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  1. https://m.slashdot.org/story/359036. Let your comments flow on slashdot
  2. I discovered the same effects using calm music. It helped me keep my mind from spinning while going through the pain. The thing that really got me hooked was it seemed to relieve the depression that came after the ch attacks. I play this 27/7 . I can sit for hours and chill now. No more ch but keeping my fingers crossed. I still get the early warning signs but they don't turn into ch attacks. It took about a year for this to work this well. I'm pretty sure it has to do with helping subconscious timing systems in the brain.
  3. This may sound a little weird but I think I cured my ch's by listening to a specific type of music. I think it has to do with helping my brain sort out timing system flaws. I listen to this music 24/7. Its a 9 hour youtube video by relaxdaily. I was chronic' only getting two weeks without ch a year before trying this. Now I only get one ch per week. good luck Jon
  4. Mine starts in the neck and then move to the jaw and teeth before attacking the right eye.
  5. Milelli, Yes, keep us posted on your progress. There seems to be a lot of pieces in this puzzle. Keep posting anything you turn up. The music I listen to is very relaxing and seems to be producing miracles. It's pretty much like meditation, just trying to clear my mind and chill. Things have really improved since I started to do it 24/7.
  6. I found a certain type of music that is giving me relief. I think it is helping my ch by keeping my timing systems in check. I play this music 24/7. This music is a 9 hour long youtube video by relaxdaily. He has a few other shorter(3 hour) videos and one of them seems to trigger my chs. My Meds quit working for me about a year ago and this music has helped me through it. I still get a few weak attacks but nothing like it use to be. The music is good for studying too.
  7. I dream every night. I have lucid dreams and can feel an attack starting while dreaming. My dream starts to loop and they seem all mixed up right before an attack. Just sayin.
  8. I have seen other comments about laying face down. During my attacks, my head was always drooped down. It actually hurt to pick it up. light sensitivity, nausea, jaw pain, neck pain and the icepick in the eye type pain just pushed my head down. Maybe the face-down position is helping to flush things out.
  9. I tried exercising, cold and hot packs, yawning, head punching, and quit smoking, with no results. What seems to be working is the knowledge that they will end and calm music playing all night. As soon as I feel one coming I sit up and rock back and forth concentrating only on the music. Youtube relaxdaily , He put together a relaxing 9 hour vid that I can play all night. This music thing took a lot of practice but seems to be working, kinda like a miracle. I only get CH's now during extreme low barometric weather events.
  10. Hey Michael. When my medications stopped working I tried everything too. I'm 60 and found meditative music is working miracles. I listen to a 9-hour youtube vid by relaxdaily and play it 24/7. I'm not sure and don't care how this works. Im just really relieved to find something that makes me feel good again. good luck
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