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Hello Pos,

Melatonin: Consensus seems to be that it is ok with respect to busting. In the past, some said it is ok and others said we are not sure. but, overall, it seems to be ok.

In cycle, our supply of Melatonin drops rather dramatically. Therefore taking it is actually replacing what is not there currently and raising the levels to 'normal'.

I take at least 10mg about 30 minutes before bed. If 10mg does not give me any relief, I will take 20mg. Out of cycle, this would make me very wobbly when I get up during the night. In cycle, there are no wobbles. :)

Hope this helps!


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Hi Spiny,

Thanks for you reaction. We will gave it a try once we are able to obtain it. I think it woud certainly help in having a better sleep during these attacks. Especially since my boyfriend has the chronic CH's, 8 to 12 a day is exhausting but he never seems to get a good sleep. Keep you posted :) :)

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That sounds like some good consensus type info that Spiny dished out there.

And about the Trader's Melatonin, I haven't been on any melatonin as I've been in the highly enviable (and luck luck lucky - thank you busting!) position of not having any full on CH attacks to deal with since we last discussed the fact that Trader's has what is likely some good stuff.

I might just put it on my shopping list for this saturday's Trader's run to try in lower doses as a general sleeping aid now that you've reminded me though (thank you), not that my results for sleep will give us much of any data on how it works for CH attacks. And it'll be good to have on hand just in case higher dose usage becomes called for!  :o

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Sure wish it worked for me, but apparently when I'm in cycle up to 20mg doesn't do a thing. :(  Wide awake and getting hit all through the night.  Glad to hear it works for others. :)


Thats been my experience with it as well, only worse. Gave me a severe case of diarrhea until I figured out what was causing it and quit taking it. I was taking 20mg., maybe too much.

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Thanks all for your input, we'll think about the Melatonin, since my boyfriend is the one who is having the chronic CH and new to this type of "medication"  I think it's better to try one thing at the time :)

Wish us luck, tomorrow he Will be taking his first FULL dose of shrooms, let's hope it helps.

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