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CH, treatment, relations and impact on life


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I just split up with my boyfriend. He has let me down so many times. During my worst CH years i have actually been calling him, crying and begged him to come home and help me, to help me get something to eat at least. He refused, he wanted to be out and be drunk. That was 10 kg since then and it was just one example. What can i say.... I understand it but i wouldn't done the same thing. His family hates me. They think i ruin their family having CH cause i will not have another child. I can see how this is unfair to my former boyfriend, cause he do not have any children. But for me it is not fair to the child i already have to put myself in a position where i risk being as ill as i was her first 6 years. It wouldn't be fair to a new child and it wouldn't be fair to me. I do not wish it. They have treated me very badly for years now.

This has been a journey. Most of you know bits and parts of what challenges i have trough in my life. This treatment redefined me. I have found myself. It`s been a progress, an exctiting journey, for two years now i have been travelling.I found self confidence and i believe in myself. And i had it with this shit so i fecking dumped him. Cause i`m worth something and i deserve to be appreciated.

I moved into a room where it just feels good to exist. Life feels great, it feels great to be me. I am on my own, a little bit afraid but feeling very confident that i will be ok. It feels like past is past and my life starts now. Feels right.

I have landed on the ground with my two feet's. From here i will make a new path :)

Sara and me  :)

Thank you all for years with love and support. I wouldn't been here without you.

Your in my heart for ever

My love


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I'm betting this is the first step in another amazing chapter of your life.  You are an amazing person and I am sure that in time this is going to attract another amazing person that recognizes your true worth.  Congratulations on your new found freedom and sympathies for what you've had to go through.

That dude sounds like a real douche-bag.


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Moon Landing!!! It is playing now and bookmarked for the future. ;) Just think how high you could jump on the freaking MOON!!!!!!!!! :D ;D :D ;D

It takes strength to start down a new path. Even a better path. You will be on solid ground because you are using your own two feet to land on.

Love you and your strength girl. 8-) I owe you a note too!!!  :-[

Striking out on your own is frightening, but uplifting as well. When the time is right, the right partner will appear. Obviously the ex was not the 'right' one and needed to be cut loose.

Besides, it give you more time to work out! 8-)

All the best!!!


whose 'magic' moment is the first dawn at the beach listening to the crashing surf while watching the sun rise

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Your my best friends who listen, lift and supports trough lauhgter, tears, pain or  whatever might come into mine and others lives. That is really amazing :)

Jeff, that sounds fun! Thank you my friend :)

Thank you folks :)

Hug from me


Ps. Might see u i Vegas ;)

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Ting, you are an amazing, strong, brave person. It's hard leaving someone you love, but you and your little girl deserve THE BEST.

This is a brand new start for both of you, and you have amazing things headed your way. I can tell!

Love you!


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Be strong Ting, you can do this and will be better off in the long run. You only have 2 things that you need to focus on , that is your health and your daughter. Nothing else really matters and when you are not looking and you least expect it someone greta will come along and sweep you off of your feet. It seems when one stops looking is when they meet that great best friend to spend their life with.

I wouldn't have treated you this way - I would have gotten you dinner and i would have told my family to bug off (not in those nice of words) if you were my GF at the time. Shame on him for not backing you or sticking up for you.

I swear sometimes i think if people don't see blood then they think there isn't anything wrong with you and you are always just sick and making it up because they can't see a wound. I tell people to just google "the most medically documented pain a human can go through" and the first thing that usually pops up is cluster headaches.

You girls take care of yourselves and hang in there - i think we all have your back and support you. Its nice to have this place and call it home since there are not very many of us with this condition.

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