasal spray is i get rebound headaches when I use it more than one day.
  7. Thanks ThatHurtsMyHead, So I gather that what you are saying is none of the ED drugs that play good with the beast?
  8. So what does a person with Clusters take for ED that don't make the Beast angry?
  9. Has anyone had any success with this?
  10. I did them 3 days in a row. Next time I will up the dose and spread them out by 5 days. Thanks.
  11. Hi I am new to this form. I suffer from Migraines and Cluster headaches. I guess i am lucky that my cluster headaches only happen once a day for no more than 3 days but they last for 3 to 5 hours. Currently the only medication I am on to stop attacks is Diltiazem 120mg twice a day. I tried Mushroomes at low doces with no extended relief other than they stopped the headache. Does being on Diltiazem cause the mushrooms to be infective? Or do I need to take a larger dose?
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