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  1. Moderna for me no difference after both jabs.
  2. I know that you can take 15mg of zomig nasal spray and still live. I had a killer hit one time and took the 3rd dose within 1 hour after the first one. It did abort the hit but I had rebound headaches that went on for well over a week. Looking back on it I don’t know if it was worth it. Desperate times can make you do desperate things. Kind of a weird thing, I found that if I snorted the spray rather than spraying it in like the direction said It was more effective.
  3. Mathew, My doc and I took apart a Zomig to see if there was a way to reduce the dose. The nasel spray is 5 mg. I tried it with a Q Tip with no success. I don't think I would risk injecting it.
  4. Update number 2. The botox has changed the area that my migraines hurt, they have always been very intense in the eye much like my clusters are just not as intense. Now the migraines are more spread out over and around the eye. A little less painful but still there. I had a three day migraine which is not uncommon for me and it changed sides toward the end of the third day and went away some time in the night. They say that I need to give it 3 treatments before I can make a definitive its working or not so 90 days is the target. The fact that it has changed the pain from intense eye pain to around the eye is encouraging.
  5. A little update. I was having migraines everyday for about 2 weeks before the Botox. After the Botox injections I had some small headaches but they never got bad and went away on their own. Sunday night I did have my first migraine since the Botox injections. I think it is to early to call it a success, I will keep updating weekly.
  6. I have decided to take the plunge and try Botox to try and get my migraines under control. I feel that if I can get my migraines under controll I will be able to put a cap on my clusters. The reason I feel this way is because I have migraines at least 3 times a week and I have never had a cluster event without having a migraine. I go for my first treatment Monday, I will give updates on what happens.
  7. So happy for him! I hope that this last forever!
  8. I got my second Moderna shot the 27th of April. Did not get any hits at all. It definitely effected my arthritis for about 20 hours.
  9. Got my first shot Tuesday, had a migraine when I went to get it and about 1 hour after the shot the headache went away. Woke up at 4:30 on Wednesday with a migraine that lasted to 12:30am. Today all is back to normal. Thank god it did not wake the beast! Second shot on April 27......... hoping it’s a non event. thanks guys.
  10. Any one get a Covid vaccination? Getting mine tomorrow but am wondering if it will piss off the beast.
  11. I am one that imitrex not only does not work but it makes the CH worse. The weird thing is Zomig especially the nasal spray works great. My Doc does not understand why.
  12. I also get migraines with cluster events. My cluster attacks are a little different because the cluster hit last 3 to 5 hours with 1/2 hour break between attacks and the migraine stays throughout the attack and can go on for hours after the attacks go away.
  13. My ex wife was talking to my doctor around 30 years ago about my headaches and she was telling him how much it upset her to see me in so much pain. My doctor told me that I should hide my pain from my family so that they would not be uncomfortable! I’m almost 59 so the 10 years of suffering and you out grow them must have came from the doctor I had some 30 years ago? We can always hope.
  14. May be this will get the US off it’s but with respect to 2-Bromo-LSD.
  15. Mox, I hate to hear this! Hope you get some relief soon!
  16. A while back I posted about migraines kicking my butt and getting some CH hits, this caused me to hit the Zomig which led to migraines every day. I am a strange case as I never get a CH without having migraines for several days in a row and when I get the CH attacks the migraine stays after the CH attacks go away. I stopped the Zomig and stopped the D3 regiment as a reset so to speak. I went a month using nothing but 02 and Advil Pm with energy drinks, this seems to help if I do it the instant I feel a Migraine coming on. I started taking the D3 regiment again and I am glad to say that things have been doing well. The migraines are down to 2 or 3 a week and the CH have been dormant.
  17. Zomig works wonders for me but it is a double edged sword, it stops the attack but it also extends the cycle. For me the only way to end the cycle is to get off the Zomig for at least 7 days or I am back in another cycle. I try to only loose Zomig when I am on vacation so I can enjoy my time while I am there and not ruin it for my wife.
  18. mit12


    Be careful with the prednisone, if you use It to much you can suffer bone loss.
  19. Siegfried, yes I have been chronic migraine for most of my life. I used to get clusters at least 3 days a week but I have never had a cluster without having a migraine first. My attacks are also long, 3 to 5 hour hits with 30 minutes between hits. I busted a few years ago and I got my clusters under controll but I can not seem to get the migraines under controll. Seeds seemed to help but they are no longer working for the migraines.
  20. I have had my clusters under controll for a while but the migraines are kicking my butt. I got caught up in the Triptan rabbit hole 36 Zomig in 6 weeks, followed by 36 in 30 days. The migraines were consuming my life again. I stopped the D3 program and I decided that I needed to stop taking Zomig! This set my migraines into over drive until one day when I hade Cluster events during the migraines for 2 days, the following day I was headache free. I started up the D3 program again. Its been a week and so far its been way better. I am getting short migraines that start about 3 pm and last until about 11 pm. I am able to get rid of them without taking anything. I hope that by me posting this I can stop someone from going down this path.
  21. So I slipped getting into the back of my truck and took a good hit to the shin which resulted in me getting Cellulites. Doctor started me on Ciprofloxacin HCL 500mg twice a day. Before this I was having migraines every day which at some point will trigger clusters. Usually antibiotics give me headaches but this antibiotic has seemed to stop the migraines. Has anyone experienced something similar?
  22. I know when the cycle is going to end when mine change sides. 99% of mine are on the right side when the cycle ends I get one extremely bad one on the left side.
  23. Thanks for the kind words. I guess that having migraine pain defiantly sucks but at least I can function with them whereas with clusters I could not.
  24. I have been getting Migraine headaches every day for the last month, yet I thank god that my Clusters are under controll!
  25. Triptans are a blessing and a curse. I use them when on vacations so that I do not ruin our trip. The problem is taking them seems to keep you in a cycle, like your brain needs them. I have to get off them cold turkey which is a real headache lol!
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