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Chance Meeting 3 x tears


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I am feel'n good, want a beer (indeed rare for me)... go to the local pub and start up a conversation with the guy next to me... turns out to be a CH sufferer for 30 years! This is the first time he has met a fellow CH'er. We start comparing notes and tears are stream'in... just knowing finally someone actually knows what he is talking about.

We talk about doctors and treatments and I assert my knowledge, things that work well that he didn't know about... more tears.

I talk about my success and other's  regarding busting, the more comprehensive treatment, not just treating a single attack, but long lasting relief... more tears...

To watch all of my reactions over the last few years all come up in one hour... incredible!

I am his emergency contact for the next cycle... I hope he doesn't wait for that and busts to prevent. I also think he will be here as well before too long.

This is good sh!t!

P.S. He stated he had sometimes periods of remission beyond the usual seasonal thing... I asked him if he had ever done psychedelics and he was once a recreational user. I won't have a problem getting him to dose with me on a preventative schedule... and always nice to have experienced company.

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